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Say hello to verb hair products, Now it's time for something new.

If you wish your hair to be shinner, softer, easier to be styled, or be less frizzy.

If you wish the color to last longer, all these challenges of your hair can be achieved by verb hair products


Where does the verb start?

Verb's story begins from a place of natural beauty and easy living in Austin, Texas in 2011 by two men with finance and writing backgrounds. Jayson Rapaport and Mickel Portman aren't hairstylists.

They realized that most people were willing to invest in skincare products but neglecting their hair care routine.


The problem was the prices so they think that there is an opportunity to create a young and high-quality professional brand for people who get their hair products from drug stores, thus verb hair products is started.


They aim to create natural health products for both girls and guys.


They believe that caring for hair shouldn't be a luxury, it must be a routine.


They make a price that makes verb hair products as part of the conversation by the same price of 14$ as they want everyone to buy healthy natural products


With these prices, they can attract drug store clients to get formulas of accessible price, clean, simple backings, and lifestyle approach to beauty.


The secret behind verb hair products:

Curly hair is the most difficult hairstyle to get right as each curl is unique and everyone wants his curl to be different.


They make their products different and differ for everyone.

The secret of such hydration achieved by verb hair products is sunflower seeds which are rich in vitamins like vitamin E and folic acids for deep moisture that strengthens and provide UV protection and shea butter with coconut oil.


Every product is paraben, sulfate, and gluten-free and all are vegan.


What makes verb hair products stand out from other brands are:

-Verb hair products are made with natural ingredients

-Color safe and cruelty-free

-Packings are recyclable

-Money-back guarantee if the product doesn't work with you

-10% off when you subscribe to their list

-Without animal testing

-Almost all verb products are half the price of other products, believing that everyone should be able to care for their hair.


-There are three lines: the verb hydrating line, volume line, and styling line, in other words, sea line, ghost line, and curl line.


They have a lot of love for verbs and hope their clients feel that so they will never put a model in front of you to see the effects of their products but let verb lovers show people how verb hair products help them to reach the hairstyle they wish.

In verb hair products nothing is bad, lots of good.


Explore the sea collection:

These products are with ingredients of 


Seawater restore minerals of damaged hair and protect hair from breakage and improve hair quality 



Glycerin added moisture to hair to give extra softness.


Pro-vitamins B5

Provitamins B5 thickens hair and hold while hydrating the scalp.


Seaweed extract

Seaweed extract cleans hair from oils and gives hydration


Some of verb hair products are:


1- Seaspray

Seaspray is one of the top hair products because it gives any style with little effort without the crunch that happens when using other brands. There are two ways to use it, one is after curling use sea spray makes the style look more effortless like the concept of "no makeup, make-up". The other way is to spray it on adry hair for instant body and texture. 

There is no wrong way to use it. 

2-Sea cream

Verb sea cream formulate to enhance natural texture on any beachy style.


3-Sea texture spray

Sea texture spray gives hair natural texture and volume for maximum twisting.


4-Sea shampoo

Verb sea shampoo cleans hair and enhances waves that give a natural look with voluminous hair with touchable texture. 

You can use it by spraying 8- 10 inches away from hair and you can use more for a firmer hold

It can be used safely with heat. 


Explore the ghost collection:

These products protect color and leave hair tangle-free.


Its ingredients are:

-Moringa seed oil

Moistures and smoothes hair. 

-Quinoa protein

Repair damage by protecting and strengthening hair. Packed with minerals and amino acids. Also, it can help in hair growth.

-Sunflower seed extract

Provide UV protection while protecting against dryness and color fading. 


The most famous products of this collection are:


1-Ghost oil

Ghost oil is their top seller as it is weightless, clear oil for all types of hair. It is the product that is always used to get rid of frizz and polish any hairstyle throughout the day. The clear moringa seed oil works to hydrate hair and doesn't tint hair like some other oils. 


2-Ghost shampoo

You can use ghost shampoo by applying small amounts to wet hair followed by a verb ghost conditioner. 

This shampoo promotes radiant shine for all hair types. 


3-Ghost Dry oil

Ghost dry oil conditions end adds shines and prevent damage from washing and styling

You can use it by shaking well then spray six to eight inches from dry hair then run fingers to distribute it. 


4-Ghost prep

Ghost prep prime fines for weightless styling. It is formulated to absorb moisture, detangle and protect from heat. 

Apply it by blending small amounts into hands and damp hair then style as usual.


Explore the curl collection:

These verb hair products hold all types of textured hair, keeping curls shapely with their lightweight keep frizz all the day

The ingredients of these products are:

Olive oil

Coats damaged hair to smooth ends 

Moringa seed oil

Moisturizes and smoothed hair


Naturally binds moisture to hair

Sunflower seed extract

Provides natural UV protection against dryness


Some of these group products are:

1-Curl cream

Due to its lightweight

, curl cream can control frizz and make hair touchable soft.

It can be applied by blend small amounts into hands and then damp curls then style hair as usual.

2-Leave -In Mist

Leave-In Mist is an important step between washing and styling 

This formula moisturizes, detangles, nourished and repairs end


Pregnant women In the heart of verb hair products:

Some products are safe pregnancy and nursing

-Curl shampoo

-Ghost shampoo

-Hydrating shampoo

-Sea shampoo

-Volume shampoo

-Volume spray


Other products that are not safe in pregnancy but safe in nursing:

-Dry shampoo

-Dry shampoo dark

-Dry shampoo light


The future of verb hair products:

The next year will be very exciting as two new lines of production will be launching in the coming months but we don't know a lot of information so stay tuned and make sure you follow them on the social media

To get all the updates, follow verb products 



Verb hair products are the products that fill the gap between the high quality and the price of hair products.

You will be lucky to be a member of the Verb family.

Written by: Dr/Mariem Elkholy


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