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Midwest Center for Women's Health is a HealthCare (MCWHC) which consists of the largest group of board-certified obstetrics and gynecology physicians in  Illinois.  They are near forty perfect doctors who are pleased to offer their patients the best and specialized care and services by certified nurse-midwives.  Many of our physicians are teaching degrees and leadership positions at different medical ءuniversities and hospitals and have been working in the OB-GYN field for it more than fifteen years.

Midwest center for women's health

The physicians of the midwest center for women's health are very good in the communities of Chicago’s North Shore and the surrounding areas and treated several generations of patients within the same family.

They are a big family to offer you the most advanced care,  their philosophy is how to treat patients– “exceptional care of the patient at a time” – reflects their honesty to provide the high quality of care and best service in a right position with more security.  As a Midwest center for women's health patients, they receive the best care from the physician or practitioner they choose in a suitable location more convenient for them. That helps them and their physician to form good partnerships that we know is important for having good healthcare.


Their patient means the priority to them, in the Midwest center for women's health believe in trust and the importance of friendship between patients and health care providers there. This point is the reason for their success.

Midwest center for women's health


The areas which served by the Midwest center of women's health:

Several locations across the northern suburbs of Chicago, the physicians of Midwest center of women's health care in every community.  They have at least one or multiple offices in:

  • Algonquin

  • Arlington Heights

  • Deerfield

  • Elgin

  • Evanston

  • Glenview

  • Hoffman Estates

  • Lake Villa

  • Park Ridge

  • Skokie

  • South Elgin

  • Vernon Hills

  • To find a physician near every person in every community. 

midwest center for women's health

There are internships between the midwest center for women's health and other centers and hospitals including professional physicians, nurses.



  • NorthShore University HealthSystem (Evanston, Glenbrook, Highland Park, and Skokie Hospitals).

  • Advocate Lutheran General.

  • Advocate Condell Medical Center.

  • Advocate Sherman Hospital.

  • Northwest Community Hospital.

  • Presence Resurrection Medical Center.

  • St. Alexius Medical Center.

Midwest Center for Women’s Health

Services are provided by the midwest center for women's health:

Midwest Center for Women’s HealthCare is considered the best partner in your care by offering multiple services for women of all ages, including old age and teens.  They give you a list of their services.  

  • Obstetric Care.

  • Prenatal and postpartum care.

  • Ultrasounds – prenatal, first trimester Down screening.

  • Fetal non stress tests.

  • Genetic counseling.

  • Counseling and Education.

  • Contraception Adolescent, preconception, perimenopause, and menopause.

  • Gynecological Care.

  • Screening, diagnosis, and treatment including medical and surgical management.

  • Screening.

  • General health maintenance, bone density testing (DEXA scan), breast, cervical, and other gynecological cancers.

  • Diagnosis & Treatment:

  • Abnormal Pap smears, endometriosis, PMS, and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery and Procedures.

  • Laparoscopy and hysterectomy.

  • NovaSure - endometrial ablation in-office procedure for heavy periods.

  • Essure® (permanent birth control)

  • Hysteroscopy (specialized direct examination of the interior of the uterus)

  • Colposcopy (follow-up of abnormal Pap smears)

  • LEEP (specialized treatment of abnormal Pap smears).

Midwest center for women's health

Advantage of the midwest center for women's health:

  1. Easily to reach by using their website or numbers.

  2. That you can choose your physician by yourself to be more comfortable and build a good relationship with trust.

  3. They have more offices which permit you to reach the nearest one.

  4. It consists of specialized physicians working as a teacher in different universities to ensure that you have the best medical care ever.



Your health is your priority in your life, take care of it, be sure that you have the best medical care ever for you and your family members from the best health care providers, so we advise every woman to visit the Midwest center for women's health.

By:Dr. Nada yousry.


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