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Natural ways to kill bed bugs, Do you have sleep disorders?

Bed bugs may be the source of your sleep anxiety.

Because they're so small (about the size of a grain of rice), they're difficult to notice with the naked eye, but if you have them strolling around your house and chewing on you and your family, you'll know. Their bites are unpleasant and irritating, even though they are harmless.

However, because there are so many natural ways to kill bed bugs, getting rid of them isn't tough.

Symptoms of Bed Bug Infestation

Before you can get rid of bed bugs, you must first assess whether or not you have a bed bug infestation. The issue with these little insects is that they are difficult to identify. There are, however, telltale symptoms that can assist you in determining whether bed bugs are present in your mattress.


They are rusty or red – It's most likely dried blood from these bugs if you find crimson or rusty stains on your mattress or linens.


- Although eggshells are difficult to identify due to their small size and lighter colour, keep an eye out for tiny specks of white or ivory on your bed, carpet, or even furniture, as these are bed bug eggshells.

3.Black spots 

- If you notice small dark stains or black dots on your bed or mattress, they could be faeces or the skin of younger bugs shed.

4.Living bed bugs 

Despite their small size, these insects can grow larger and more noticeable after feeding. If you find bed bugs on your furniture or in your bed, you must act quickly to eliminate them.

Natural ways to kill bed bugs

Natural ways to kill bed bugs

1.Cayenne Chili

Cayenne pepper is said to be one of the natural ways to kill bed bugs on the internet, however, this is just not true. Pests are said to be very irritated by the pepper's antibacterial capabilities, according to some sources. The bed bugs will most likely be eradicated by just using cayenne pepper.

However, there are several reasons why this strategy will not work. 

To begin with, the amount of cayenne pepper required to eradicate a bed bug infestation in your home is unthinkable. To avoid complications like red discolouration and accidental consumption by youngsters and pets, we recommend bypassing this step. Instead, store the cayenne for when you want to make something spicy!

Natural ways to kill bed bugs

2.Soda (baking)

Baking soda is supposed to be one of the simple natural ways to kill bed bugs before they become an infestation. 

Baking soda, like the other natural bed bug remedies, will neither kill nor prevent bed bugs. Thinking out loud, a thick layer of paste formed with water would work by suffocating them, but, like cayenne pepper, you'd need an enormous amount to get the job done. 

Every crack, piece of furniture, and corner of your house, for example, would require a thorough coating of paste. Even if it works, that is! 

Natural ways to kill bed bugs

3.Clove Oil 

Essential oils are also thought to be safe and natural ways to kill bed bugs. 

Due to its highly acidic pH levels and pungent odour, clove oil is said to have insect repellent effects. 

Bed bugs may be driven to a new site by these causes, but they will not be eradicated from your home.

Natural ways to kill bed bugs

4.Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic that can be one of the natural ways to kill bed bugs.

While tea tree oil smells wonderful, there's no way it can help you get rid of bed bugs.

Tea tree oil is better used as a DIY cleanser than as an effective bug deterrent because of its antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities.

Unfortunately, no matter how much of this essential oil you apply to a bed bug's favourite spots (think fabrics or textiles), it won't do anything to get rid of them. If anything, they'll relocate to a different part of your house to avoid the stench, which will just make things worse.

To avoid the odour, they will most likely relocate within your home, which may exacerbate the problem.

Natural ways to kill bed bugs

5.Bean Leaves 

The fifth one of the  natural ways to kill bed bugs is using bean leaves.

Interestingly, there's a notion going around that if you have an abundance of kidney bean leaves — and a lot of free time — you can use brewed tea to fully exterminate bed bugs.

The trichomes (microscopic hairs) on kidney bean plants are thought to penetrate bed insect legs and trap them, preventing them from migrating and spreading. This isn't always the case, and it might be a lengthy procedure. You'd have to cover much of your home's surfaces with bean tea, just like many of these alleged treatments. 

6.Lavender or peppermint spray

Spray with lavender or peppermint essential oils is one effective way of the natural ways to kill bed bugs. 

Lavender is often linked with relaxation, so it may come as a surprise that it may also be used to kill bed bugs. 

Lavender oil can be sprayed on probable bed insect hiding areas in the same way that tea tree oil can. You don't have to be concerned about any negative side effects because lavender essential oil is completely safe for both you and your dogs. 

The pungent aroma of peppermint oil, on the other hand, can assist deter these bothersome animals. When you combine the two, you'll have a natural spray that can aid in the elimination of bed bugs in your house.

Natural ways to kill bed bugs

7.Silica gel 

Silica Gel is a type of silica gel that is considered one of the natural ways to kill bed bugs.

Insects may be killed by the little packets found in food goods and shoeboxes to keep the contents dry. Grind the beads and scatter the powder near the source areas to use them. If you have children or pets, you should avoid this procedure since direct exposure to silica and inhalation of silica is dangerous. Baking soda, on the other hand, has a comparable effect.

8.Rubbing alcohol

Alcohol is not only for drinking but also for Rubbing, and it's the eighth way of the natural ways to kill bed bugs. 

Fill a spray bottle with it and spritz away. When bugs come into touch with the alcohol, they will die.

9.Indian lilac 

Lilac of India is considered as an important way of the natural ways to kill bed bugs.

The leaves of Indian Lilac have a comparable impact to other herbal treatments that are based on plants. Crush the leaves and scatter them everywhere. Alternatively, you might boil the leaves, drain the liquid, and then add it to your bathwater. As a result, bed bugs will no longer feed on you!

This method can be utilised to get rid of infestations in your closet and garments. To keep these pests at bay, spray the solution in closets, on sofas, and throughout the house.

Natural ways to kill bed bugs


Lemongrass, unlike some other natural treatments, kills insects rather than just repelling them. The bugs and their eggs are killed by the acid levels. They also despise the smell, so it works as a deterrent.


An infestation of bed bugs can be aggravating, especially if they continually return. While you wait for the exterminator, you can apply these natural ways to kill bed bugs, to keep them under control as much as possible.

By: Dr Abdelmonem Al-sayed El-kerba


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