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"Healthy hair begins at the scalp" is a phyto hair products principle built on a heritage of expertise and cutting-edge scientific innovations. 


For over 50 years old, PHYTO has been a pacesetter in botanical hair care with salon-quality formulas by using formulas that are 95% natural overall because PHYTO uses the highest concentrations of pure plant extracts.


PHYTO hair products are the symbol of performance, expertise, and timeless beauty.


A real philosophy of Phyto hair products" from the root to the tip" in 5 steps:

For PHYTO, hair beauty and health can only accompany a healthy scalp and take care of hair from the root to the tip, fully respecting the hair's ecosystem and each sort of hair. 


First step: The pre-shampoo 

To purify and to stimulate the scalp. 

To hydrate and nourish the hair. 

Examples of pre-shampoo:


Phyto polleine 

-Benefits and results 

It is an elixir of totally pure and natural essential oils formulated to regulate the scalp and energize hair for all hair types. 

The way to apply

- Apply to the dry scalp before shampoo 

- Using the dropper to apply directly onto the scalp section by section. 

- Massage gently. 

- Leave on for 20 minutes a minimum of then shampoo. For optimal benefits, leave it on overnight. 

Use twice a week. 


-Active ingredient :

Rosemary natural exfoliant. 

Sage calms the scalp. 

Tea tree oil is antimicrobial. 

Lemon regulates sebaceous oil. 


Phyto millesime 

-Benefits and results 

Anti-color stripping action. 

Fixes protect and prolong color. 

Lightweight feel. 

-The way to apply 

Apply to dry hair, from roots to the tips, one section at a time. 

The gel-in-oil texture immediately absorbs into your hair, the gel seals scales while the oil protects the hair fiber. 

Leave on for 1_2 minutes then wash your hair. 


-Active ingredients 

The Red Love apple(tomato) extract: as an antioxidant. 

Apple fruit, Blossom extraction, and Hibiscus extract: gently smooth the scales of the hair and provide a glossy radiance. 



Dry, color-treated, or highlighted hair. 

Packed with ultra-light essential oils.


Phyto detox 

Purifying mask for polluted scalp and hair.


PHYTO elixir 

Subtle intense nutrition oil "blend of potent and beautifying oils" for ultra-dry and damaged hair. 


Second step: The cleansing care

Shampoos, cleansing care cream to settle on consistent with the condition of the scalp or the hair nature. 

Examples of Shampoos:


-Phyto squam 

Anti-dandruff moisturizing maintenance shampoo designed for dry scalps. 


-Phyto Panama 

Balancing treatment shampoo by gently cleansing the hair and scalp and regulating excessive sebum production. 

Designed for greasy scalps. 


Examples of cleansing care cream :


-Phyto kératin Extrême

An exceptional cream that protects against heat and regenerates hair fiber, restoring elasticity, strength, and shine to your hair. 

Rich yet lightweight texture absorbs instantly. 


-Phyto apaisant

Ultra soothing cleansing care, 

For sensitive and irritated scalp. 

Tested by dermatologists on many people with sensitive scalp:

-Relieves from the primary application. 

-Immediately soothed. 


Third step: The rinse-off cares 

Phyto hair products also have Balm or deep conditioners according to the hair nature. 

Examples of lotions:



The revolutionary double-action formula 

-Anti-grey hair action. 

-beautifying action. 

Proven efficacy in vivo :

+38% natural repigmentation of grey hair in three months. 

Examples of oils 


For dry, fine to medium hair. 

Lightweight hydrating oil. 

Light as a serum, potent as an oil. 

It is an ultra-lightweight, beautifying treatment that instantly absorbs into the hair while delivering serious moisture. 

It can be used before blow-drying or as a finishing touch to soften. 

-Phyto specific: Baobab oil (oil hair bath) 

-Phyto elixir: subtle intense ( nutrition oil). 


Fourth step: The leave-in cares

Most often in daily use on length or hair ends. 

Examples :

Phyto volume 

Volumizing blow-dry spray. 

For fine and flat hair. 

PHYTO progenium

Ultra-gentle detangling milk enriched with softening oat milk. 

For all hair types. 


Phyto 7

For dry hair. 

Hydrate and protect the hair to look more supple, soft, and shiny. 

Allows easy styling and eliminates static. 

Phyto specific 

For curly, coiled, and relaxed hair.

Nourishing and styling pomade

Phyto novathrix

All types of hair loss 

It energizes non-oily lotion and immediately restores the force of the hair. 


Fifth step: The styling cares

That shapes and protects the hair. 


Phyto laque

It provides a long-lasting hold that hairstyles demand and maintains the balance of the hair fiber. 

-Can be used at any time of the day. 

It is small so you will take it anywhere. 

-The Spray may be a friend to the environment. (all PHYTO hair products are packed into ECO-designed packs that are 100% recyclable). 

Another PHYTO hair products:

Phyto Dye kit 

PHYTO's scientists developed permanent hair color with botanical pigments that combine color performance with beautiful hair and delicate action on the scalp. 

All of the grey hair accepts the color from the primary application. 

-PHYTO color 1 black. 

-PHYTO color 3 dark brown. 

-PHYTO color 4 brown. 

-PHYTO color 4.77 intense chestnut brown. 

-PHYTO color 6.34 intense dark copper blonde. 

-PHYTO color 9 very light blonde. 

And et al.. 


Dietary supplements 

PHYTO phanére

Dietary supplement for hair and nails. 

Strength - Growth - Volume. 

-Should be taken 2 capsules per day, preferably with an outsized glass of water within the morning. 

-For best results, use it for 3 months. 

-Take it as a cure twice a year during spring and fall. 

Phyto relaxer

Phyto specific permanent relaxing index 1

For frizzy and curly fine hair. 

It perfectly straightens the sensitive hair through botanical keratin, Cinchona extract and Mallow extraction bring hydration, suppleness, and softness. 

Suitable for the most sensitive scalp " without soda". 

PHYTO specific permanent relaxing index 2

For frizzy and curly normal to thick hair. 

Where you can find PHYTO hair products:


Phyto hair products were developed in France. 

-You can purchase from stores in many countries or online from websites such as

Amazon and et al. 


PHYTO hair products are one among the foremost respected hair care brands with pure plant extracts. 

PHYTO hair products have different ranges that treat all hair types and problems.

By: Dr. Hagar M. Gomaa 


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