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Pet Health Clinic Nampa is a complete service veterinary medical hospital located in Nampa Idaho. It is amazing medical, surgical, and dental care for your beloved pets. 

It is a full-service veterinary hospital. Veterinarians and technicians are skilled at treating a variety of pet health issues. 

They work in partnership with you for providing the best possible care for your beloved pets.

Pet Health Clinic Nampa


Pet Health Clinic Nampa Services:

Wellness and preventive care

(Prevention is better than cure) are pet health clinic's Nampa slogan to help your pet to live longer and happier lives this occurs by some steps including:

Annual visits 

To reassure an animal's health by looking at its weight, listening to heartbeats and lungs, looking at teeth, and full body checkup every visit.


Circular vaccinations 

Prevent many diseases, they provide your pet with all the vaccines it needs (DAPP, Leptospirosis, Rabies " legally required for dogs in the state of Idaho", Bordetella " Kennel cough" and Canine Influenza).

Annual blood tests 

To find all unsuspected diseases because some pets such as cats and dogs are good at hiding illness. 

Annual heartworm testing and prevention for dogs for protecting you and your family from intestinal parasites. 

Pet Health Clinic Nampa

Surgery department in pet health clinic nampa:

Pet health  clinic Nampa has a qualified team and well-trained surgeons, medical types of equipment, and a lot of surgical services. 

They offer both soft tissue such as (spay, neuter, mass removals, etc) and orthopedic surgeries (ACL, simple broken bones). 

They are good users for anesthesia according to the pet's age, species, and special concerns.




Oral health is important for the overall health of pets 

They check the pet's mouth and suggest dental cleaning and polishing if needed. 

They can give you some advice about the pet's dental health that can be easy to apply at home.


Senior care 

Senior pets (between 6-10 years of age) need a little more care. 

They have a well-trained and professional team that will treat your pet gently, do annual blood work and dental, and give you some advice as preventive care. 

They offer cremation services through a local pet crematorium. and give you a hand to pass this hard time peacefully. 

Pet Health Clinic Nampa

Diagnostics and Sick pets:

They facilitate in-house blood work including (CBC, Urine analysis, Feline leukemia/FIV testing, Parvo testing, and more), and offer in-house radiographs and minor in-house ultrasounds with a radiologist.



1007 Lake Lowell Ave

Nampa Idaho 83686

How to contact:

Phone number




Office Hours

Monday _ Friday 8 am-6 pm.



Pet health clinic Nampa is a good veterinary clinic that offers complete care for your beloved pet.

By/ Dr.Hagar M. Gomaa 


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