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Goldwell hair products is a brand making life nicer for salons, stylists, and their clients. It offers all that you need for an ultimate hair look and style. It performs with every hair texture & type. Color lifts & styling boosts are given by Golgwell. Goldwell Hair Products is a premium highly efficient stylist-exclusive brand giving the best salon products that meet all needs of hair & beauty professionals. Goldwell is part of the Kao salon division. You can shop online with a rapid free shipping service. The Amazon website offers all their products.

Brand lines introduced by Goldwell Hair Products:

1- Color 

It includes:





Topchic is the most popular of Goldwell Hair Products and it is an iconic and really intelligent color system having an excellent solution for unique beauty.

2- Care 

This line includes four subdivisions which are:-





Dualsenses provides brilliant color and antioxidant Pomegranate Extract to achieve beautiful color-treated hair. The contents of Dualsenses shampoos and conditioners include color FadeStop technology for normal hair shine.

Kerasilk is delivered in the form of shampoo or conditioner which may be rich (for fine to normal hair) or extra rich (for coarse hair). These products give  eventual luxury for stressed unhealthy hair.

3- Styling

Stylesign styling products are reliable and easy to use. They simplify the styling routine and help you sign your creative style while protecting hair from UV effects, heat, and premature color fade.

4- Smoothing 

Kerasilk Control product line gives silky perfection for hair which is ruly, manageable, and frizzy. By using these products, stylists can help any woman love the smooth touch of her hair. It beautifies hair's natural shape.

5- Texture

Nuwave product line represents an incredible innovation in texture and shape change introduced by Goldwell. It is the first semi-permanent service of shape change for obtaining effortless waves. It is suitable for both lightened or damaged hair. Its use is a fast and simple process even for beginners. Nuwave is excellent every time, gentle, and caring for your look. It is a replenishing serum as it adds more Keratin, Amino Acids, and Panthenol to strengthen and rebuild the hair and its bonds.

Among this wide range of products, you can easily find what suits you.


Best Goldwell Hair Products:

Among Goldwell Hair Products there are five popular products that hairdressers use and recommend strongly. These are:


1-Goldwell Dualsenses Color Brilliance Conditioner:

It is a weightless formula that provides intense detangle to the hair and acts as a color brilliance intensifier. It is recommended for fine to normal hair types. This product leaves your hair luxurious thanks to its UV filter, instant microfluid, and the ColorChromaComplex with color-productive Pomegranate Essence. It leaves the hair soft and shiny and maintains the color. You will love the way you smell and feel. Hairdressers use it and say that it is the best.

It is directed to be used by distributing a suitable amount of the conditioner through shampooed hair and leaving it on for a short period then rinsing the hair thoroughly.


2-Goldwell Stylesign Ultra Volume Naturally Full Blow-Dry & finish Bodifying spray:

This spray is great for added volume, feeling of density, and shine for a beautiful hairstyle all day. It gives a medium hold with no sticky feeling. Apply the spray to towel-dried or dry hair & scrunch throughout the day for volume freshening. You can reapply without build-up.


3-Goldwell Stylesign Perfect Hold Sprayer:

It is a powerful lacquer that coats the hair and locks it into place for bold looks. It extremely holds and protects against humidity. Simplifies the routine of styling and helps to create super personal styles.


4-Goldwell Stylesign Volume 4 - Top Whip Ultra Strong Volume Mousse:

It is good for enhancing an ultra stronghold. It gives the maximum volume addition and makes hair look thicker.


5- StyleSign Ultra Volume Double Boost Intense Root Lift Spray:

It's a volumizing spray foam used to achieve root lift and ultimate volume boost with easy and precise application. Moreover, it protects against heat and makes hair feel thicker and stronger. It pumps up thin and lifeless hair. 



Goldwell Hair Products provides a comprehensive hair caring system that suits all types helping every person to enjoy the look and touch of his hairstyle. You can find what you need to build up your personalized and professional look. Goldwell cares about the salon and client.


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By/ Dr. Hanan Abdou


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