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New Horizon Women's Care is an organization for the best care for a lifetime of women and provides the best services in clean centers. New Horizons Women's Care  has provided special care and service for women's health since 2001. 

New Horizon Women's care is derived from Arizona OBGYN Affiliates (AOA), an integrated family of OB-GYN physicians. AOA gives features and powers for both providers and patients. By working together, achieve good outcomes for both.


New horizon women's care providing:

 They  focus on your interests and questions with informative discussions around your personal health history at New horizon women’s care.

Sexuality, stress, parenting, body care, family planning, and hormones are just a few of the issues that affect our lives and our health.

They are with you in every stage of your life and give you all interest in all you need from adolescence to mid-life and beyond. Make sure your concerns are their responsibility. 

What is their Practice?

 New Horizon women’s Care not only delivers your babies, but they also provide service to your personal needs. They care about you in all your life stages. They are interested in your interests and needs either mentally or physically.  Their physicians have combined expert care with friendly contact with their patients.

What are the Medical services that they provide? 

 Their office doesn't like clinics or hospitals but like coffee shops to make the psychology of women better, so they provide our service in a friendly form because your psychology is from their priorities.  

1- Family planning 

 By Controlling the number of children.

New Horizon Women’s Care

2-Pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum care

they care about you from the first month and after delivery.

3-Well-woman health maintenance

they don’t care about pregnant women only but they care about women throughout their lifetime.


Women's psychology is their interest. they listen well to their patients.

New Horizon Women’s Care

5-Body care

Med Spa provides state-of-the-art skin care and laser treatments, and they care about your beauty.

6-More Obstetrics Services

mothers can expect more with advanced prenatal and obstetrical care. they are with you every step of the way, make sure that you and your baby are healthy throughout the pregnancy. 

7-More Gynecology Services

New Horizons Women’s Care provides complete women's healthcare. their physicians have advanced procedures and good experts to make gynecology surgery and treat all gynecology problems.


Who are their  Physicians?

 All of their physicians at  New horizon women's care are trained well in all fields belonging to women's needs, they have good experts in obstetrics and gynecology problems. their physicians have a good personality and compassion makes you feel quite as they have good communication skills. You are in safe hands.

 Their physicians:

1-Andrew Villa, MD 

2-Monte Swarup, MD  

3-Gerald Pass, DO   

4-Matthew Moore, DO 

5-Celina Reyes-Hailey, MD

6- Karen Ragaini, MD  

7-Ernestine Bustamante-Roman, MD

8-Charles B. Boag III, DO  

9-Theresa S. Chu, MD 

10-Judith Adams, MD 

11-Aspen Bradley-Wolfe, MD

New horizon women's care locations:

New Horizon Women's Care has four centers, including the Southeast Valley and Casa Grande.  You can deliver babies at Chandler Regional Medical Center and Mercy Gilbert center.

Information for communication

You can reach their with this information easily.

1-Chandler office:                     2-Ahwatukee office:                                              

New horizon women's care              4545 E. Chandler Blvd.

1950 W. Frye Road                           Suite 208

Chandler, Arizona 8522                    Phoenix, Arizona 85048

p. 480-895-9555                               p. 480-961-2330

f. 480-895-9494                                f. 480-961-2332

3-casa grande office:               4-Gilbert office:

New horizon women's Care              New horizon women's care

1187 E. Cottonwood Lane                 1757 E Melrose St

Suite B                                               Gilbert, Arizona 85297

Casa Grande, Arizona  85122           p. 480-895-9555

p. 520-836-1000                                f. 480-895-9494 

f. 520-836-6515


5-Queen creek office:               Queen Creek, Arizona 85140

New horizon women's care                p. 480-895-9555        

37200 N Gantzel Rd                           f. 480-895-9494



A new horizon in women's care, they are interested in women's lifetime, health, and all she needs.

There is a group of perfect physicians and nurses. You can contact their easily for any service. they make you feel like a person, not a patient.

By: Dr. Marwa Osama


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