Japanese Beetle Control Home Remedies| Get Rid Of It Naturally

Japanese Beetle Control Home Remedies, how do you get rid of Japanese beetles permanently? 

As the Japanese beetle is a seriously devastating insect pest of trees, flowers, vegetables, fruits,  field crops, and turf. 

Adult Japanese beetles feed on more than 300 species of plant, but the grubs feed mainly on grasses' roots. 

Japanese Beetle Control Home Remedies

1.season of the Japanese beetle:

For correct treatment and prevention of japanese beetles, you should know their season. 

Japanese beetles are most active during sunny, warm days. (in late June and early July) Once Adult japanese beetles appear in your garden, they immediately begin feasting on available plants. and also a beetle attracts more beetles therefore managing them becomes more difficult. This activity continues for one month or two (late august). You can do some steps of japanese beetle control home remedies to decrease their spreading. 

Japanese Beetle Control Home Remedies

2.Japanese beetle spreading:

It was first found in the  U.S. in 1916, after being introduced into New Jersey. Until that time, it was restricted to Japan. 

only a few beetles were discovered in 1968 in Minnesota. 

Then they occurred in higher numbers in 2001. In one year more than one million beetles were trapped by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA). 

 Since then, their numbers have fluctuated from year to year. Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica) is considered to be an invasive species ( When  a beetle  is present on a plant it attracts even more beetles to the plant.) 

So, we will know together about japanese beetle control home remedies.

3.How do you Get rid of japanese beetles naturally? 

You can naturally get rid of beetles using;

A. natural substances as( oil or biological insecticides), but natural not necessarily mean harmless.

B. Japanese beetle control home remedies. 

As we will discuss below. 

Japanese Beetle Control Home Remedies

A. natural substances as oils, plants, and biological insecticides:

1.Neem oil:

It is non-toxic natural oil that comes from trees. You Can spray the oil on your plants' garden that beetles enjoy eating.  It is important to pass it onto the eggs,  so you should spray the oil before entering their adult stage. Adult male beetles will ingest the oil and pass it along to the eggs. And The hatched larvae will then die before it becomes an Adult. 

Note; before using any oils, chemicals or insecticides search more, for example, Neem oil should not be used near ponds as it is harmful to fish. 

2.non-parasitic nematodes:  

Can be used as naturally occurring biological insecticides (colorless, microscopic rounded worms) occur naturally in the soil. They don’t harm pets, humans, or plants, but they can kill beetles, caterpillars, grubs,  gnats, rootworms, and many more.

many. Nematodes will feed on and kill the pest within 1-2 days.

So it is a useful, quick, natural (not chemical) solution for pest's infestations. 

You can buy packaged nematodes (kept cold to maintain the worm sleep and fresh) from the garden centers. 

Spray the treatment while your soil is warm and moist to activate the worm. 

Japanese beetles have a thick shell, but even the beetles can’t stop an internal sneak attack.

3.Bacillus thuringiensis galleriae (Btg):

Is a naturally occurring biological insecticides producing a toxin that controls both adults and larvae of japanese beetles . Products containing Btg (grubHALT!®, grubGONE!®) have provided variable levels in grub control in recent trials of University of Minnesota extension. 

Japanese Beetle Control Home Remedies


Japanese beetles love geraniums. So, japanese beetles will eat the blossoms and fall down and finally die. 

5.Biological control:

Two naturally existing enemies of Japanese beetles have been released in Minnesota. The fly Istocheta aldrichi (laying eggs on adult Japanese beetles in summer), and 2nd naturally existing enemy is the wasp Tiphia vernalis (parasitizing grubs in the spring). Although both naturally existing enemies in Minnesota, they are not very abundant and have little effect on Japanese beetles.

Japanese Beetle Control Home Remedies

6.You can use Naturally occurring Plants as a home remedy to get rid of   Japanese Beetles as garlic, tansy, leeks, Catnip, chives, onions, marigold, and white geranium have all proven to control Japanese Beetles. These plants can be considered one of japanese beetle control home remedies and prevention. 

Japanese Beetle Control Home Remedies

B.Japanese beetle control home remedies:

1.Water-soap solution: 

We will see together, Will soapy water kill japanese beetles? 

Yes, soapy water can help suffocate beetles if correctly applied. 

Mix a teaspoon of dish soap with a quart of water, put the solution in a bottle spray, and apply it to the affected plants. Other substances can be added as oils and rubbing alcohol(it is either ethanol-based liquids or isopropyl alcohol) depending on the plants you have in your garden.

This solution is considered one of the japanese beetle control home remedies and harmless to the environment. 

use the solution at ten-day intervals on beetles.

Warning:  any Homemade natural remedy spray can damage your garden's plant leaves, so test a little amount of your spray on a small part of the garden's plant then wait 1 day to see any adverse reactions, and if not continue to spray the rest of the plants. 

Not Apply homemade natural remedy spray in full sun (at temperatures above 90ºF). But spray in the morning. Spray the leaves with clean water when your plants start to wilt. 

2.Hand Picking :

It is a physically natural method and one of japanese beetle control home remedies (as beetles don’t bite) that can be applied to gardens with limited area, especially when Japanese beetles are present in small numbers. 

For killing them, when you pick them up, immediately place them in a water-soap solution as discussed before. Or another naturally acidic solution  (Make a mixture of half water and half apple cider vinegar). 

The killed beetles can be eaten by fowls and birds. The best time for Hand Picking ( when beetles are cool and sluggish) in the morning or the evening but you can pick them up at any time. 

Note; damaged leaves by beetles produce air-borne chemicals attracting more beetles. So you should remove them. 

Japanese Beetle Control Home Remedies

3.Physical barriers or raw covers:

It is a natural method to protect plants with fine netting to get rid of japanese beetles. 

But it isn't suitable for plants in bloom requiring pollination, but you can use another japanese beetle control home remedies as handpick beetles until blooming is done and plants start to set fruit, then cover it.


If you have a garden with limited area, hanging traps are considered a natural ineffective method for you. As traps will attract more beetles to your garden than are caught according to research results at the University of Kentucky. 

5. Choose plants that are less preferred by japanese beetles as clematis, chrysanthemum,

boxwood, conifers (e.g. spruce arborvitae, pine), daylily, Japanese tree lilac, ginkgo, geranium, forsythia, red and silver maple, common lilac, magnolia, white poplar, rhododendron, redbud, and yew.

6. the Guinea Fowl:

They may be quite noisy, but one may love their sounds. 

If your garden has tall foliage, the Guinea Fowl may not be able to protect it. But they can naturally take care of the bottoms of the plants. 

They may be one the best birds to control japanese beetles as they don’t tear up your garden and eat anything that bugs it, besides having naturally beautiful feathers. 


7. Some people say that When you spray baby powder on plant leaves this will prevent japanese beetles from sticking around. Also, The baby powder will change the flavor of the leaves, making the Japanese beetles less able to stay on them. You can also use a water soap solution to get the same effect.


8.Japanese Beetles on Roses.  insecticides will not protect roses, as roses unfold too fast, and are attractive to  Japanese beetles or other pets. When beetles are present in large numbers on roses, nip the buds, spray the bushes to protect the leaves. let the bushes bloom again When beetles are gone. Begin treatment immediately When beetles appear, before any damage is done. 

Japanese Beetle Control Home Remedies

4.How do you get rid of japanese beetles permanently? 

1.First keep your garden in a healthy state and also Target Grubs.

When you focus on grubs (the baby form of Japanese beetles) you will not need to worry about adults in your yard. You can do this with biological insecticides as :

A. Milky Spore is a disease of japanese beetles. Researchers found it is easy to give the milky spore to the beetle in the grub stage. 

In the scientific world, it is Known as Paenibacillus popilliae, it can be purchased at any basic home improvement store. You spray your garden with a white powdery substance either in the fall or in the spring for 3 years, so the disease will spread to the population of beetles, and this method provides a long term solution. 


B.Products containing Btg (grubHALT!®, grubGONE!®) that is mentioned above. 


2.You can surround your garden with Naturally occurring Plants as garlic or geraniums


3.Preventive insecticides are used When your garden has a history of grub infestation or When the adult beetles are high in a given summer. 


The best timing is before the adult beetles first emerge (mid-June to mid-July ). insecticide with low risk for bees as (Scott's Grub-Ex®) Chlorantraniliprole. 

Products containing imidacloprid or clothianidin are also effective to control, but they may cause a hazard to naturally existing bees. 

To minimize their harmful effect on pollinators Avoid ground-nesting bees, and Mow any naturally flowering weeds, like clover, just before the pesticide application.


And products for preventive grub control always have the words "season-long" grub control on their packaging. 


For professional help against  Japanese beetles or other pests, contact Select Pest Control. 



You first should do steps of japanese beetle control home remedies thoroughly to get the preferred and right results. 

Written by: Dr. Zeinab Magdy 

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