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Myriad Women’s Health, your health is an investment, not an expense. The health of women and girls is a particular concern in Myriad women’s health because, in many societies, they suffer from discrimination rooted in sociocultural factors. Women also should receive early recommended breast cancer, hereditary cancer, and prenatal screening. 



 Myriad Women’s Health Story:

An organization was formed in 2018. Myriad women's health is a combination of counsel, Inc. and myriad preventive care, a part of Myriad Genetic Laboratories, Inc. 

Myriad women’s health concerns and beliefs in the power of human understanding. So it focuses on: 

1-Early cancer screening, prenatal screening, and hereditary cancer. So it makes a mix of the genetic risk factors with a clinical and family cancer history, to help patients to avoid the risk of cancer. And the patient will receive massive information to help them that could make a difference in the health of themselves and their families. 

2- Myriad women’s health keen on that women have a healthy pregnancy, by identifying more couples to avoid the risk of passing down serious inherited and prevalent conditions to the next generations.  

Myriad Women’s Health Contributions:

We give the patient accurate and reliable results and have designed a workflow to make the experience of the patient easier and comfortable. We also provide personal support. 

Myriad women’s health has established the myriad prequal prenatal screen that is designed to give individual analysis to each patient. 

We provide final results and support to all patients that need them. And make you focus on what you do to make it in the best way by providing transformative genetic insights. 

Myriad women’s health provides specialists who are genetic counselors to educate the patient about the importance of early cancer screening and the examination for the couples before getting married to enjoy a healthy life for themselves and their families. 

Myriad women's health provides trusted resources that every patient could use if any of them want to know about the products and services that Myriad women's health provides.  

Myriad women’s health tests, screens, and transformative genetic insights give you more accurate, effective, and trusted results than competitors, that reducing the unnecessary procedures patients can do. 

Myriad women’s health committed to all preventive precautions in the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic. 



Myriad Women’s Health Screen Cost:

In myriad women’s health, the main objective is the women’s health and we know that every patient’s situation is unique. 

Myriad women's health provides extremely correct results by using its extremely effective screens and genetic insights, to build patients make the correct health selections concerning their lives and their families. 

We don’t want the cost to be a barrier. So the value goes into some determination that ought to be thought of as: 

1- Your doctor’s recommendations 

2- Your medical record 

3-your insurance plans 



Our dew treats for you today are to ensure that Myriad women's health is a fully trusted place that is concerned with women's health and makes it a priority. We use highly effective screens and tests that give accurate results at a reasonable cost. 

By:Mayar A.BU

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