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Home remedies for cavities, can I do it?

Of course, you can. I will tell you how to fight a cavity at home with remedies that can be easily found in a high safety way.


What does " Cavity " mean?

Your good teeth health indicates good whole-body health. Your teeth are like any living organ that is prone to decay. You must know your enemy first. With the aid of types of bacteria found in the oral cavity, the accumulated food in the mouth due to lack of oral hygiene measures like teeth brushing will be converted into acid which will form a sticky layer over the surface of the tooth that we call " plaque".


The bacteria inside plaque film will make tiny holes in the surface layer " enamel" by a process called "demineralization" which means removal of calcium and phosphate minerals from the enamel. With the progression of these generalized areas that will reach the underlying layer called “the cavity forms”.


Some studies say that lack of vitamin D makes the teeth more susceptible to caries as vitamin D absorbs calcium and phosphate from food.


Some risk factors will lead to tooth decay as:

-Some medications

-Dry mouth syndromes like Sjogren's syndrome

-Eating lots of sugary food

-Bad oral hygiene

-Baby feeding bottle

Home remedies for cavities

Why does tooth decay cause pain?

Tooth decay causes pain as the cavity will expose the underlying layer "dentin" which is a very sensitive layer as well as the sensitive pulp tissue causing pain.


The pain varies according to the progression of the decay:

-Maybe with cold and sweet foods

-Maybe from its own

-Maybe the rough surface of the cavity annoy you


There are 13 home remedies for cavities:

1-Fluoride toothpaste

It's the most effective of home remedies for cavities that will have adverse bacterial action as fluoride plays an important role in the mineralization of enamel.

It's very useful to use it at childhood and young age to give perfect results.


2-Vitamin D

Vitamin D absorbs calcium and phosphate from food like milk or yogurt but found in food in small amounts less than human needs so you can take it as supplements and always be exposed to sun rays.



3-Sugar-free gum

One of the home remedies for cavities that's very simple and useful in remineralization of enamel due to its xylitol content that will increase salivary flow and balance salivary PH and decrease the effect of S.Mutans bacteria causing tooth decay

Chewing sugar-free gum between meals is a good idea in this situation.



4-Prevent eating sugary food

Sugary food is a risk factor for dental caries. Sugary food is very attractive to bad bacteria that will feed on acid on sugary food and form plaque film and further a cavity. Constantly eating sugary food doesn't give the chance for mineralization. You should stop eating them as soon as possible.


5-Oil pulling

It's one of the home remedies for cavities in which you can swish oil like coconut in your mouth for 20 minutes then spit it out the mouth to "pull" bacteria from the mouth and remove toxins.

It shows an action like Chlorhexidine mouthwash that removes plaque layer, gingivitis, and the number of bacteria.



6-Licorice root

It's one of the traditional Chinese home remedies for cavities that show preventive action on tooth decay. But be aware that licorice can raise blood pressure and pregnant women should avoid taking it.




It's a very famous home remedy for cavities. It can decrease inflammation and balance the PH of the cavity.



Contain Ca carbonate, by boiling it in water then drying and mixing it with baking soda making a paste that can be used for brushing the tooth to remove the decay.




An old one of home remedies for cavities as it decreases bacterial action due to its fiber content that decreases plaque formation.




Chew garlic on an empty stomach in the morning to get the best results. Or make a paste of garlic with salt and put it in the cavity. You can mix it with oregano oil and use it as a paste.


11-Green tea

Show a good action in decreasing bacterial proliferation


12-Wheat grass

The chlorophyll content of wheatgrass can fight bacteria and decrease inflammation. It can be used as a mouthwash prepared as one of the home remedies for cavities.



Thyme with its antibacterial and antioxidant properties can help in relieving pain due to tooth decay.

Few drops of thyme mixed with few drops of water to dilute them and apply them on a cotton piece to the affected area

Another way to use thyme as one of the home remedies for cavities is to put some drops of thyme on a glass of water and use it as a mouthwash.


Appointment to a dentist:

Before using any of the home remedies for cavities, you must ask your doctor especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or have any medical condition as these home remedies for cavities contain herbal ingredients. Also, you can take any pain reliever such as ibuprofen.


You must go to the dentist with symptoms like:


-Swelling of the gingiva 

-Pain on biting

-Continuous pain that disturbs sleep

-Exudates like pus with bad taste and odor


When you go to the dentist, he will tell you the treatment plan that could be:

1-Simple filling

The main treatment for the dental cavity as it can restore the tooth shape and function.


2-Root canal treatment

The dentist does endodontic treatment when the tooth decay reaches the sensitive pulp tissue.



If extensive tooth decay occurs, the dentist should cover the tooth after simple filling or root canal treatment by a crown that gives the tooth retention and resistance form against the forces on the teeth.


4-Tooth extraction

The dentist may extract the tooth if it is badly destructed.


Lastly, if I were you, I would do some habits daily that can help such as:

-Get garlic on an empty stomach

-Brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste or by a paste you made before as one of the home remedies for cavities like eggshell or licorice paste

-Don’t forget “oil pulling”

-Drink green tea

-Stop smoking that worse your oral hygiene

Home remedies for cavities


The home remedies for cavities will fight tooth decay and prevent it from becoming bigger or strengthen the weakened areas of enamel by remineralization action NOT for eliminating it.

By: Dr. Mariem Elkholy


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