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Verb hair products are unretouched. They are real products made for real people to give them the best real results. And we all know that there are many hair problems, and hair damage is the most common one that women face, especially those with curly hair, because of its unique care routine, and for this, we must find the right hair treatment.

Verb hair brand is created by expert stylists and inspired by natural beauty. A Lot of people are talking about the brand, especially curly hair girls because all products are cruelty-free and contain no harmful sulfates.

Women's hair is the crown of her beauty and the title of her interest in her appearance and health. The basis of healthy and beautiful hair is proper nutrition and daily health practice. Eating healthy food and drinking enough water have a direct impact on the luster of hair. In addition to using high-quality products that are free from harmful substances. Learn about the best hair products with us.

About verb hair products:

You may have read about salons inspiring the stylists they love, but what about the real-life stars who do all the great things on the brand side, all while having great hair. One of the brand's true-to-life stars is Claire Moses, who is a founding member of Verb. 


Verb hair products produce affordable and professional hair care user-friendly. As their line of color-safe, cruelty-free products are free of parabens, gluten, and sulfates.


Verb hair products have 31k following on Facebook and 118k on Instagram. So this article about verb hair products will take a deep look at the brand, their customer ratings, best-selling products, and promotions to help you decide the right care for your hair. 


What are the best verb products for damaged hair?

Hair damage is hard to avoid. No matter the type of your hair, you may have experienced some kind of hair damage at a point in your life. Although damage is inevitable, it can be reduced by using the right products. 

Verb prides itself on not only being a brand that provides hair care options based on hair type but also a center of some of the products around concerns hair problems like different kinds of damage.

To know which verb hair products are suitable for you, you must know the cause of your hair damage. And for this, I will mention the most common ones to avoid them,  and also help you choose the suitable one for your hair.

Most common causes of hair damage:

1-Dry hair and general weakness of the wrong practices:

-Excessive exposure to daily commercial styling and drying sources, such as blow dryers and flat irons.

-Neglecting regular hair care.

-Excessive washing of hair.

2-Dry hair caused by natural factors in the surrounding area:

-High temperatures in the summer.

-Exposing to the heat of the sun.

-Wind and cold weather.

3-Physical damage

It is caused by physical tension in the hair and mainly is affected by the deficiency in some important nutrients, including minerals and vitamins. And an unhealthy and unbalanced diet. It includes the usual suspect such as breakage, and split ends.

4-Color and chemical damage:

It results from the dyeing process which uses chemicals as ammonia and bleach, but this removes layers of the cuticle, making them weak and prone to breakage. 


Bestselling verb hair products:

1- Ghost Trio

There are many types of verb hair products for the treatment of dry hair damage but the Ghost is the best.

It contains 3 products, here they are and how to Use:

Ghost Shampoo™: massage a little amount to wet hair, then rinse. Follow with Ghost Conditioner™.

Ghost Conditioner™: work through clean, wet hair and leave it in for 3-5 minutes, then rinse your hair.

Ghost Oil™: 2-3 drops on dry hair to weightlessly eliminate frizz, smooth flyaways, then add all-over shine.



2-Hydrating products

They are the most famous products due to the wide range of their usage for coloring and dying processes.

 It contains 2 products, here they are and how to Use:


Hydrating shampoo: massage a little amount of Hydrating Shampoo into wet hair, lather well, then rinse. Follow with Hydrating Conditioner.

Hydrating Conditioner: work Hydrating Conditioner through clean, wet hair and leave it for 3-5 minutes, then rinse.



3-Moringa + jojoba treatment oil

It is a hydrating, multi-use serum formulated to reduce breakage and repair damaged hair. It is used as an overnight deep treatment and washout.


For fine hair: We recommend using weightless Ghost Oil™ on dry hair.

For medium-coarse hair: a few drops into any Verb hair mask and use as a conditioning treatment.

For thick hair: Apply drops to dry hair or split ends.



4-Tone + shine kit


To get the blonde-looking salon-fresh with this color-care combo.


How to Use?

Purple Mask: after using shampoo, then work formula through damp hair, allow Purple Mask to sit on the hair for 5-7 minutes then rinse. Use this once a week.

Ghost Oil™: Use 2-3 drops on dry hair to weightlessly eliminate frizz, smooth flyaways, and add all-over shine.



Verb Hair Products Reviews

Everyone who used verb hair products liked it and gave a good review for this brand, especially women. A study has shown that 8 women out of 10 are using verb products and gave them the best result that they are satisfied with.


Where to buy VERB Hair products

Verb hair products are very popular and are used all over the world so you could find them in hair salons, general stores for hair and makeup and it is available at online stores like amazon.


We women are always looking for the best. This is the basis for the verb products, where we provide the most suitable for every woman, whether she wants to maintain her hair or wants to treat it with the best products.

Verb Shop provides many hair products, as it provides products for all types of dry, curly, or oily hair, as well as its care supplies from hair dryers and so on. As we always say, being the best is not the end.

Written By/ Dr. Menna Hosny


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