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Mane choice hair vitamins are made by Mane company which is a premium multicultural healthy hair growth and retention company. They always care to listen to customers' opinions to follow up with them and produce better products, one of them is manetabolism plus hair growth vitamins.


Mane choice hair vitamins or manetabolism plus hair growth vitamins 60 is a complete dietary supplement to make the hair grow healthier, longer and thicker. It also helps in retention of the hair health against the environmental factors that affect the hair badly.


Mane choice hair vitamins are made after physicians studied clinically how they can promote healthy hair by supplying nourishments to the body in the form of vitamins pills which also consider a complete nutritional formula to the body as a whole.


Manetabolism plus works by nourishing hair follicles, preventing its loss, removing scalp toxins and speeding up hair  growth. It works also by improving overall health of the hair and preventing breakage. This all happens as mane choice hair vitamins increase the blood circulation on the scalp.

Mane choice hair vitamins

Benefits of mane choice hair vitamins:

1-Growth hair longer, healthier, and thicker in an accelerated way.

2-Has the ability to renew dead hair follicles, inactivate follicles and slow-growing follicles

3-Helps to improve the overall health of the body

4-Contains antioxidants to boost the immune system and energy levels naturally.

Mane choice hair vitamins

Mane choice hair vitamins supplements:

Mane choice hair vitamins

1-Vitamin C:

It’s useful in building up collagen which is responsible for hair growth, effective in treatment of hair loss, enhances the immune system and increases the circulation on the scalp which increases the hair growth.


2-Vitamin A:

It’s an antioxidant that has many functions related to skin, nail, and hair health. It’s also allows the scalp to produce sebum that increases the shining of the hair

Mane choice hair vitamins

3-Vitamin E:

Mane choice hair vitamins contain one of the most powerful antioxidants of the body that increases hair growth, and strength by increasing the flow of the blood to the scalp. It also protects the scalp internally and externally.

Mane choice hair vitamins

4-Vitamin D3:

It enhances the immune system. It also lays a role in preventing hair loss and increasing hair growth.


5-Vitamin K:

It keeps hair healthy and heals damaged scalp and hair.



It minimizes cholesterol build up on the scalp which enhances hair growth.

Mane choice hair vitamins

7-Vitamin B6:

It’s important in hair growth and its deficiency in the body causes hair loss. It’s more beneficial with people who suffer from hair loss and thinning.


8-Folic acid:

It’s essential vitamin that plays an important role in overall health of the hair and is included in the 3 hair follicle cycles, helps in hair quality and longevity,

Mane choice hair vitamins

9-Vitamin B12:

It boasts energy and most people who suffer from hair loss have a deficiency of it. It also helps in healing the scalp.



It’s a B-complex vitamin which prevents hair loss and premature graying. B7 promotes hair elasticity and thickening of the hair cortes to prevent breakage. Decrease itching in the scalp.   



One of the most important vitamins which helps in sustaining healthy hair in many ways such as helping the body to utilize proteins and speeding up hair growth. A deficiency in it can reduce the effectiveness of the vitamins in the body.


12-Shark Cartilage:

It contains glucosamine that has been found to simulate hair tissue. It also helps shedding.



Might help hair growth.  

After knowing ingredients, there are many questions that may be asked by customers that consider using mane choice hair vitamins.


What makes mane choice hair vitamins better choice?

It’s manufactured by professional physicians and a nurse team and it wasn’t easy because it’s required from them to understand the anatomy and physiology of the body and hair. Each ingredient wasn’t chosen only due to its beneficial effect to hair, but to the body at all. They believe that a healthy hair will show outside as the inside is healthy too.


How long does it take to see mane choice hair vitamins effect?

As known vitamins percentage differs from one person to other, as on average it takes about 30 to 60 days to see effect.However, some customers saw noticeable results after only 2 to 3 weeks.


What is the effect of mane choice hair vitamins on the growth of body’s hair?

It has no effect on the body's hair as it stimulates scalp hair growth only.

Mane choice hair vitamins

Is mane choice hair vitamins safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women?

Many pregnant and breastfeeding women normally take mane choice hair vitamins , but for more security, you should consult first with your doctor and list ingredients to them to approve vitamins.


Is mane choice hair vitamins for all hair types?

Yes. It's available for all hair types as it stimulates faster hair growth from the inside out, and your external hair type does not play a role.

Mane choice hair vitamins

Can men take mane choice hair vitamins?

Yes, they are  as effective for men as women. They also don’t contain any hormonal properties that can affect men in the wrong way.




Mane choice hair vitamins or manetabolism plus hair growth vitamins 60 is a complete dietary supplement to make the hair grow healthier, longer and thicker. It contains many ingredients such as vitamins; A, B12, C, E, K, D3, folic acid MSM, B7 and B3.


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