Veterinary Services Provided By Plantation Pet Health Center

Pets can help you to change your lifestyle, so caring for a pet is very important for you before him/her.

At Plantation Pet Health Center you will find what you and your pet need. The staff understands the important role pets play in their owner's lives. Their mission is not only to treat your pet but also to keep your friend happy and healthy.

Let's take a closer look at Plantation Pet Health Center (PPHC):

It includes medical, surgical and dental care for dogs, cats and small animals in the Frisco, Allen and Plano metropolitan area, really it's a full_service centre where you can go.

They provide clients and their pets with comprehensive veterinary care and a professional environment. You will enjoy their treatment and the information and advice it gives you

Plantation Pet Health Center provides the use of external laboratories and diagnostic procedures through in_house testing.

It includes a pharmacy in the hospital, house X_ray  capabilities, and a closely supervised hospitalization area.


Pets Plantation Pet Health Centre Serving: 

Welcome animals of all varieties including: 

1-Common pets:

(Cats and dogs)

2- Exotic Pets:

Plantation Pet Health Center

  • Mammals:

( Ferrets _ Gerbils_ Hamster_ Rabbits_ Mice _Hedgehogs _Rats)

  • Marsupials:

(Sugar glider)

  • Reptiles:

(Snakes_Lizards _ Turtles and tortoises) 

  • Birds:

(Canaries _ Cockatiels _Doves _ parrots)

  • Amphibians:

(Frogs and toads _ Salamanders _ Newts ).

 They are always welcome at Plantation Pet Health Center.

Owners can learn about the special living conditions, diet and nutrition-based.

The wild animals can hide their symptoms of illness as a protective mechanism.

At Plantation Pet Health Center they will advise you on what signs to look for when your exotic pet is I'll and when to bring him into the clinic for treatment.


Plantation Pet Health Centre Staff

Doctors at PPHC are professional and distinguished with their high skills in veterinary care.

Experienced veterinary technicians work closely with doctors providing good nursing care for pets.

The staff love all animals and treat them kindly.

  • Dr George E. Martin:

Veterinarian George E. Martin, Jr., DVM 

He has experience in veterinary care and providing advanced care for over 24 years for dogs, cats and exotic pets.

  • Dr Frank Pena:

Dr Pena graduated from Texas College of Veterinary Medicine in 1991.

He also obtained a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas at Austin in 1987, and a Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University in 1988.

After graduation from Vet school, he completed a one-year internship in small animal medicine and surgery at the University of Missouri _Columbia. 

He has lived and worked in the DFW area since 1993.

  • Office Manager

Jessica Golightly:

She has been with the practice since June of 2004.

She lives in Frisco.

  • Sherry Johnson

Veterinary Receptionist

Sherry has been at PPHC since 2008. 

  • Courtney Harben

Veterinary Technician

She began with Plantation Pet Health Center in August 2015 as a kennel Assistant and moved to Veterinary Technician in January 2016.

She is studying in school to become a Registered Veterinary Technician. 

  • Desi Littlejohn

Veterinary Technician/Kennel Assistant

Abby joined the PPHC team in June 2015.

She is a student at Frisco High.

 Welcome to their Pet Health warnings webpage:

Common pet health warns foods dangerous to dogs and cats .pet food recalls and warns plants poisonous to cats and dogs (toxic plants).

Chemicals are dangerous to dogs and cats.

Insecticides: Flea and tick treatments including pet health warning.


Plantation Pet Health Center is a veterinary hospital providing comprehensive medical, surgical and dental care for dogs, cats and exotic pets. They provide everything you and your pet needs.

They are here to help you and make sure that you feel comfortable bringing your pets to PPHC.


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