Redken Hair Products | A Revolution In the Haircare Industry

Redken Haircare Products are products of REDKEN Company; an icon in the professional haircare industry.

Redken hair products were founded in 1960 by Paula Kent & Jheri Redding. 

It is an American hair industry brand with worldwide markets that is now owned by l'Oreal company.

Redken Hair Products company championed a scientific approach to beauty and made a revolution in the professional hair salon business by the creation of protein-based eco-friendly products.


Redken hair products; the most trusted and versatile brand in the worldwide market

Redken hair products company produce more than 50 global patent products and won the award of earth defender conferred by Environmental Possibility Awards.

Redken hair products is the only haircare brand named in the top 257 brands for consumer brand excellence from Random House Publishing in association with Columbia University

Hair products by Redken include hair care, hair styling, and hair coloring products.


Redken Haircare Products wide collection:

1- One united:

An award-winning leave-in conditioner.


2- Hair oils & Serums:

A-Frizz dismiss instant deflate oil-in-serum: 

This product is suitable for moderate frizz caused by humidity. It comes in a 125 ml container.


B-Redken Anti-static oil mist: 

A light-weight anti-frizz hair oil that instantly tames unwanted static without hair weighing hair down. 


It detangles hair and gives it a refreshing smell and nourished look and it can be used on wet as well as dry hair.


C-Curvaceous Full Swirl Curly & Wavy Cream-Serum: 

 A 2-in-1 cream serum formula; This Redken haircare product mixes controlling serum with lightweight cream that seals in moisture while keeping out humidity.


This formula helps elongation of full-bodied curls giving optimum frizz control giving  lavish well-defined, light bouncy curls.


It is used on dry or damp hair and for added definition, and used with curvaceous wind-up reactivating spray.


D-Redken All soft argan 6 hair oil:

Argan oil is well known for its deep conditioning effect that provides intense softness to nourish dry brittle hair.


This unique formula from Redken Hair Products also contains a keratin enriched complex that restores hair protein for elasticity and intense softness and 15% more conditioning effect.

 This formula moisturizes, protects, smoothes, illuminates, softens, and reconditions hair.

 It is applied on dry or damp hair especially on midlength and ends and reapplied if needed.

It comes in a 111 ml container.


3-Hair masks:

Redken hair masks (masque) is a treatment that provides deep conditioning for dull, damaged, frizzy and colored hair.

Generally, it is used once a week for regular conditioning.

Redken hair products include a wide collection of hair masks:

A-Color extend blondage express anti-brass hair mask:

A formula for blonde hair. it neutralizes yellow undertones through vivid purple pigments in 5 minutes.


The combination of wheat protein, amino acids, and glycerin provides intense moisture needed by color-treated hair as it gets dry and porous and leaves it silky with a brighter color.


B-Frizz dismiss hair mask intense smoothing treatment:

With Brazillian Pracaxi oil (miracle oil) and humidity resistance complex, this rinse-out mask boosts moisture and eliminates frizz.

Available in 250 ml container


C-All soft deep conditioning mega mask:

A rinse-out treatment that provides deep conditioning and care by its unique RCT protein complex.

It combines cactus extract, Aloe Vera, and Sacha Inchi oil that strengthen hair leaving it soft and sleek.

It comes in a 200 ml container.


D- Redken color extend magnetics mega mask:

Infused by super-charged amino acids and RCT protein complex, this mask fortifies, smoothes, and detangles color-treated hair. It also seals and protects color.

It comes in a 200 ml container


E-Extreme mask for damaged hair:

A unique 3D complex of proteins, ceramide, and lipids to repair dry damaged hair. It provides cuticle reinforcement, extra shine, and manageability.It is used on towel-dried hair, left for 5 minutes minimum then rinsed thoroughly.

It comes in a 250 ml container.


F- Redken all soft heavy cream:

With a rich blend of argan oil, proteins, and amino acids, this heavy cream moisturizes, conditions, and strengthens hair.


It is massaged or combed through towel-dried hair and left for 5 to 15 minutes then rinsed thoroughly.

For best results, hair is further conditioned with Redken all soft conditioner.

This product can be used regularly or as intensive treatment.

It comes in a 250 ml container 


G- Redken all soft mega mask:

Provides deep conditioning and strength for severely dry coarse hair by RCT protein complex, cactus extract, aloe vera, and Sacha Inchi oil.

It comes in a 200 ml container.


H- Redken all soft mega recovery tissue mask:

Inspired by facial sheet masks. it instantly quenches and revives hair.


4- Hair Shampoos:

Shampoos are the most important hair care product. It is a versatile category that includes sulfate-free shampoos for color-treated hair, moisturizing shampoo for dry hair, shampoos for damaged hair.

Also, there are styling, shine, frizz control shampoos, and curly hair care shampoos.

Redken Wide Collection of shampoos include:

A-Acidic bonding concentrate shampoo for damaged hair:

Sulfate-free product with intense conditioning and color fade protection.



B-Scalp relief dandruff control shampoo:

For itchy dry scalp.


C- Extreme bleach recovery shampoo: 

Silicone-free shampoo for long time bleached color-treated hair.


D-Hair cleansing cream clarifying shampoo: 

With AHA fruit acid complex; it removes product build-up, pollution residues, hard water minerals, and excess oils.


E-Extreme length shampoo with biotin: 

Combining biotin and length fortifying complexes enhances hair growth with 81% less breakage.


F-Clear moisture hydrating shampoo: 

With light moisture content.


G-All soft shampoo: 

For damaged hair with argan oil and moisture complex.


H-Color extends brown light sulfate-free blue shampoo:

Neutralize orange undertones and brass in color-treated hair, grey hair, and natural brunettes.


I-Nature+science color extend sulfate-free shampoo: 

Natural ingredients for color-treated hair.


J-Nature+science extreme sulfate-free: 

Natural ingredients for damaged distressed hair.


K-Nature+science all soft sulfate-free shampoo: 

Natural ingredients for softness.


L-Frizz dismiss shampoo:

Sodium-chloride free, sulfate-free to enhance shine and control frizz.


M-Color extend blondage color depositing purple shampoo: 

Toning blonde and highlighted pigment with violet pigment content.


N-Color-extend magnetic sulfate-free shampoo: 

Ph balanced, protect color vibrancy and tone.


O-Color extend shampoo: 

With cranberry oil and color care complex for long-lasting color.


P-Color extends gradient shampoo for grey hair: 

Neutralize yellow undertone and restore brightness.


Q-All soft mega shampoo: 

Aloe and nourish complex nourishes and detangle severely dried hair.


R-High rise volume lifting shampoo: 

Volumize flat hair and leave it silky and polished.


S-Volume injection shampoo: 

With a filloxane bodifying complex for instant volume.


5- Hair treatments

Redken hair products for hair treatment are around 20 products that vary between color depositing masks for rose blonde, honey beige blonde, icy blonde, and different types of leave-in treatments.

Also, extremely bleached hair can be recovered by many Redken hair products.


6- Men hair care products

Men's hair care isn't left unnoticed by Redken hair product experts. Brews thickening shampoo, daily shampoos, mint shampoos, and anti-dandruff shampoos are available. Also, conditioners and body wash are versatile.


Redken haircare styling products

 Redken hair products include a wide collection of hair styling products. Dry shampoos and hair powders are known for their maximum absorption effect for refreshed clean-feeling hair.

Dry texture products also combine the benefits of dry shampoo in addition to styling function as an extra- boost for short and braided hair.

Redken hair products for hairstyling also include a collection of hairstyling essentials as hold sprays, volumizing mousse, and styling pastes.

Hair wax, gels, pastes, and clays are used by men and women. Redken haircare products for achieving desired styles are many for all hair types.

Primers and heat protectants are so important to protect hair from heat tools and dryers. These products reduce heat damage. Primer firstly applied on wet hair then when dry, thermal hair spray is applied before using heat tools or irons.

Men's hair styling products have come a long way in recent years. Redken haircare products collection contains many styling products for every hair type and style.


Redken hair products since 1960 have become a leader and an icon in the professional haircare business.

Whether a man or a woman, whatever your hair type or needs, Redken haircare products will never fail to give you the desired results along with healthy, well-conditioned, and beautifully styled hair.


By: Dr. Rana Elmallah

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