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Home remedies for cavities, A cavity is one of the big problems in teeth as it is accompanied by terrible pain. Tooth cavities are caused by bacteria in the mouth that lead to holes in affected teeth.

Oral hygiene as mouthwash and toothbrush is the best way to protect your teeth from cavities or decay. Once cavities formed you should remedy them to prevent infection from spreading to other areas.

There are many ways to remedy them. The first one is home remedies for cavities, if this is not effective you will go to the dentist to get filling, root canal treatment, or remove the decaying tooth as the last choice to save others.

Home Remedies For Cavities

How do cavities form?

Cavities don't appear suddenly; it takes their time. Many factors contribute to them such as eating too much food, poor oral hygiene, and exposure to acidic foods.


The cavity is formed in stages:

1-Demineralization of enamel is the first stage. It is due to acidic foods and decreases in saliva secretion. It appears as white or brown spots. 


2-Enamel decaying, continuous demineralization affects the hard enamel surface of teeth. When a hole is completely formed it doesn't reverse.


3-Dentin decaying, dentin is a soft and sensitive layer under enamel, once decay reaches it you will feel pain, and you will need to visit your dentist to fill it.


4-Pulp decay, the pulp is the root of teeth that have a large number of blood vessels and nerves so when decay reaches it begins to spread faster and cause terrible pain. That is happening in most cavity cases.

Home remedies for cavities

Symptoms of cavities and decaying?

1-Pain/toothache is the most popular symptom.

2-Increase in tooth sensitivity causing pain with food, drink even cold or hot and sweets.

3-Bad Mouth odor and breath happened in the progress stage. Bacteria in the mouth release gas when colonized and drying the mouth reduces the cleaning mechanism.

4-Bitter taste


What are the complications of cavities?

If you don't remedy cavities, you will complain about many things such as:

1.Severe pain/toothache that affects normal lifestyle and work

2.Deep decay of teeth

3.Dental abscess


5.Loss of the teeth 


The best home remedies for cavities you can use easily:

Many home remedies for cavities strengthen tooth enamel at the earliest cavity stage. This process works as remineralizing of the teeth and prevents cavities from forming.

Home remedies for cavities

1-Reduce sugar intake

Sugar is acidic and transforms into the plaque by bacteria; this plaque sticks to teeth and makes the mouth acidic further causing cavities.

Avoiding sugar and sweets is one of the first home remedies for cavities and good oral health.



Using salt as an antibacterial and antiseptic agent helps to remedy the cavity. Put at least 1salt spoon in half a glass of warm water then wash your mouth for 1 min and pull it out. This helps relieve pain and clean cavities.


3-Clove / clove oil

It is one of the ancient home remedies for cavities and all tooth problems. Clove has a magic effect on tooth pain, using the entire clove and Chaw relieves pain as it reduces sensation in the cavity area.

Also, you can use clove oil with sesame oil on cotton and put it in the hole every day at bedtime.it also has antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antifungal properties that help in cleaning cavities and the mouth.


4-Oregano oil

Using  Oregano oil as home remedies for cavities because it is a natural antiseptic. Many studies discovered that one of the compounds found in Oregano has antimicrobial properties. Brushing your teeth with  Oregano oil daily helps slow the growth of cavities and prevent tooth decay. 

Home remedies for cavities

5-Oil pulling

This method is an old way used as home remedies for cavities called Ayurveda. In it swish by a tablespoonful of sesame oil or coconut oil in the mouth at least for 5minutes daily then spitting out. It will be more effective if done on an empty stomach. This improves oral health by reducing plaque amount and helping in remineralizing enamel so cavities are not formed.


6-Tea tree oil

This oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, so using it on your teeth and gums helps in fighting cavities and bacteria. Use it as a massage then wash your mouth with warm water.

In some opinions, drinking green tea has a similar effect.


7-Vanilla essence

Vanillin and vanillic acid have an antimicrobial activity that will decrease bacterial infections causing cavities. Vanilla essence also contains alcohol in small amounts which act as a pain reliever by causing numbness.

Put a small amount of it on cotton then massage the affected area.


8-Aloe Vera gel

 It has an antibacterial effect that helps to fight off bacteria that cause cavities.it also may play a role in the remineralization of cavities in the early stages.


9-Licorice root

Glycyrrhiza has antibacterial effects against oral pathogens such as Streptococcus mutants and Streptococcus sanguis.

So eating licorice root or sucking on a licorice extract lollipop may prevent cavities.



Garlic has strong antibacterial activity due to an allicin compound found in it which eliminates bacteria in the mouth. Chewing a clove of garlic near the affected tooth will reduce pain. On another way, you can make a paste of garlic and salt then use a cotton pad to apply it to the affected tooth.  Although garlic has a strong and unpleasant taste, it has a good effect.


11-Neem bark

It is an age-old way to brush teeth using neem sticks. Neem is an effective method to get good oral health and hygiene by removing plaque. By chewing sticks then raising your mouth with water.

Nowadays neem is used in mouthwash and toothpaste.



It has a large amount of calcium carbonate which remineralizes enamel on teeth and removes decaying.  Clean and boil eggshell then dry. Grain it until turned into a powder then add coconut oil and baking soda and use it as toothpaste 



It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects so prevent tooth decaying and cavities.

Mix Turmeric with mustard oil and massage teeth and gums for 10 minutes, or you can use Turmeric itself by applying it into the affected area for a few minutes then wash your mouth.


14-Baking soda

It's an alkali that neutralizes any acid in the mouth and prevents cavities formation.

Use a wetted brush, put it in baking soda then brushing your teeth carefully as it can damage your enamel. Use for only a few days, not for the long term.



It is a good source of vitamins as vit A, E, and minerals like iron, magnesium, and calcium.it also has antibacterial effects to prevent cavities and decay.

Use one part of the wheatgrass solution to 6part of water to rinse your mouth or even drink it.

Home remedies for cavities

When you should visit the dentist?

When all home remedies for cavities don't give effect and still feel the pain you should visit the dentist to examine your teeth and give you effective medicine.  

If your case gets worse, you may need to clean cavities and refill, root canal if decaying reaches tooth pulp, or tooth extraction to remove severely decayed teeth to prevent the spread of infection.



Good teeth mean good health. So oral hygiene will help you to have a normal healthy life. Toothache due to cavities is a terrible experience. There are many home remedies for cavities. Try them for only a few days but if you aren't getting better, make an appointment with your dentist.

By/ Dr. Hager Khedr



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