Animal Health Clinic Bourne Ma | What You Need To Know And More

Your pet does not seem okay? Don't hesitate, bring him to the animal health clinic bourne ma!

You might need to know more about the veterinary care in this clinic, most welcome! This article carries a lot for you, stay with me, and let's see first the:


Animal health clinic Bourne ma Location:

Animal health clinic bourne ma, as the name refers to, it's a veterinary clinic located at 82 Trowbridge road bourne Massachusetts, Phone: (508) 759-5810

animal health clinic bourne ma

The services of animal health clinic bourne ma:

1.Annual wellness:

You may think that you are taking enough care and attention to your pet, but there are diseases that you cannot detect by yourself, and you need the specialist's help, so it is recommended to make the annual checkup to make sure that your pet is fine.

In animal health clinic bourne ma, the Lyme vaccination is a part of their yearly regimen.

animal health clinic bourne ma

2. Sick visits:

If your pet has any unusual symptoms and you are concerned about them, call the animal health clinic bourne ma and tell them the details of the case therefore they would decide if you need to come and book an appointment.


3. Health certificates:

I know you are so attached to your pet that you would like to take it with you on your travels, never mind, you are so lucky that it's allowed but the travel procedures require health certificates for it, Whether your travel is international or local, you must submit health certificates for your animal at least a month before your travel, animal health clinic bourne ma is an accredited clinic and you can find out all the papers and certificates required through it and obtain them as well.


4.Dental health:

Tell me how much do you spend on shoes? Because I am sure your pet won't leave them alone! Did it ruin your sofa or could you save it?

Your naughty boy bites everything comes across, this makes it vulnerable to problems in its teeth and gums.

Do not hesitate to adopt the annual dental examination which they offer, as they can treat dental problems and surgeries under anesthesia, in addition to treatment with otc medications.

animal health clinic bourne ma

5. Surgeries:

The animal health clinic Bourne ma can perform surgeries, but they recommend not giving your pet any food or drinks the night before the operation.

6. Spay and neuter:

Due to hormonal disturbance, your pet may suffer from some behavioral issues, that's why we advise you to take this procedure.


7. Rabies clinic:

All rabies vaccinations are working for one year, bring your rabies certificates with you, you should prove your previous vaccination.


8. Humane society assistance:

 The Animal health clinic in bourne ma appreciates the local and statewide humane societies, and they translate that appreciation into discounts and exclusive services.



When you have passion, nothing stops you! Every obstacle becomes an interesting challenge! 

DR.William.D. Fall- the owner of the clinic- seems obsessed with animals and veterinary, consequently he reflects his passion into the lovely atmosphere surrounding the whole clinic, so maybe they deserve your visit!

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Written By: DR.Sawsan Rahhal


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