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In NEA Baptist Clinic now you can make your appointment, pay for your pills even access all your medical records with just one click by accessing your chart.

NEA Baptist Clinic is a trustful large and comprehensive discipline that is physician-oriented and professionally managed by a special group in the region. The NEA Baptist Clinic is made up of more than 110 physicians who provide 35 specialized medical care.

History and Mission

Grew from a single practice into a leading organization in Arkansas healthcare. 

The mission of NEA Baptist Clinic is to provide quality, personalized, comprehensive health care for all patients throughout the Northeast Arkansas region. For more information about NEA Baptist Clinic please call us on 870-936-8000.


Our management team in NEA Baptist Clinic is committed to providing a low-cost, cost-effective, timely service by identifying ways to measure targeted outcomes through a comprehensive analysis of objectives and solutions.

NEA Baptist clinic health blog

NEA’s health blog is the easiest way to stay informed about conditions that affect you and your beloved family.

NEA Baptist Clinic Auxiliary

NEA Baptist Clinic is committed to providing the greatest possible care for the people of our area. Volunteers are an integral part of this program, providing many ways for our patients and our community.

NEA Baptist Women's Clinic | All your medical services just in one place

Auxiliary Volunteer

Auxiliary volunteers for NEA Baptist clinic afford additional services that greatly add to the comfort of our patients and their families. Known as the “Lady Pink,” it is easy to identify them with the pink jackets they wear. Our male volunteers can be seen wearing blue shirts.

The responsibilities of the auxiliary volunteers in NEA Baptist Clinic may include:

  • Greetings to patients, families, and visitors to the hospital and clinic entrance.

  • Managing the Gift Shop.

  • Delivering newspapers and ice to patient rooms.

  • Delivering kiddie bags to hospital children.

  • Providing comfort vehicles to family and friends of deceased patients

  • Hosting ICU, Surgical clinic in addition to waiting rooms for families and visitors.

  • Escorting patients, family, and visitors to their destination.

  • Provide support for hospital events

Student Auxiliary Volunteer Program

Student auxiliary volunteers are always welcomed in NEA Baptist Clinic. They work beside our auxiliary volunteers to care for our patients and their relatives. Volunteer assistants for high school students also have a good chance of getting an academic scholarship.

Auxiliary Services Scholarships

It provides educational scholarships up to five hundred USD to high school auxiliary volunteers.

Why Volunteer?

Assistant volunteers have raised thousands of dollars through their gift shop sales and fundraisers with all the profits back to NEA Baptist clinic. With the help of an assistant, NEA Baptist clinic was able to purchase a patient bus, provide patients and their families with snacks and refreshments, provide scholarships for volunteers and staff, and much more.

Assistant is an integral part of NEA Baptists and their efforts have and continue to make NEA Baptist a better hospital. Volunteer today to start giving back in a big way!

To Become a Volunteer

If you are interested in becoming part of our volunteer program, please complete our online application which is available here. Or come to the NEA Baptist gift shop located in the hospital's reception area.

Medical Specialties

Allergy Clinic

Healthy is the great outdoors and being adventurous. When breathing in that beautiful spirit world is interrupted by injury, illness, or physical discomfort, it is good to know that someone is there to clear things so that you can return.


Living creatures will feel uncomfortable from time to time. We are here to keep you from experiencing it during the treatment process.


Ahhh, music to my ears! Listening is a critical component of communication. It affects relationships, personal safety, learning, and pleasure. Let’s talk about it.


NEA Baptist Women's Clinic | All your medical services just in one place

Breast Imaging Center

Our department is well located on the first floor of the clinic at the new NEA Baptist Medical Center and has quiet and private waiting rooms. our services include:

  • Breast Self-exam

  • Mammography

  • Breast Biopsy

  • Screening mammography

  • Diagnostic mammography

  • Bone Density

  • Breast MRI – Screening and Diagnostic

  • Ultrasound, Stereotactic, MR breast biopsies

  • Breast Needle Localization

  • Ductography


It all starts with the heart. Do you know how important your heart is? You use it for so many different things! Taking care of yourself should be a priority in your life plan. 

Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery

Life is ready for the course. Sometimes age, disease, or injury weakens our competitive bodies.

Clinical Research

Health is treatment close to home.

Critical Care

Serious care for those whose conditions need intensive care and ongoing supervision, usually in ICU.

Dermatology & Mohs Surgery

What is the largest organ in your body? SKIN! Sometimes a recurring skin condition can affect our self-esteem. From painful or unsightly traits to sensitive situations like skin cancer, we are here to help clear things up. Hopefully, we have found it.

Drive-Thru Minor Urgent Care

As an added convenience for our patients who are experiencing COVID-19, Influenza, and Strep Throat symptoms, a new avenue for care is available without ever leaving your car. 

Emergency Medicine

Life is the help I need. Most critical times in life happen when we don't expect them.


Is your body balanced? Helping your metabolic system or hormones to find a normal range for performance is part of the formula for better health.

Eye Center

Do you see what I see? Vision is indispensable to learning, working, and playing. 

Family Medicine

Want someone you can fully trust with your family? Not every medical issue is a state of emergency or requires a specialist. It's good to know the connection is there if you need it.


Tummy troubles? If these digestive manifestations interfere with your social duties and overall health, we’re here to talk about it. Take care of that gut!


NEA Baptist Women's Clinic | All your medical services just in one place

General Surgery

A healthy lifestyle is my best wish. Sometimes achieving our health goals requires a process. Readiness, professional care, and a rescue plan can get you there.

Gynecologic Oncology

The idea of ​​control is what everyone wants in life. Fighting disease creates needs and requires a lifestyle change. That's why we have a local medical center.

Hematology and Oncology

Life is a concept of control. Fighting disease creates needs and requires a lifestyle change. That's why we have a local medical center.


Our way of providing quality care uses the power of teamwork. When getting better requires a hospital stay, it's good to know that the team of physicians and records are connected in a way that optimizes both toward your best outcome.

NEA Baptist Women's Clinic | All your medical services just in one place

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Establishing the path to recovery When patients need continued specialized care and good medical guidance while recovering, inpatient rehabilitation at NEA Baptist Hospital provides intensive treatment in a comfortable surrounding.

Internal Medicine

The more your doctor cares about you as a friend, the more you will know that you have found the right one. When trying to be healthy it is important to know someone who is perfect and who knows a lot about what affects good health.

Internal Medicine Residency Program

The development of this program is a vital breakthrough in our history at NEA Baptist clinic and we are excited about what this will mean for our community in the future.

NEA Baptist Women's Clinic | All your medical services just in one place

Laboratory Services

Our electronic patient record allows us to submit a doctor's request for primary care in a lab, to a specialist, and to return for a brief consultation.


Healthy kidneys equal healthy health. Living a long life means creating a process that works as well as it works. It is made easier when you have a knowledgeable team dedicated to your life.


Life is easy on my mind. Sometimes a headache is a headache. But frequent headaches and excessive restlessness can be indicative of a more serious condition. Let's find it together.


Healthy is every move I make. It's clear to take the simple things for granted but when disease threatens your nervous system and influences how you move through the day, it's time to make a connection with us in NEA Baptist Clinic.

Occupational Medicine

Missing work is expensive to both employee and employer. Evolving techniques that minimize the risk of injury and improve performance are ideal. But when injury does occur, we’ll help you get back to work.

Orthopedic Surgery

Health is getting back in the game. But when your health is impaired by disease or injury you may need help from a talented medical team.

Otolaryngology (ENT)

Healthy is breathing easy. When breathing is impaired by injury, illness, or allergy, it’s good to know that someone is there to clear things up.

Pain Management

It's hard to deal with pain when you have a busy life and people are counting on you to be placed. And sometimes that means working through chronic pain. A suitable diagnosis and treatment can make it achievable.

NEA Baptist Women's Clinic | All your medical services just in one place


We are all children at heart! Kids at play may look healthy but play is only part of the picture. Preventing, discovering, and managing the issues that affect overall childhood development will let kids be kids.

Physical Therapy

If you get an injury, don't fret! There’s someone trained to make a difference when a disability, pain, or injury interferes with your quality of life. That’s what we do in NEA Baptist Clinic.


Put your best foot forward! We can help you put TWO feet forward. it's not comfortable at all to live with foot or ankle pain. Your next step should be to contact us. Life is short, buy the shoes.


Heavy breathing? When taking your breath and you feel there is a problem just won’t go away, there’s a reason. The proper diagnosis might clear the air.

Radiation Oncology

A medical specialty that employs carefully quantized and regulated doses of radiation to treat and kill cancer cells.


You've always been told, what's on the inside is what matters. Well, it's true! Much of what bothers us is going on inside. our technology and hometown specialists in NEA Baptist Clinic help us see it through together.

Senior Care Clinic

Getting older doesn't mean stopping your passion for life. Find peace of mind knowing your health is committed to someone who offers compassionate care. Allow yourself to age happily and proceed in doing what you love.

Sleep Medicine

Work or stress giving you problems sleeping? When your sleepless nights meet your busy day’s things can quickly unravel. The rest you need may be waiting on the other side of a little time with us.

Urgent Care

Sometimes getting better is a matter of time and place. And because your health can't wait until another day, we’re open near you and when you need us.


Healthy is getting better together.

Weight Loss Surgery

Health is taking charge of me. Sometimes getting to the ideal self requires the help of an experienced friend. Let’s get there together.


NEA Baptist Women's Clinic | All your medical services just in one place

Weight Management Clinic

We'll help you LOSE your struggling weight loss. You wanna get a new outlook and a brand new better version of yourself with medically supervised weight loss.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

No matter what stage of life you are in, you can always rely on our OB / GYNs! Our bodies change. And maybe just Mum didn’t give us all the details. Whether during your annual checkups or other health services along the way, we will bring you speed.


Obstetrics and Gynecology is health care tailored to the special needs of women. Our services in NEA Baptist women's Clinic are focused on you, from confirmation of pregnancy to the sound of your baby's cries. We do laboratory tests to ensure the safety of both you and your baby, we do an ultrasound to detect your baby's first movements, give nursing staff response to any concerns, and have an excellent team of physicians readily available to give you confidence and assistance when needed.

Our practice is dedicated to caring for the different needs of the woman in a way that is appropriate to her. 


NEA Baptist Women's Clinic | All your medical services just in one place


In NEA Baptist women's Clinic, we specialize in complete healthcare for women. The following are some of the services offered by our certified obstetrics doctors and gynecologists.

  • Annual Gynecological Wellness Exams

  • Contraceptive Therapy/Counseling

  • IUD insertion/removal

  • Nexplanon insertion/removal

  • Pap Smears

  • Abnormal PAP Smear Treatment

  • Colposcopy

  • Cryotherapy

  • LEEP Conization

  • Gynecologic Ultrasounds

  • Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

  • Endometrial Biopsies

  • Endometriosis Treatment and Management Options

  • Pelvic Pain Management

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • Menopausal Symptoms Treatment

  • Infertility Workup

  • Female Urology

  • Urodynamics

  • Interstitial Cystitis

  • Minor Procedures In-Office

  • Hysteroscopy: Diagnostic and Operative

  • Gynecological Surgery

  • Complete Prenatal Care

  • Obstetrical Ultrasounds

  • 4D Obstetrical Ultrasounds with Take-Home Video

  • Clinical Trials (New Drug Treatments)


NEA Baptist Clinic:

Address:4802 E. Johnson

Jonesboro, AR 72401


NEA Baptist Women’s Clinic:

Address:3rd Floor

4802 E. Johnson Ave

Jonesboro, AR 72401



Serving Arkansas, NEA Baptist Hospital offers a wide range of medical care and treatment services using advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technology. The hospital is a six-story 228-bed facility with 300 beds.

NEA Baptist Hospital accepts and treats all persons regardless of their race, color, gender, age, disability, or national origin in providing services and benefits, including assignments or transfers within the facility and transfers to or return to the center. Employee rights are granted regardless of race, color, or national origin.

NEA Baptist Health Services Group. We offer high-quality, cost-effective health insurance and contract arrangements to local businesses as we continue to expand our network of providers while developing healthcare/health care providers purchasing relationships throughout east Arkansas.

By: Nada Hosny Khalifa


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You can also read more about Women’s Comprehensive Health. 

You can also read more about Women’s Comprehensive Health. 

You can also read more about Women’s Comprehensive Health. 

You can also read more about Women’s Comprehensive Health.

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