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Women are an important member of any society, as she provides moral and material support to many family members enabling them to face life problems, So FPA women's health provides the needed medical care to any woman. 

FPA women’s health provides telehealth services where you can use modern means of communication (technology) for an easy approach to health care. 

Fpa women’s health

Advantages of telehealth?

  • You can get the needed health care at any time. 

  • No transportation needed 

  • People in rural areas can get Medical care easily. 

  • Avoid sitting in a waiting Room

  • You don’t need to interrupt your schedule. (suitable for a busy one.)

  • You can get Personal health care 

  • Allow the physicians to monitor vital signs like blood pressure and heart rate. 

  • Avoid hospital-acquired infections and exposure to epidemics. 

  • Suitable for people with limited mobility. 

So, telehealth has an important role in much different Medical care. 


Is FPA women's health a free clinic?

No, it is a privately owned Medical Group. It is contracted with most insurance plans and it accepts Medi-Cal, all major credit cards, cash and cashiers checks, or money orders. And you can see the payment information page to know current prices. 

Fpa women’s Health

What does fpa women's health provide?

FPA women’s health provides diagnostic, preventive, sexual, reproductive health services,  family planning, and weight loss services to many patients throughout  Los Angeles. Women of all ages find many services like birth control, pregnancy testing, abortion, well-woman exams, and weight loss. The highly skilled doctors and nurses do surgeries and answer postoperative questions. 

All of the services are confidential. Patient information is not released without the signature and authorization of the patient. You also can know the level of services through using social media to know the visitor's review. 


The headquarters of Fpa women's health. 

It was founded in 1969. It is the largest family planning service network in the United States,  with multiple locations throughout Los Angeles Country and across California, offers all the needed aspects of family planning. 


How do you Contact fpa women's health?

You can call to book an Appointment, Or using social media such as Facebook, and Twitter, and can ask the FPA Women’s Health care coordinator to make a video

visit, and if you are ready, they send you an email with a link for the virtual visit. Click on the link and answer the questions as mentioned. 

Then, click the “Join Visit” button for a video chat with your doctor or nurse practitioner. During the virtual visit, you can talk about your health problem and ask questions about symptoms. And during your virtual visit, the doctor or nurse may also determine if you need to take an in-person appointment for diagnosis and an exam. 

The current technology is used in everything. You can use telehealth for an easy approach to the health care you need without transportation, especially during epidemics, and if you are in a remote Country place.

Written By: Zeinab Magdy

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