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Pet health insurance NYC is crucial for pets as well as humans nowadays, pet health insurance NYC is in increased demand lately due to the importance of having health insurance for your pet which we will discuss hereunder, and address choices of available pet health insurance NYC.


Having a pet is like having a good friend around all the time, or a family member whose health and well-being is your responsibility, if your pet sneezes, licks his paw, or itches here and there, you should be concerned about what is he suffering from, to manage any medical condition as early as possible and enhance his quality of life, which means a healthy and happy friend of you for much longer.

pet health insurance NYC

Pet Parents” are found to be interested in pet health insurance NYC as in many places around the world, especially when the pet is still young and healthy without any pre-existing conditions that may affect the insurance policy as per most insurance providers in many countries.   


Importance of health insurance

You need to follow up closely on your beloved pet’s health condition, and this is the main importance of having pet health insurance, besides for sure saving your money, as we all know that medical follow-ups, medications, and vaccinations are consuming a big amount of money per year, and you are really in need to have your pet getting older with you in a good health.

Pet health insurance in NYC provided by most insurance providers focuses on coverage of periodical check-ups and vaccinations, also the ear and other infections, as well as coverage of major operations if your pet is in need to undergo one.  

pet health insurance NYC

How does pet health insurance work?

Most pet health insurance providers are more or less using the same methods the Reimbursement method is dominant, which means that you will pay your vet, buy medications and pay all fees, then your insurance provider will reimburse you through submitted receipts.

Insurance plans also, mostly have a coverage limit, which is a fixed amount of money your will be covered with per year, whatever beyond this limit is directly belongs to you, and you will not be reimbursed.

The good news is, Pet health insurance NYC, like in most other places, almost covers everything your pet may need to keep him healthy and happy as well, examples include;

  • Accidents: which no one can avoid, especially when we talk about a pet, with a mind of his own, you can have x-rays, medications, and even surgeries covered.

  • Infections: as your pet grows, discovers, and plays, he might catch an infection, such as Respiratory Tract Infection, Urinary Tract Infection, Ear Infections, or even Skin Infections, insurance covers this too.

  • Vaccinations: as we all know, prevention is better than cure, new medicine in pets –like humans- is moving towards vaccination, but yet it’s a costly part in taking care of your pet’s health, but insurance policy may cover some of them.

  • Behavioral symptoms: such as anxiety or isolation, this type of consultation may or may not be included in the insurance policy, you may need to pay extra fees to include it in your insurance plan annually.

pet health insurance NYC

Increased demand on health insurance:

The importance of pet health insurance is highly proven by a dramatic increase in the number of insurance policies issued in the past five years, especially if we put on focus pet lovers in the United States and Canada.

By looking back at the NAPHIA report (North America Health Insurance Association), the huge demand for health insurance is presented by double-digit growth during the past few years. In America, the average annual growth is almost 22.6%, while pet health insurance NYC contributes a huge number among this percent, while in Canada, the average annual growth is 15.4 %.

Regarding NYC, it’s a pet-friendly city with almost one-third of households have pets, and figures indicate that amount of money spent taking care of dogs and cats is decreased to one-third with insurance coverage.  

Those figures and more make you so enthusiastic to have a valuable insurance policy for your beloved pet, to make use of all offered services which will save you a lot of money during upcoming years, and most important to improve quality of life.


Pet health insurance in NYC

New York City is considered one of the most expensive places in the United States, and this is a top reason to get your pet an insurance policy, as vet visits and medications will be a load on your shoulders.

Deciding which pet health insurance plan NYC is a huge matter, but first of all, you should define your budget and accordingly choose the most suitable services bundle offered by providers, you will also need to contact all companies available for more information, and don’t be shy to ask for a sample policy, which will provide you with what will be covered and will be not, percent of reimbursement, and time for reimbursement. And finally, you will need to take care of reviews and comments by other pet owners. Experience weighs this decision.

Let’s scope some of A+ pet health insurance providers in NYC according to Better Business Bureau;

  • Pet Plan Pet insurance:

With a huge advantage of not terminating policies for age or severity, and premium bundle with unlimited coverage, Pet Plan also famous with dental care coverage, 24/7 customer services, and approved claims are paid in a maximum of 30 days.

pet health insurance NYC

  • FIGO pet insurance: which is unique with its Pet cloud, available for IOS and Android, which gives you a convenient experience with electronic claims and a maximum pay of 30 days.


  • Healthy Paws Pet Insurance:

Is a master class in pet health insurance in NYC regarding responsiveness to customers and unlimited payout. Claims are paid mostly in two days which is a huge competitive advantage in this industry.

  • Pet Premium Pet Insurance: 

A company with a unique profile of providing the most affordable plans for pet parents, with zero waiting days for accidents and wellness care, however it requires a 30 days waiting period for illness coverage.


  • PetFirst Pet Insurance:

Which is considered one of the most affordable providers, with the lowest insurance costs, and some good news for older pets, there is no age cap, and they provide different plans, but they also have a limit for coverage which may be a problem if your pet needs expensive care like cancer.

  • ASPCA Pet Insurance

Another unique example of insurance providers, with covering pet behavioral issues, which is not common in most policies, and also it offers end of life coverage with payment of cremation or burial. However, policy activation requires a 14 days waiting period for any illness, accidents, or ligament issues.   




Pet health insurance in NYC is essential to have, regarding the nature of this expensive city and accident possibility, you must think wisely to choose which insurance plan will be suitable and will professionally fit your budget and the level of medical service you aim for your pet to live a healthier longer life. 


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By: Dr. Moataz


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