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Mane choice hair products started from the e-commerce site until launched as a real footprint brand founded by black owner Courtney Adeleye then expanded. 

Story of mane choice:

Mane choice hair products beginning in Courtney's kitchen, she was trying recipes for hair and sharing them with her YouTube subscribers. Her recipes are based on a medical base, do you know that?

Courtney is a registered nurse and his husband is a doctor, so they make sure that every product of mane choice is a good choice for hair health and working from inside out to give the best results. It has the trust of customers and achieves fame all over the world. It is known as a black hair-owned brand from its beginning because Courtney is of African origin. But from two years ago, it became different as this brand was bought by another non-black brand MAV.


Mane choice hair products goals:

-Mane choice hair products main goal is to give life back to hair, all products are working on the hair to be healthy and good inside out.

-It achieves magic to give hair its beauty and health at the same time and enhance them by adding vitamins like A, B, C, D, E and essential nutrients such as biotin.

-It considers customers as the main part of the brand and their reviews, voices, and listening to their problems.

-It tries its best to find the  growth solution to multicultural healthy hair 

-It uses social media, an online website, and live events to provide scientific knowledge of hair and hair care to customers.

-Not only work on hair but also scalp as it believes healthy scalp grows healthy hair.


Which mane choice hair products should you have:

 Here I will tell you about the best products of mane choice hair products which are best rated hope it will help you to get what matches your request:

Multi-Vitamin Scalp Nourishing Growth Oil:

It is rated as 5 out of 5 Star.

It is one of the best products from mane choice hair products, applied to the hair after washing and drying (be wetted not totally dried) then massage on the scalp.

It stimulates the scalp and improves its condition to grow healthy hair as it contains multivitamins and many herb oils that enhance your hair.

It is perfect for daily use because it is lightweight and not greasy.

 Ancient Egyptian anti-breakage and repair collection:


Mane choice hair products launched the collection with this name as they followed a recipe for ancient Egyptian formula containing rare natural oils like (Kalahari, mongongo, baobab, oleaster) which helps to straighten and add shine to hair. Applying as a routine to your hair makes it healthier, shinier, and stronger because it nourishes, and repairs all layers of your hair and protects it. This collection contains:

1-Ancient Egyptian anti-breakage and repair antidote shampoo

2-Ancient Egyptian anti-breakage and repair antidote conditioner

3- Ancient Egyptian anti-breakage and repair antidote cuticle control leave-in lotion 

4- Ancient Egyptian anti-breakage and repair antidote hair mask

5-Ancient Egyptian anti-breakage and repair antidote oil

6-Ancient Egyptian anti-breakage and repair antidote split end treatment serum

7- Ancient Egyptian anti-breakage and repair antidote24 karat glistening gold twisting gel


Cheers supreme strength and full protection shampoo:

It contains rice protein which makes hair strong and voluminous. It is a gentle cleaner that enhances and improves hair integrity as it contains antioxidants that reduce damaging agents. This leaves hair softer and shiner and reduces frizz.

To get the best results following with cheers supreme strength and full protection conditioner.


Mane choice hair products take its slogan as (Beauty, Health, science) so make sure it will be a good choice for your hair.


By: Dr.Hager Khedr


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