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Animal Health clinic Bourne ma adopts the concept of that, your pet is a member of your family more than just animals ,and should receive the best care they deserve .

You are everything to your pet so you should take responsibility for raising animals and make sure they receive the highest quality of care.

animal health clinic Bourne ma

What is the animal health clinic bourne ma?

Animal health clinic bourne ma is a low cost clinic providing services to pet lovers who  can't be able to afford these services.

The clinic has a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere and technicians and veterinarians provide excellent care and do the best for animals, they work with clients of all backgrounds and circumstances and they are ready to teach their assistants on any procedures that interest them.

The animal health clinic bourne may respect work life balance and work hard to keep their employees healthy and happy as pets it cares for.

What are services that animal health clinic bourne ma introduce to its client ?

Veterinary care isn't a business ,it's a chance to help all animals to live healthy and happy so animal health care bourne ma will be your partner in taking care of your pet from the first moment and over years.


1- Wellness care:

Prevention is better than cure so you should do regular checkups for your pet which will protect them from many popular diseases and help in discovering any health problems early before they progress.

Animal health clinic bourne ma provide a well organized preventive care plan for your pet through vaccines ,parasites control,nutrition and weight management.
animal health clinic Bourne ma


Vaccines are the most important part of a preventive care plan. An animal health clinic bourne ma provide all vaccines your pet needs and will tell you the vaccination dates and will remember you if you forget any vaccine .

3-Allergy and dermatology:

Veterinarian will examine well your pet from his head to his tail

To detect anything in his body.
animal health clinic Bourne ma


Animal dental health is a very serious corner of the animal care routine as dental diseases start early in pets at the age of 3 and need to be discovered early as they affect general health through blood borne diseases.

4-Nutrition and weight management.



7-General surgery.

8-Digital radiology.


10-Behavioral counseling.
animal health clinic Bourne ma


Grooming salon is the perfect place where you can pamper your pet and he can do trimming of his nails ,bath and stylish haircuts.

Grooming promotes healthy skin, a clean coat and help in eliminating many problems which are popular with pet ownership such as shedding,dander and odor.



Care for your pet is not a luxury as some people think but it's necessary to check your animal regularly and make sure he lives a healthy life free of pain and suffering.

By :Dr. Fatma Ragab

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