Best Drugstore Products For Curly Hair | From Washing To Styling

Curly? Don't worry, the Best drugstore products for curly hair will be in your hands.

I'm sure you will fall in love with these products as you will feel your hair different, shiny, and full of life.

Don't hesitate, you will know your hair type first then you can choose your product from our list of best drugstore products for curly hair and you will be satisfied.

Best Drugstore Products For Curly Hair

What type of curl do you have?

The starting point in the right way to know the best drugstore products for curly hair is to know what curl hair type you have.

You can know it simply with a hair type quiz or by cutting a few hair strands while your hair is still wet. This sacrifice will allow you to observe the behavior of your hair while air drying and thus discover its pattern.

There are four types of hair:

1-Type 1 straight.

2-Type 2 wavies:

- Soft wavy (2A).

- Wavy(2B).

-Deep wavy(2C).

3-Type 3 curly:

-Soft curls(3A)


-Ultra curly(3C)

4-Type 4 coils:



-Tightly coiled(4C).


What is the secret of curly hair?

The secret is in the hair follicle. The follicles like hair fiber differ from each other in shapes and sizes.

Straight hair is created from around follicles but oval and twisted oval create curly hair.

Also, the thickness of the follicle determines the thickness of the hair strand.

Cysteine is the main content of your hair. In wavy hair, cysteine groups are closer to each other and can be easily bound creating curly strands.


Best drugstore products for curly hair according to hair type

Discovering your hair pattern will avoid you wasting your time and hardly gaining money for products that aren't suitable for your hair.

1-Best products for soft wavy or wavy type:

Type 2A grows straight then the waves diverge slightly from straight lines. 

This type is very easy to style. You must choose shampoos and conditioners that add a little bit of volume.

Matrix biology styling whipped volume mousse is one of the top best drugstores for curly hair that will be perfect for this type.

Matrix biology styling whipped volume mousse

It is a lightweight mousse that gives volume, control, and shines with whipped cream leaving hair with natural softness. 

It protects hair against future damage. 


-Natural softness. 


-No mineral oil. 

-No colorant. 

-Infused with blue argan nectar as a treatment, strengthening, and repair. 


2- Best products for wavy or wavy type. 

This type grows straight then starts shaping waves from medium to large S-shape ( beach waves). 

You must use a gentle shampoo and conditioner like Garnier Fructis full and plush to soften hair without distributing its volume. 

Type 2B is more frizzy than type 1B, a conditioner that protects and keeps the waves intact through the day is needed.


Garnier Fructis Full and plush

It is a light weight shampoo with pomegranate provides volume strand by strand for healthy thickness with natural movement. 

It is a combination of citrus, protein, vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 designed for healthier and stronger hair.

3-Best hair products for deep wavy of wavy type. 

This type looks like atypical curly hair as it forms between waves and curls. 

Leave in conditioners and serum show to be one of the best drugstore products for curly hair of this type. 

Try kerastase discipline fluidissime complete anti frizz care spray for excellent results. 

Kerastase discipline fluidissime anti frizz care spray. 

It is designed to restore hair homogeneity for anti frizz protection for 72 hours.

It is developed for curly hair looking for shape and definition. 

It can be used by shaking well then applied to dried hair to be styled. 

4-Best hair products for soft curls of curly type. 

This hair type is full of life when minimally styled and have large soft curl.

It needs light cream for styling and taming. 

Try garnier whole blends oat delicacy gentle detangling hair milk. 

Garnier whole blends oat delicacy gentle detangling hair milk. 

This powerful formula with soft fragrance of oat milk and rice cream makes hair healthy. 


-Enriched with natural extracts. 

-Oat milk and rice cream 

-Paraben free. 

-It acts as a conditioner and softener. 

5-Best products for curly of curly type. 

This type doesn't need volume because of its spiral great volume. But actually need protection against future breakage and frizz. 

It is important to know how to dry it with a cotton t-shirt as towels cause damage and dulling hair. 

Best drugstore products for curly hair keeping frizz away are oils and serums like goldwell kerasilk control protective oil. 

Goldwell kerasilk control protective oil

It is one of best drugstore products for curly hair that deliver a beautiful hair to you as it fuses the power of 3 components

-Glyoxylic acid that defrizzes and strengthens hair. 

-Modified keratin that smoothens hair surface. 

-Color caring that protects color.

6-Best products for ultra curly of curly type. 

During caring for curls, it is important to detangle hair from tip to root not the opposite to prevent damage. 

Use gentle shampoos to clean and nourish with a high conditioning level. 

Try joico moisture co-wash whipped cleansing conditioner. 

Joico moisture co-wash whipped cleansing conditioner. 

-It used to combat the frizz and do everything in a single shot. 

-It cleans, nourishs and tames the frizz. 

-Sulfate free. 

-Zero waste. 

7-Best products for coiled of koily type. 

It needs rich shampoo and conditioner that give great moisture. 

Avoid drying it with excessive rubbing. 

Best drugstore products for curly hair of this type is herbal essences bio renew hydrate coconut milk shampoo. 


Herbal essence bio renew hydrate coconut milk shampoo. 

-it hydrates hair without damage. 

-Paraben free, colorant free. 

-90% natural content. 

-Its PH is balanced to be safe on color treated hair. 

- Coconut milk gives the hair moisture needed and decreases damage. 

8-Best products for zigzag of koily type.

Tiny zigzag pattern that lends itself to different styles. 

Conditioning the curl is the key to caring for your curl. 

Best drugstore for curly hair of this type should contain a conditioner like shea butter or coconut oil. 


One of top products suitable for 4B is ghost dry oil from verb hair products. 


Ghost dry oil. 

It will give hair shine and prevent future damage from washing and styling. 

Shake it well then apply 6- 8 inches and run fingers to distribute it. 


9-Best products for tighty coiled of coily type. 

This type of hair is the most type subjected to damage. 

Deep conditioning is a must to nourish your hair at least once a week. 

Separate your hair with your fingers for good distribution of the product. 

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase or wearing a hair bonnet will be helpful to prevent damage.


Try one of the best drugstore products for curly hair from cantu


Cantu shea butter moisturizing curl activator cream.



-It activates curls to make it frizz free. 

-Great for a quick wash n' go. 

-Deliver shine and nourishment. 

-Apply to damp, towel dried hair segmently then you can apply it again if needed for moisture. 



Although curly hair is attractive, it needs a great effort for it to be shiny and healthy. 


The right product will convert your hair from messy to beautiful without consuming a lot of your money and time. 

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Written by: Dr/ Mariem elkholy


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