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Women's Health Associates of Southern Nevada provides women of all ages with the most advanced and extensive obstetric and gynecologic services available.

In the greater Las Vegas area, a network of 43 trained OB/GYN physicians offers pioneering, compassionate care to women and their families.

Women's Health Associates of Southern Nevada

They are a group of board-certified and board-eligible obstetricians and gynecologists who specialize in high-quality women's healthcare. They have a wide range of cutting-edge approaches and technology to help women promote and sustain healthy health habits throughout their lives.


They are pleased to provide 19 convenient locations in southern Nevada, each of which provides patients the highest quality of personalized treatment at the care center level.


In 2009, Women's Health Associates of Southern Nevada was formed with two goals in mind. The first was to evolve with the healthcare sector. The second was the notion that by pooling collective knowledge and skills, they could improve women's healthcare in southern Nevada.

Please check their website at whasn.com for a list of hours, locations, doctors, and other information.

Women's Health Associates of Southern Nevada

Women's Health Associates of Southern Nevada Gynecological Facilities:

  • Pap tests are conducted on a daily basis

  • Management of Contraceptives

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery

  • Robotic Surgery is a form of surgery that uses robots

  • Surgery is done in the office

  • Endometriosis 

  • Pelvic Pain

  • Fibroids 

  • Bleeding that isn't natural

  • Gynecologic Imaging

  • Urogynecologic Care 

  • Menopausal Care 

  • Regulation of Hormones

  • Touch Laser Therapy or MonaLisa Touch (Offered at Northwes)


Women's Health Associates of Southern Nevada Services for Obstetrics:

  • Prenatal Treatment, Both Routine, and High-Risk

  • Obstetrics picturing

  • Three dimensions picturing

  • Prenatal Monitoring

  • Counseling before childbirth

  • Program for Laborers


Women's Health Associates of Southern Nevada Services for Deliveries:

Doctors Conduct Deliveries in the following hospital environments.



  • Dignity Health St. Rose Dominican Hospital-San Martin

  • Dignity Health St. Rose Dominican Hospital – Siena

  • Henderson Hospital

  • Mountain View Hospital

  • Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center

  • Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center

  • Summerlin Hospital & Medical Center

  • Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center

Confirm your physician's unique hospital affiliations by contacting him or her.


Women's Health Associates of Southern Nevada Laborist Programs:

Labor-backed efforts are part of a wider national campaign to strengthen the protection and well-being of new mothers and babies. The Laborist program arranges for trained OB/GYN doctors to be on call at a hospital 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide personalized treatment to patients from the moment they arrive. If an emergency occurs, a laborist will be on hand to care for you and your baby while awaiting the arrival of your physician.


Laborist Program provides:

  • Immediate medical attention and assessment are needed.

  • Control of an emergency

  • Delivery assistance

  • After a cesarean section, there is a healthy place for vaginal delivery 

  • Patients without an assigned physician receive obstetric and gynecologic treatment

Women's Health Associates of Southern Nevada Non-Discrimination Policy:

Women's Health Associates of Southern Nevada firmly condemn discrimination against patients based on race, color, faith, creed, national origin, age, sex, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, infectious disease, political affiliation, education, source of income, place of residence, or any other basis covered by federal, state, or local laws as they serve their society.



Women's Health Associates of Southern Nevada Patient Portal System:

Women's Health Associates of Southern Nevada recently made the switch to a more efficient Patient Portal system. If you are a current patient, you will be sent a connection to register once your next appointment is scheduled. If you need to access the new portal right away, please contact your Care Center and request the connection. Your whole medical history will be moved to the new Portal. You can pre-register if you are a new patient by clicking the link sent to you.


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