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Amika hair products are your hair fairy wishes, an amazing look will be very easy and permanent with amika products.

They are suitable for all hair types, textures,s and styles.

They are free from harsh materials like sulfates, phthalates, parabens, starch, and artificial color, cruelty-free.

All amika hair products have natural ingredients, they are clean, safe, fun, and kind like your best friend.



About Amika hair Products:

It was established in 2007 in Brooklyn, New York.

At first, it produces hair tools then it expands to produce hair products.

Their leaders are Nir and Shay Kadosh, Vita Raykhman (co-founder and creative director) in addition to hairstylists, creatives, chemists, and product enthusiasts.


What characterizes amika hair products?

1-Diversity and Inclusivity: 

Amika hair products cover all your requirements for wonderful hair. 

They have products that suit all hair types (wavy, straight, curly, thick, medium, or thin ).

Solving your hair problem, being satisfied by your hair appearance and style are their goal.

Amika has a wide range of products like shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, serums, and more for you to choose from.

2- Clean hair products:

All amika hair products are free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, aluminum, starch, and other banned ingredients.

People who have gluten allergy should consult their doctor about using wheat-based ingredients as there are 9 hair products contain a wheat-based ingredient ( glass action oil -flash instant shine mask - fade block pre-shampoo color seal - the shield anti-humidity spray - nice cream cleansing conditioner - curl cops enhancing gel - curl cops defining cream.

Not all amika hair products are silicone-free, some products have silicon as it gives hair a sleek shiny look but in some cases, it weighs down hair so amika evaluates the benefit from it.

3-Natural ingredients:

Their main potent ingredient is (sea buckthorn berry), this plant has fatty- acid omega7 which is necessary for the synthesis of elastin and collagen for healthy hair and scalp. 

4-Cruelty free:

In amika, all products are tested on themselves or volunteers, products never being tested on animals certified by Leaping Bunny Standard.

5-Green brand:

All amika bottles products are recycled to reduce waste materials

6- Hair quiz:

Amika offers a hair quiz on its site to help the customers find the hair product that suits their hair type.


Amika hair products overview:

Amikas' site divided products into three main groups, you can shop by collection ( signature -detox - repair - smooth - color -blond- texture - volume - curl ).

Shop by product type ( shampoos -conditioner -dry shampoo - hair masks - serum - hair spray and more).

Shop  by benefit (style extend - hydrate -color care -scalp care - de-freeze/ smooth control -heat protection - curl care -hold+ finish -repair +strengthen -texture +thicken _2nd day hair).

You can choose between different categories according to your special demands.


Examples of Amika hair products according to benefit:

1-Repair+ strengthen: 

*Rescue team:

Repairing damaged hair reduces hair breakage and increases hair strength.

It consists of 3 Kure repair products containing plant butter and vegan proteins.

It is for all hair types.

All are free of sulfate, gluten, paraben, and mineral oil.

They are color and keratin-safe. 


A-The cure bond repair shampoo:

It contains a lot of nutrients such as omega fatty acids, vitamins,  minerals, and more from plant origin.

This shampoo cleans and repairs damaged hair from the first wash.


B-The cure bond repair conditioner:

It contains a lot of nutrients such as omega fatty acids, vitamins,  minerals, and more from plant origin.

This conditioner hydrates the dry damaged hair, repairs your hair, and prevents hair breakage.

It gives better results when used with the cure bond repair shampoo.


C-The cure multitask repair treatment:

This product is used at rinse time to repair and prevent hair breakage in 60 seconds.

It gives hair a wonderful look as it eliminates the problem of split ends.

You will see the results after 3 uses.


D-The closer instant repair hair cream:

It is a styling cream and hair treatment.

It repairs damaged hair, smoothes, decreases split ends hair problem, and ends frizzy hair look. 


2- Heat protection:

Heat and sun damage your hair so amika provides you with heat protection products with multiple choices to suit your requirements and hair type.

All heat protection products are sulfate, parabens, phthalates, gluten, and petroleum-free.

They are keratin and color-safe.


A-The wizard detangling primer:

Its main action is to detangle hair, smooth, hydrate hair, and protect hair from thermal damages so it’s all in one.

It gives heat protection up to 450 F.

It suits all hair types, maintaining your amazing hairstyle all day.

For better action use it with normcore signature shampoo and normcore signature conditioner.


B-The shield anti-humidity spray:

It protects hair from frizz, humidity, and heat up to 450 F.

Also, it gives protection against sun exposure damage as it contains UV filters.

It is for all hair types, its action lasts for 24 hrs.

It has better action when used with velveteen dream smoothing balm, velveteen dream smoothing shampoo, and velveteen dream smoothing conditioner.


C-Velveteen dream smoothing balm:

Forget frizz when you use it as It gives hair more soft smoother look.

Its potent ingredient is a wild cherry bark extract that makes hair more soft and smooth in addition to conditioning polymer that gives hair extra smooth and antistatic properties.

It gives heat protection up to 450 F with UV filters for sun damage.

It is the product of choice for Brazilian-treated hair, color-treated hair, and keratin-treated hair.

D-Blockade heat defense serum:

If you use heat hair tools you should use this serum.

It prevents heat damage and gives you a shiny hair look.

It has a lovely smell.


E-Supernova blond moisture and shine cream:

It is special for blond hair, makes it shiny, smooth, and has a healthy look.

Its components butylene glycol organic alcohol and sodium cocoyl amino acids work together and make your hair silky, smooth, moisture, and heat protected.

This serum is for all hair types, especially fine and medium hair.

You will get perfect action when you use this serum with bust your brass cool blond repair shampoo bust your brass cool blond repair conditioner and bust your brass cool blond intense repair hair mask.


F-Supernova moisture and shine cream:

This cream gives hair extra hydration, makes hair shiny, smoothy, hydrated and healthy.

It also contains butylene glycol organic acids and sodium cocoyl amino acids that smooth, hydrate, and heat protection.

Sea buckthorn oil (amika potent ingredient) is one of these cream components that makes it rich in vitamin c, antioxidants , vitamin a and omega fatty acids (omega7).

It is for all hair types.

It works perfectly with normcore signature shampoo, normcore signature conditioner, and soul food nourishing mask.



Amika hair products are your optimum choice to be more attractive, self-confident, and having a magical hairstyle full of fun and love.

Written by: Dr.Walaa Hassan Ebrahim

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