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International Women's Health Coalition, According to the global statistics the share of women in the world population up to 49.5 %, so it’s so obvious the importance of keeping an eye on women’s health and all the aspects that affecting women’s health based on the main role they are playing in life, that is because women are considered as one of the pillars of any community.

 International Women's Health Coalition

International Women's Health Coalition Goals:

The International Women's Health Coalition believes in the contribution & the participation of the women to give a massive push forward to their countries, that’s because how any country can achieve progress with the non-qualified & unhealthy of their half.


In many countries all over the world, women are still at the recent age suffering from several issues and live in the worst living conditions especially in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe & Middle East countries.

From what we mentioned before the importance of founding the International Women's Health Coalition appears, so we gathered all efforts together to turn our dreams about offering development, support & enhancing the living conditions for women all over the world to real-life and hold it.

International Women's Health Coalition

The International Women's Health Coalition is a non-governmental organization based in 1984 in New York – America. The founders are “Joan Dunlop and Adrienne Germain”. International Women's Health Coalition interested in offering new solutions & initiative for women & girls living in those countries that related to the issues they used to face, in try to help & educate them on how to come over these challenges & obstacles.


 International Women's Health Coalition

Women & girls suffering issues on several levels:

·         Birth control.

·         Reproductive health.

·         Maternal health services.

·         Women's health services.

·         Medical policy.

·         Women’s Health and hygiene.

·         Political Science

·         Policy Studies

·         Women's Studies

·         Population policy

 The International Women's Health Coalition offering financial support to the feminist organizations in the countries that we serve.

The organization pays attention to spread awareness about the issues that women & girls still suffer from.

International Women's Health Coalition missions aimed to:

- The integration of comprehensive sexual education into the school curriculum.

- The importance of prevention of all types of violence towards women & girls.

- Maintain the physical & psychological women’s health.

International Women's Health Coalition

International Women's Health Coalition Believes:

The values that The International Women's Health Coalition appreciates & believes in are encouraging women & girls to gain their human rights & health regardless of gender, so they can achieve their rights and dignity equitably without compromising quality and availability of finite resources in the future, and as a result, for dedicating these principles every country & community will achieve beyond the expectation when the governments grant the balance in resources distribution between their citizens eventually achieve growth, successful & prosperity.

The International Women's Health Coalition has a future strategic plan for the next 5 years available to the website in four languages in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

International Women's Health Coalition

Values that we dedicate and invest our efforts, time and money to build:


We feel responsible for leaving a positive impact on women's & girls’ lives by providing them all the information & knowledge they need to move forward to a bright future.  


We believe in the power & the ability of women & girls especially when they got high education to have the chance to participate in serving their community.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

According to the concepts of diversity, equity & inclusion The International Women's Health Coalition knows & believes that the best way to stop poverty & illness & raise the living standards in the country we concern to offer our services.


Generosity of Spirit:

When people decide to show compassion & appreciation for each other we reach the highest levels of humanity.



Maintaining relationships and partnerships based on respect, honesty, and transparency & show the support to each other will bring the best of the inside of everyone.


Women & girls should feel autonomy because they are gifted to offer a push for their families & countries to the best future so International Women’s Health Coalition all-time introduce the support for women & girls in all the countries hoping to build the best future.

International Women's Health Coalition

Advocacy in Practice Program:

The International Women’s Health Coalition starts 2007 a training program called “Advocacy in Practice”, at this training they manage workshops and hands-on projects for young people to give the participants the knowledge allowing them to develop a common language to address sexual and reproductive health and rights, the participants will be learned & prepared to apply their advocacy skills for negotiations with UN diplomats and government officials.

The participants in” Advocacy In program” are selected by invitation only & you can send us an email for more inquiries

“Advocacy In program” introduced for more than 250 person at 60 country all over the world.

The International Women’s Health Coalition has a Facebook group where you can join & get more information about the participants & get a whole vision about the activities they did when they return to their countries.

International Women's Health Coalition

Advocacy in Practice

“Advocacy in Practice” alumni network empowers a diverse and inclusive global community of sexual and reproductive health rights to spread awareness, protection & justice for women & girls.

Now you have the opportunity to be a member and take the initiative to build feminist power all over the world and show support to The International Women’s Health Coalition by joining our network & follow us on social media.

 International Women's Health Coalition

In 2019 we proudly participated 13 graduates from the
“Advocacy in Practice” program from 7 countries who attended the 63rd United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in March 2019.

“Movement Builder” it’s a program aiming to support & commit to advance women’s rights by providing consistent & reliable support for women worldwide.


The International Women’s Health Coalition believes in the local women’s organizations are the most driver on the ground base and have direct connections with women worldwide to fight for women’s rights everywhere, and according to this concept The International Women’s Health Coalition employs a “Trust-Based Philanthropy” model that provides sustained and flexible funding, customized technical assistance defined in consultation with each organization to help these organizations to offer the change to their communities.

Written by: Radwa Hantash 








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