The Best Thrush Breastfeeding Natural Remedies

Thrush breastfeeding natural remedies are very important to be known for anyone especially mothers. 

As we all know, Breastfeeding is uncomfortable at first. Especially in the first months.

But if the mother feels pain and tingling during breastfeeding, there is a problem. This pain may be accompanied by some cracking in the nipple or bleeding. 

The main causes of thrush:

There is a kind of yeast called candida yeast that can be found normally in and on our bodies when there is the best environment for its life as the good moist and warm areas. 

During breastfeeding, two types of thrush can be found on the mouth of the baby called oral thrush or on the nipple of the mother. Thrush breastfeeding natural remedies are useful in that case. 

Oral and nipple thrush go hand in hand as the baby could transmit it by skin-to-skin contact. 

The main symptoms of nipple thrush:


-The nipple may be red and cracked 

-The mother could feel tingling or pain especially during breastfeeding 


Thrush breastfeeding natural remedies

Some symptoms could appear on the baby:

-White spots on the tongue

-Redness around the lips of the baby 

-lip bleeding 

-the white spots could be found on the lips too

The best treatment for the thrush:

As we mentioned before, The main cause of thrush is the yeast that could transmit very easily but not cause any infection.

But it must be taken into account, Ease to transmit from one area to another causes a danger we should try to limit it. 

We should use some anti-fungal medicines to help limit that. 

We could take the medicine topically, we could use miconazole, clotrimazole, or nystatin. 

The mother could put antifungal creams topically on her nipple and anti-fungal wash for her baby. 

For the baby, There are oral antifungal treatments such as oral fluconazole. 

Thrush breastfeeding natural remedies:

Treatment alone is not enough, it must be accompanied by some change in daily life. We could do some things to keep our body try that help in not providing a suitable environment for yeast to multiply. 

One of the most common thrushes breastfeeding natural remedies is to wash all surfaces that can contain yeast such as bedding and the diaper changing areas. 

We must wash our clothes at high temperatures to kill that type of fungal. 

-The top of thrush breastfeeding natural remedies is to use diluted vinegar solution topically on the nipple of the mother. But we should be sure the nipple isn't bleeding or cracked. 

According to La Leche League International, We should prepare that solution at the rate of 1:1, So we could put One tablespoon of vinegar in one cup of water. 

Apple cider vinegar has an antifungal effect to fight the yeast. 

Other causes of the thrush:

It is possible and common that the mother after childbirth reduces her immune system so it is easy to provide a suitable environment for the Reproduction of the yeast. Also, taking a lot of antibiotics could cause it. 

The best areas for yeast growth are on the nipple, the mouth, and the tongue because the yeast prefers a moist and warm environment.

The main cause of thrush is an imbalance of yeast cells on the skin and the inability of the immune system to defend the body which could ease the spread of thrush.

But the most common cause of thrush is the use of antibiotics because in this way we kill both types of bad and good bacteria without differentiating, which facilitates the growth and reproduction of the bad species. 

Thrush breastfeeding natural remedies

Some effects could increase the thrush:

-It is possible to wear poor quality non-cotton bras or types that are not suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding due to the spread of thrush infection.

-It is very harmful to be in very humid places because this makes it easier to multiply and therefore it becomes more widespread. 

-if the mother is not drying the breasts constantly, It will provide a suitable environment for yeast. 

Thrush must be treated externally:

To avoid the transmission of yeast from the mother to the child and vice versa, which makes the treatment process difficult, both the mother and the child must put some medicines or ointments on the skin to limit the spread.

-The mother can wipe the nipple and also the child's mouth with a piece of cloth moistened with apple cider vinegar and then leave it to dry. 

-There are a lot of good herbs that have an antifungal effect and are also antiseptic as the postpartum herb. One of the most common antifungal herbs Yarrow 

There are a lot of ointments that have Yarrow herb as the Birth song that could be used to treat thrush, so could be counted as one of the thrus  breast feeding natural remedies.

Thrush breastfeeding natural remedies


There are a lot of ointments that have Yarrow herb as the Birth song that could be used to treat thrush, so could be counted as one of the thrush breastfeeding natural remedies.

Have you ever had thrush?

The mother may have an important role in taking care of the treatment method, as trying to relax and calm helps a lot in the treatment and trying to go to bed early and taking a lot of deep breaths that restore balance to the mother and help her overcome it. So thrush breastfeeding natural remedies need a lot of patience. 

As the child should be taken care of, the mother should take care of herself. 


Thrush breastfeeding natural remedies

It is necessary for the mother to regularly maintain healthy food and change her lifestyle to reduce thrush. 

As the mother's eating of healthy meals during thrush helps her restore her balance. 

The mother can eat some seeds such as flax and chia, which can speed up recovery and restore the mother’s balance after a long period of stress and fatigue during pregnancy and childbirth.

Eating garlic helps restore balance and vitality to the body, so the mother must eat it daily or put it in food. 


Is there a way to prevent thrush and try not to return? 

Of course, by following the method of home prevention, which is the mother’s job. 

-The mother must make sure to boil the artificial nipples before giving them to the child, thrush breastfeeding natural remedies is the best job during the period of her motherhood. 

-As well as, she must sterilize the child’s skin frequently.

-It is necessary to try to restore balance to both the mother and the child to activate the work of the immune system and try to eliminate thrush. 

Thrush breastfeeding natural remedies are very tiring for the mother, but it is necessary with some love and attention for the sake of the child. 


Thrush could be transmitted easily from one to another by skin to skin contact, So we should try to get rid of it by some steps that could limit it completely.

By: Dr. Nada Ahmed Elashkar 

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