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Pet Health Clinic Nampa is a full-service veterinary hospital serving Nampa, Treasure Valley, Caldwell, and  Idaho that maintains high levels of care for your cats and dogs.
Nampa veterinarians stay abreast of current technologies and medical processes with annual continuing education and are comfortable talking to you about everything related to your dogs or cats. Updated and knowledgeable staff are committed to providing amazing medical, dental, surgical, and care for your beloved pets. They are pleased to meet you and welcome you to Nampa extraordinary hospital.

Pet Health Clinic Nampa

Pet health clinic Nampa services

They offer different general and specialized options to suit all ages and needs.


1.Wellness and Preventive Care

Pet Health Clinic Nampa believes in preventive care to help your animals live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

•Annual visits are critical to estimate a patient’s health; they look at their weight, listen to heart and lungs, assess their teeth, and give a full-body test at each visit.


•Vaccines are essential to prevent many contagious diseases. The main core vaccines are DAPP, Leptospirosis, Rabies (legally required for dogs in the state of Idaho) and we also offer Bordetella and Canine Influenza.


•Annual heartworm testing and heartworm prevention are highly recommended for all dogs. They offer monthly pills and Proheart injections for prevention.

If your pet is not on heartworm prevention, veterinary professionals recommend you deworming annually to protect you and your family from intestinal parasites and infection.


All of the Pet Health Clinic Nampa doctors are skilled surgeons and offer a wide variety of surgical services. The clinic offers both orthopedic surgeries (ACL, patella, simple broken bones)and soft tissue (spay, neuter, mass removals, etc). They utilize an anesthetic protocol tailored to a pet’s specific age, weight, species, and other special concerns. They are always happy to do a surgical consult to discuss the best choice for you and your pets.



Oral health is important for maintaining an animal’s overall well-being. They will examine your pet’s teeth and recommend an anesthetic dental cleaning is warranted. They can make extractions if needed to maintain your animal’s oral health.


4.Diagnostics/Sick Pets


 Pet health clinic Nampa has full capability for in-house blood work including chemistry, feline leukemia/FIV testing, parvo testing, CBC, urinalysis, and more. If a pet case isn’t critical, they can also send out lab samples to a national reference laboratory for more accurate testing. They offer in-house radiographs and ultrasound with one of our doctors. For more extensive diagnostics, They already can schedule an in-house ultrasound with a certified radiologist.


5.Senior Care

As pets live longer they require a little more care. Pet Health Clinic Nampa staff is experienced at being gentle with your senior pets and making the best preventive recommendations to help prolong their life span. They consider pets to be seniors between 6-10 years of age, depending on the advocate for annual blood work, possibly annual dental, and breed. When an end-of-life decision has to be made, compassionate staff will help you through this hard time.

6.Orthopedic Surgery

7.Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm preventives come in different shapes, including topical “spot on” medications, chewable pills every month, and an injectable medication that is given every 6 or 12 months. 

8.X-ray and Ultrasound




At the Pet Health Clinic Nampa team understands the deep connection you share with your animal companion. The clinic understands that he or she is more like a four-legged family member than merely a pet. That’s because, beyond the Pet health Clinic Nampa is the veterinary center, they are pet parents just like you. Nampa staff's personal experiences with animals make their care so unique.

Written By / Dr.Amira Hefisha


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