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Evo Hair Products are one of the top unique hair care products available in the world with amazing quality providing professional formulations for the care and treatment of hair of different types and styles. Here, we get you an overview of Evo hair products. let us go.

Evo Hair Products

What is Evo?

Evo is a producer company specialized and interested in the hairdressing and beauty industry since 2005. It is an innovative professional hair and beauty product manufacturer. skin, hair, face, and body products from Evo are characterized by having the highest quality. 

Where is Evo located?

Evo's location is mainly based in the USA, with many stores located across the USA & Canada. 

What is the Evo mission?

The main Evo mission is “saving ordinary humans from themselves” that guide the company :

  • To create innovative simple safe and luxurious salon-only product  effective to use 

  • To be honest and provide the truth 

  • To have integrity and individuality 

  • To give the best results with respecting the environmental safety

Evo Hair Products

Are Evo hair products vegan?

All Evo products are vegan except four products, as Evo has not found vegan formulas that perform to their high standards. These products will remain as they are until Evo can find the proper vegan formula.

These products are including :

  • Box o' bollox texture paste

  • Cassius styling clay 

  • Crop strutters construction cream

  • Shebang-a-bang dry spray wax 

Are Evo products sulfate-free?

Eva ranges are free from sulfates, parabens, tea, gluten, and propylene glycol and gluten offering safe hair care.

Evo Haircare Products

Evo provides a unique haircare brand. Evo hair products are luxurious formulations made of safe ingredients. Treated hair with Evo products can get the great result and shape desired.

Evo Hair Products

Product type provided by Evo 

o Shampoo

o Conditioner

o Treatment

o Colour toning

o Spray

o Heat protectant

o Balm/cream

o Mousses

o Wax/paste

o Gel

Hair type treated by Evo 

o Curly

o Dry

o Damaged

o Coloured

o Fine

o Frizzy

o Oily

o Normal

o Thick

Hair range at Evo 

o Fabuloso

o Curl

o Hydrate

o Repair

o Volume

o Smooth

o Style

Best selling haircare products at Evo 

  1. Platinum blonde

toning shampoo + treatment mini duo  

  1. Spring clean 

deep clean rinse 

  1. Heads will roll


  1. Baby got bounce

curl treatment

  1. Total recoil

curl definer

  1. Ritual salvation

repairing conditioner

  1. The therapist

hydrating shampoo

  1. The therapist

hydrating conditioner

  1. The great hydrator

moisture mask

  1. Headmistress

cuticle sealer

  1. Ritual salvation

repairing shampoo

  1. Happy campers

wearable treatment

  1. Root canal

volumizing spray

  1. Liquid rollers

curl balm

  1. Mane tamer

smoothing shampoo

  1. Mane tamer

smoothing conditioner

  1. Water killer

dry shampoo

  1. Water killer brunette

dry shampoo

  1. Salty dog

salt spray

  1. Haze

styling powder

  1. Haze

styling powder refill

  1. Box o' bollox

texture paste

  1. Platinum blonde

colour boosting treatment

Evo Hair Products

How can you get Evo products?

You can get your Evo hair product by visiting one of Evo stores or by delivery through online contact with its website. Evo has a professional customer service team and a highly organized website that can help you get the information you need, find answers for your inquiries and requests, and shop online. therefore, you can buy Evo haircare products through its site without the need to visit the store. 

Evo Hair Products


To get the best hair look you need, you must get an innovative professional hair product free of noxious substances that can surely be provided by the Evo manufacturer.  Therefore, you should seek Evo hair products to keep your hair healthy, natural, and fabulous.

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