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Lyealion hair curler is one of the preferred items to have to get your different styles within minutes.

But for some girls, it's a struggle to determine which machine is more suitable for them, or which temperatures wouldn't cause damage to their hair, if using serums before using lyealion hair curler is good for hair or bad.

And which product could provide the best protection and result in a good hairstyle. 

All of these are girls' thoughts in some people's ideas but now many guys are worried about their hair and how to style it properly with the best lyealion hair curler.


Lyealion Hair Curler

How can I choose the best lyealion hair curler?

First, you should know your hair well as this step facilitates the other process.

Which style fits you more? 

You need a lyealion hair curler with only one roller or you need many degrees of rollers with different curler styles in your lyealion hair curler.

All are questions we would ask every time a girl wants to buy a new lyealion hair curler.

Is lyealion hair curler safe for hair?

Good question but first we should discuss a very important point

How can you protect your hair with the use of lyealion hair curler.

How can I protect my hair before using lyealion hair curler?

It's not a step to do only before using lyealion hair curler but it should be a lifestyle for everyone especially those who love to use thermals like in our machine the lyealion hair curler.

Here are some tips to take care of your hair as a daily routine, which could help you if you like hair curlers or not.

  • Wash your hair twice a week with the proper shampoo and conditioner 

  • Apply hair mask is a good step to make it hydrated most of the time

  • Before using any heaters, Don't forget to apply enough hair protection serum to save your tresses from heat.

How to get your perfect lyealion hair curler?

It's usually challenging to have the best curls for some people as it has to be done very very well to get your perfect style and look and last for time.

But with the proper lyealion hair curler isn't hard anymore.

To choose your lyealion hair curler you should know some things:

  • The good technology in the machine.

It's important to have professional equipment with an easy way to use.

  • Flexibility is a must.

you will use it frequently so choose one according to that.

  • Good brand with good customer service.

to be easy to contact them if there are any problems with your machine.

  • The budget is reasonable.

always compare many brands to get the best quality at a reasonable price.

Pros and cons of what they mean?

It's a well-known abbreviation in hair world machines.

Simply, it explains the difference between the advantages and disadvantages of every machine before the buying process to ensure you get the suitable one for you and your use.

When you buy your Lyealion hair curler you should know what you need to determine which pros are a must and to get these pros what type of cons you have to afford.

It's confusing most of the time to get 100% pros without any cons. We only try to choose the most appropriate lyealion hair curler for us.

What are the pros we are searching for?

- Flexibility

- Good price

- Light in weight

- Simple in technique

- Good customer service

- Has a guarantee

- Come with a resting stand

- Heat adjusting is easy

- Styling surfaces is good for disturbing heat

- Long-lasting curls

- Non-stick surfaces

- Safety look

- Protective surfaces.

What are the cons you may meet?

- Heavy

- Take time to heat up

- Need a specific hair to deal with

- Having a very high temperature causes damage to hair

- The machine is extra big

- Expensive

According to your hair condition, your budget, your use if you use it daily or twice a week, just on occasion.

Or there is another one that helps you style your hair so it is not bad if your machine is a little heavy.

I always have time so not bad if it takes time to heat up.

All different conditions may help you choose the best machine according to your needs.

lyealion hair curler

How to style your hair with your new lyealion hair curler?

- Wash your hair well and dry it before starting.

- To start your styling you should have clean dry hair, it's found that makes curls finer and lasts for a long.

- Apply your heat protection with enough amount before styling.

- Good serum depends on your hair type and differs from one to another.

- Apply it on your hair and make sure you cover all of your locks.

- Determine the degree of curl you want so depends on that choose which curler would you start with

- Take a part of the hair (grab it with the curler) then the curler will start to roll, take care if the hair is bigger won't work properly to get your curls. So, take a small part then when finished take another.

- Put the roller towards the down of the hair so it can grab it then take it up slowly so you pass by all the hair it grasped before.

- Stand for 3-5 seconds then roll it out slowly to get the perfect curl. do the same steps for all the hair.

- Let the hair cool for some minutes then use a brush to make your hair look softer.

You can also use a very small amount of hair oil or serum and apply it gently to your curl so you'll get a looser curl look.

Some others prefer comb rather than brush but add volume to curl.

Another idea for a different hairstyle look, you divide your hair into sections and curl every section in different directions.

This method makes the hair with a great volume of curls which may be more suitable for summer vacation or a beach outing.

Lyealion hair curlers are so different in many aspects, they will give you the style but can damage the hair you care for so be careful, well search, and ask for advice from an expert if you do have not enough knowledge to choose the most appropriate one in the market.

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