Plantation Pet Health Center | The Best Services For Your Pet

Plantation pet health center provides more services to dogs, cats, and exotic pets which include surgical, medical, and dental care.

The professional veterinarians at the hospital deal kindly with their clients and pets, seeking to provide the best care for pets.

I know that owners of pets love their pets so much, considering them one of the family, wanting to provide the best care for them so I advise you to visit the plantation pet health center.


Plantation Pet Health Center

How do you contact the Plantation pet health center?

Their  location is

12560 Lebanon Road

Frisco, Texas, 75035

Their phone is     

1 843-681-4586


1 843-681-5209

Their main Hours

Mon     8:00AM - 6:00PM

Tue      8:00AM - 6:00PM

Wed     8:00AM - 6:00PM

The      8:00AM - 6:00PM

Fri        8:00AM - 6:00PM

Sat       8:00AM - 12:00PM

Sun      Closed

Their veterinarians are

Dr. George Martin

Dr. Peña

Services at plantation pet health center:

Doctors at the hospital realized that pets age at a fast rate so they take care of pet's health to prevent serious health problems, providing proper checkups, seeking to treat sick pets, and diagnosing them through some tests at center and house to find diseases in the early stages before causing problems.

Their services include medical, surgical, and dental care.


Plantation Pet Health Center

Medical care services:

1- Physical examination

At the plantation pet health center, they advised you to examine your pet twice yearly to put a baseline of normality so help them to expect any problems early.

This examination includes auscultation "listening to the pet's chest", palpation "feeling areas in the body", …..

Also, veterinarians at the center advised doing additional examinations in case of any problem.

2- Services at the lab

Here are some tests are done at the lab for accurate diagnosis:


-Urine analysis

-Stool analysis


-Serum chemistry that includes " BUN, creatinine, tests of liver function, sodium, bicarbonate, phosphorus, lipase, ketones….

3- Electrocardiography services

The heart rhythm of pets is very difficult to diagnose through physical examination so doing ECG is the best proper test for that.

At the plantation pet health center, they have cardiology specialists who check for any different conditions in a pet's heart through recording electrical signals from the heart.

They may need an ECG if they are doubtful that your pet has an irregular rhythm, heart palpitations, respiratory health problems such as shortness of breath, drugs with cardiac side effects….

4- Radiology services

X-ray services for your pet help veterinarians to look inside the pet's body to observe the problems that are not noticed outside

5- Therapeutic services

At the plantation pet health center, they provide therapeutic services to complete the needs of health care. 

6- Immune system

They offer vaccination protocols at the hospital as rabies vaccination to dogs and cats, also they offer immune-modulating allergy shot

How you can boost your pet's immunity:

-Keep your pet clean

-Controlling of weight

-Healthy diet

-Always clean their toys….


Plantation Pet Health Center

Surgical services:

Highly skilled surgeons at the plantation pet health center provide a wide variety of surgery.

They use the safest anesthesia to keep your pet healthy after surgery, monitor vital signs during anesthetic procedures, use the most proper equipment, also offer microchip identification.

Dental services:

Also at the plantation pet health center, they care about the hygiene of the pet's teeth " brushing, doing minor oral surgery….."

At plantation pet health center also have services like pet grooming services, pet boarding service, and take care of elderly pets


Plantation pet health center is one of the best places to take care of your pet because of its wide variety of services that are offered to keep your pet healthy during his life.

I wish good health for you and your pet.


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Written by

Dr. Nourhan Sallam


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