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There are a lot of hair issues, especially if you don't use a living proof heat protectant. And expose your hair to heat daily. The reason for this is that utilizing heat styling tools causes the hair to become damaged and fade.

What is the living proof heat protectant?

This product, which consists of a combination of materials, is applied to the hair in a thin layer to help it stay moisturized.

 It can be applied to the hair before applying heat, such as from a hair dryer or iron, to help distribute the heat evenly and slow down the heat conduction to the hair. 

This way, the heat protectant protects your hair from damage from the inside out and prevents many negative effects from heat exposure.

Living proof heat protectant

Harms of not using living proof heat protectant

Hair styling equipment can cause a variety of negative side effects, including the loss of natural hair oil and pigmentation. Direct heat exposure to hair can also cause serious health complications.

Side effects of exposing hair to heat:

Dry hair

 Heat exposure causes moisture to be lost from the hair, which aids in straightening and styling the hair.

 As a result, after washing, the hair returns to its natural state because the moisture is restored. However, using a hair dryer on a daily basis can extract natural oils from the hair, leaving it dry and frizzy.


We heat-treat our hair in an attempt to remove curls, but we end up overheating it in the process, which causes a lot of curls due to the dryness the heat causes.

Breakage of hair

Heat exposure causes the hair to become dry, which weakens the hair follicle and causes hair breaking.

It also makes the hair unhealthy, and prone to cracks at the base. 

Hair fading

 Heat exposure causes the hair to lose its natural sheen and color, causing it to fade and become less shiny.

hair loss

Frequent exposure to heat damages hair follicles, causing them to fall out.

 Itch on the scalp

Heat exposure weakens hair follicles and causes natural hair to fall out, making the scalp more dry and prone to dandruff and scalp irritation.

 Slow-growing hair

Continuous heat exposure without the use of a living proof heat protectant damages and weakens the hair, which slows the creation of new hair.

The importance of using living proof heat protectant?

Hair protection products strengthen the health of hair lessen the damage caused by heat and offer a protective layer to the hair, which helps to retain moisture and shields the hair from damage and breakage.

Benefits  of utilising living proof heat protectant

- It smoothes the hair shaft's outside coating.

- In times of high humidity, it minimizes moisture loss from hair.

- Straightens and softens hair.

- It helps untangle hair. 

- It also makes hair less porous and less prone to frizz. 

- Hair seems lustrous and healthy as a result.

How should a living proof heat protectant be used? 

Give your hair a thorough wash, focusing on the scalp with shampoo and the remaining hair with conditioner to provide the necessary hydration. 

The hair must be kept 50% damp when drying with a microfiber towel to speed up the drying process and cut down on blow dryer time.

 After parting the hair and giving it a thorough combing with a wide-toothed wooden comb, apply a heat protectant to your damp hair. 

This will assist the protectant absorb better and penetrate the hair more deeply, protecting it from further heat damage. 

To make sure the product penetrates and is absorbed by the hair, let it on for 10 minutes, then use a dryer or hair straightener.

The living proof heat protectant needs to be applied again, but paraben-free versions are preferred. 

Living proof heat protectant is used for all hair types, and this is because there are very many products available, whether rinse, serum, or spray.

10 best living proof heat protectant

 L'Oréal Paris Elnett Heat Protect Styling Hairspray

You should apply this L'Oréal spray on damp hair before using a dryer or straightener because it contains water, which gives your hair shine and hydration.

KÉRASTASE Blond Absolu Cicaplast Hair Heat-Protecting Serum

This serum contains hyaluronic acid and antioxidants derived from floral extract, this serum works to repair damaged hair and shields it from heat.


Apply this product to your damp or dry hair before using heat to strengthen, combat breakage, and provide your hair with deep nourishment because it contains vitamin B5.

HSI PROFESSIONAL Argan Oil Heat Protector

Due to argan oil's ability to penetrate hair follicles and increase elasticity while shielding hair from heat, this spray helps to straighten curls and leave hair looking healthy and shiny.

BRIOGEO Heat Protectant Crème

- This lotion protects your hair from up to 450° of extreme heat. 

- Keeps hair smooth because it's rich in argan oil.

- Nourishes hair roots because it contains coconut oil.

Artnaturals Argan Oil Thermal Shield, Heat Protection

This argan oil-infused spray not only leaves your hair feeling silky and smooth, but it also shields it from heat-related damage.

CANTU Shea Butter Thermal Shield Heat Protectant

Cantu spray is infused with shea butter, which provides the hair strands with hydration and deep nourishment to shield them from heat damage and breakage.

ORIBE Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray

Because this spray is full of nourishing oils, it works well on all hair types. To preserve the health of your hair, apply to it before styling or using heat tools.

AVEDA Heat Relief Thermal Protector & Conditioning Mist

Applying this spray to damp or dry hair will shield it from extreme heat. It functions to provide the hair with intense moisture, making it softer.

living proof heat protectant

How can we get a natural living proof heat protectant?

With simple substances that are in every home can be obtained we can get a natural living proof heat protectant:

  •  Fill an empty spray bottle with 200 ml of water, then add 5 drops each of sweet almond and coconut oils.

  •  Add a tiny bit of conditioner to the mixture.

  •  Include two drops of any essential oil—for example, rosemary or lavender oil. 

  • When the components are thoroughly combined, add another 50 ml of water and shake vigorously. The mixture is then ready to use.

You shouldn't stop using living proof heat protectant for hair after realizing how important it is to have lustrous, wholesome, and silky hair.

Also, you shouldn't use too much heat to minimize roughness and damage to the hair, which eventually results in cutting it.

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