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Myriad Women's Health is a genetic screening company formed in 2018. It is a health company where you can do DNA screening. The DNA screening suitable for men, women, and children. DNA screening you can detect if you have the risk of cancer.

Myriad Women's Health

Where are the Myriad Women's Health companies?

It is found in south san Francisco California, United States.

What is the importance of Myriad Women's Health companies?

It is important for detecting cancer at an earlier stage and avoiding secondary cancers by treatment.

So what is the cost of the test?

The cost of tests is low for patients. Many kinds of cancer risk can be determined by the test such as breast, ovarian colorectal pancreatic,  prostate gastric, and endometrial.

Many patients are not identified:

-5-10%play role of all cancers

-15,3%of women have a personal history of ovarian and breast cancer

-Only5%of people in the United States know they have it.

Myriad Women's Health 1

Why you do [ECS]?

It is based on your family history that can lead to missing affected pregnancies.

The total risk of ECS is higher than the routinely screened.

Why does Myriad reduce your risk?

Test of genetic risk factors with information about cancer family history to give the best results to help their patients to avoid these risks of cancer.

This test leads to benefits for your patients to make their health better.

How accurate is myriad's test?

Myriad Women's Health companies do the test in new techniques to reduce false negatives and mine the percent of error.

Negative result does not mean you will never have cancer. you may be at risk especially if you have a family history of the disease.

Positive result is not a diagnosis of cancer; it means there is a mutation in one of the genes tested that increases the chance of developing one or more types of cancer.

Myriad Women's Health 2

Why earlier intervention is important?

Detecting cancer at an earlier stage protects your patients from the risk of secondary cancer and leads to better treatment.

The myriad of your risk genetic cancer panels helps you to detect if you have a  high risk for cancer.

Myriad Women's Health contains breast cancer. genetic breast cancer about seven percent of breast cancer cases are mutations in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes. people who have this mutation called genetic breast and ovarian cancer syndrome. by age 70  about 87 percent have a high risk of breast cancer development.

Myriad genetic tests help people to detect if they have a mutation in BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes.



Myriad Women's Health company was formed in 2018. it is located in South San Francisco California, United States. 

you should go to Myriad Women's Health and do the test to make your life better and your health especially if you have a family history of cancer disease.


By: Dr Lamiaa 

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