Animal Health Center Of Wichita Where Pets Enjoy 10 Services

At the animal health center of Wichita, you can find the best care for your pets, because it has the most experienced and professional veterinary doctors ever.

So let's talk about the animal health center of Wichita and why it is different.

animal health center of Wichita


The location of the animal health center of Wichita:

The address of the animal health center of Wichita is 2930 E Harry St, Wichita, Kansas 67211, where the amazing team of veterinarians provides their services for Wichita, Kansas, and surrounding areas. And they ensure the highest level of veterinary medicine


What are the services of the animal health center of Wichita?

There are a lot of services of the animal health center of Wichita that make it one of the most special animal health center, such as:

1-Exams and Consultations

The veterinary team will talk to you and see if there are any problems with your pet.

They also take information about diet, preventative medicine, and exercise to ensure that your pet is as healthy as possible. Then,  they will do a complete physical examination which is always good to have a baseline in case your pet ever becomes ill.


They monitor the pet’s weight, ensuring that your pet stays a healthy weight. It is much easier to start a diet the less the pet's weight is, veterinarians will also look for any serious problems. The goal is to prevent any problems before they become serious, as it is easier to treat any problem before it becomes bigger.

 All of these steps for ensuring the healthy life of the pets. 

2-Nutritional Counseling

Overfeeding the pet is a serious problem because it exposes the pet to obesity.

Which is a dangerous problem in the pet especially as it becomes older.

In the animal health center of Wichita, they provide you with the most dietary plan suitable for your pet during the different stages of the pet's life ensuring normal healthy growth without the danger of obesity.

animal health center of Wichita


Any person who has a pet that needs surgery is a very matter of concern but in the  animal health center of Wichita no need to worry about the pet's surgery where they use the highest level of medical technology and the most qualified experienced surgeons who communicate to you and explain step by step what will happen during your pet's surgery and give you instructions of what you should do before, during  and after the surgery to ensure everything is 

All right and reduce the stress and worry of the surgery. 



Because of our health and your pet's health, it's so important to give your pet the right vaccines to protect them and prevent catching any diseases that may affect their health and ours so the animal health center of Wichita provides your pet all necessary vaccinations to enjoy a good healthy life. 



How painful sensation is when you lost your pet and you don’t all know where does it go and if you can turn him back, so the animal health center of Wichita 

Provides you a way that your pet is never lost because you will always know what his location is. This wonderful method is microchipping in which veterinarians implant a tiny chip beneath the pet's fur. 

It is almost a non-painful process but fast procedure and safe. 

This microchip has all the vital information about your pet which any veterinarian or animal shelter can scan and return your pet. 

animal health center of Wichita


6-Preventative Medicine

Even if your pet seems to be healthy, a regular checkup  is so important as there are small issues that turn to serious ones if you miss the check ups especially in the animal health center of Wichita where the veterinarians carefully examine your pet ensuring that everything is completely fine. 



The animal health center of Wichita, guarantees all the technical methods to give your pet the care he needs by providing all the necessary diagnostics tests. 



As the world is so fast, the animal health center of Wichita contains a pharmacy that is fully stocked to save your time and provide any medication your pet may need. 


9-Dental Health

The dental disses is a source problem in pets as it affects most of them causing heart kidney liver and all the body by bloodstream so if your pet has yellow or brown tooth or difficulty in eating you must bring him to the animal health center of Wichita to have professional cleanings that it's the most effective thing Preventing the dental disses. 


10-In-house Diagnostics

This offers one of the most distinctive services of the animal health center of Wichita as it provides diagnostics tools for in-house diagnoses. Ensuring that your pet feel better soon using different ways of radiology and laboratory tests to help your pet to return to his normal life faster and also saving your effort and time



During this article about the animal health center of Wichita, we give you some information about its location and the wonderful services it offers to ensure a good healthy life for the pets and a more easy life for their owners. 

Written by: Dr.Sahar Eisa 


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