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Phyto hair products are natural hair products extracted from plant origin away from chemicals that strengthen hair and delay hair aging at an affordable cost.

Origin Of Phyto hair products

Phyto brand from 1976 till now act for a remote aim which is a hair's health, beauty, and strength.

So that Phyto hair products extracted from a plant origin

Phyto has special laboratories that study and choose the plants carefully with the most beneficial properties depending on evidence-based research. 

They convert the healing properties of plants into a hair product.

Hair Problems And Specific Phyto Hair Products For It:

1-Hair Thinning problem And phyto phytolium 4

One of the great problems of hair is hair thinning that annoys any woman and decreases self-confidence.

Hair thinning may be hereditary, medical problems such as anemia and scalp infection, hormonal changes, unhealthy nutrition, or a part of normal aging.

To restore your healthy hair you need just:



Phyto phytolium 4 hair thinning

Apply it on the scalp with massage in a straight line to be absorbed.

Applied three times per week for three months and repeated for two years.

After 16 weeks of using the results of 97% of users, there was a 24% decrease in hair loss and a 39% increase in growth.

Ingredients in this product are very effective in encouraging hair growth and increasing thickness.

Ingredients such as Cupressus Sempervirens leaf/nut/stem oil, Cananga Odorata flower oil (ylang-ylang), Salvia Officinalis (Sage) oil, limonene, grape procyanidins, Cananga oil, Serenoa extract, and sage, cajeput, Rosmarinus Officinalis (rosemary) leaf water and more.


2-Damaged Hair problem And PhytoKeratine

Excess heat damages hair either was the sun, regular drying, straightening, curling, and formalin containing products.

So to protect your hair, save it from heat such as sun exposure should be decreased And you need a product that's free from formalin. You need:


PhytoKeratine for hair damage

It's natural keratin derived from natural plant extracts such as Quinoa, Lupin, and Pea plant proteins with zero formalin.

Hair damaged when the natural keratin becomes insufficient for hair fiber so

You need repair of your keratin which is found in PhytoKeratine.

Phyto hair products introduce a group of products for hair damage. you can use all the PhytoKeratine groups which are the best for hair or to choose any part of the group.


-Shampoo for cleaning hair 

Applied on the wet scalp in small amounts with massage then rinse.


-Mask for repairing hair

Applied in small amount on top and damp hair length for 1 to 2 minutes daily but keep it for 5 to 7 minutes weekly then rinse.

It's not heavy but also creamy.


-Spray for completing the repairing action with the mask and shampoo.

Applied  before styling, blow-drying, and straightening on ends and damp length

Besides hyaluronic acid, in the spray that rehydrates hair, there's thermo protective property caused by grape extraction that protects the product from the heat of styling or straightening. 


3-Hair Aging Problem And Phytodensia 

As we age, the hair also ages and this hair aging is related to the amount of melanin that decreases with increasing women's age. 

The cornerstone in hair color is the melanin so hair turns to grey or white when melanin decreases.

If you want to maintain your normal hair color Of course you need.


Phytodensia For Hair Aging

Consist of tyrosine derivatives added to its provitamins

 B5 and B6 with the property of sulfate, paraben, and silicone-free.


This consistency repairs melanin to the hair shaft to delay the appearance of grey hair for a long time.

Phytodensia has three products:


-Plumbing shampoo that has a mixture of hyaluronic acid to reach the entire of the hair, grape polyphenol, and acacia collagen.

Applied 2to3 times per week.

By adding small amount and massage for scalp then lifted 2 to 3 minutes and rinse.


-Plumbing serum that's formed of vitamins rich peptides with a special formula for fighting Aging hair.

Applied on dry hair with great concern to a scalp massage and don't rinse it.


-Plumbing mask used after shampoo and applied on hair for 3 to 5 minutes then rinsed.

It's light in weight and fluid in texture to give fullness without a sense of heaviness.


4-Dry Hair And Phytojoba

More and more washing Of your hair is not advisable as many women think it causes dry hair. Besides that, straightening, dyes, and using chemical products are not natural.



Phytojoba have Shampoo and mask:


-Jojoba milk reaches shampoo and Sulphate free.


-As dry skin needs moisture also dry hair needs moisturizing by a Phytojoba mask that rebuilds the hydrolipidic film and strengthens the hair fiber.


5-Coloring hair and Phytocolor

If you love to color your hair and pay more for the best color of course you want to preserve this color so you need Phyto Color shampoo.

The daily care of hair by washing and styling can affect your color so keep your color with Phyto Color shampoo.


It consists of an extract of tara tannin and sunflower sprout to protect the color Of hair from fading and greening.

Phyto hair products introduce a protective color shampoo that you can trust.


6-Scalp Sensitivity And phytopolléine

Scalp as skin may be affected by sensitivity and this may be due to irritating products in hair care, styling, and hot weather.

Phyto hair products introduce Phytopolléine to solve the Problem of Scalp Sensitivity.


It protects your Scalp that is very important for healthy hair as it consists of multiple essential oils (Rosemary, sage, and cypress (72%) Lemon oil Corn oil (28%))to exfoliate and strengthen.

Phytopolléine also protects your Scalp against dandruff which is a big problem of hair.

Applied once per week on the dry scalp with a rolling applicator And leave it 20 minutes but do vigorous massage for the scalp to reach the best result.



Phyto hair products concern your hair care with natural products struggling against chemicals that destroy the hair.

For all types of hair and for all problems Of hair Phyto hair products are found.

Written By: Dr. Ferial Mo


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