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Fpa women's health is a society that cares about women's health plans for her and her family to have a good and appropriate healthy life.

Fpa women’s Health

What does fpa women's health  Practice?

Since fpa women's health was founded in 1969, it's care about Family Planning by contact with the Medical Group. Now FPA Women’s Health has been providing the highest consideration of medical care for every woman in a  caring environment.


As being the most important society of family planning networks in the United States that provide this service, FPA Women’s Health has a lot of locations in Los Angeles County and other regions through California,  that offers this service of family planning to improve women's healthy life from pregnancy prevention by using all and appropriate types of contraception to pregnancy beginning to pregnancy termination in a professional way and nature of the environment.

Fpa women’s Health

How can we contact the FPA women's health?

You can contact fpa women's health through their emails or numbers as they provide telehealth techniques, it's a new way to contact their clients and receive data and questions and answer them back.

FPA Women's Health, Los Angeles, CA

Phone (appointments): 213-738-7283

Phone (general inquiries): 213-738-7283

Address: 601 S. Westmoreland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90005.

Can l consult fpa women's health about everything about my life and family planning?

Yes, you consult them about everything about your health and your family planning like how many children you must have according to the state of your environment, contraception suitable for your body state, your family and previous diseases history you had to enhance your lifestyle and have the best health ever.

Benefits of the FPA women's health:

  • The skilled physicians and nurse practitioners there.

  • The facility of performing surgeries and answering postoperative questions.

  • The medical professionals provide the best information on women’s health care services to all their patients.

  •  No limited age of women's services there.

  • Complete data was taken from women who attend to fpa like date of birth, history of the family, how many children they have and how old are them, etc…..

Fpa women’s Health

SERVICES  which OFFERED from fpa  women's health:

  • Surgical Abortion

  • Non-Surgical Abortion

  • Birth Control Pills

  • Mirena/Kyleena IUD Birth Control

  • Paragard IUD Birth Control

  • Nexplanon Implant Birth Control

  • Pap Smears

  • Colposcopy

  • HIV Testing

  • Emergency Contraception/Plan B Pill

  • Pregnancy Testing

Additional services of FPA women's health:

It also cares about the behavioral health of all family members.

To optimize complete health and wellness, we need to treat every person in the family.

All patients are screened for Adverse Childhood Experiences such as abuse, anxiety, any psychological diseases, and family challenges they had in the past by specific screening to everyone in the family.


Our dew treats for you today are about FPA women's health, its benefits, and the services offered by it. It's important to women especially and everybody in the family according to family planning in the USA and all over the world.


Written By: Nada Yousry 


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