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Black-owned hair products are the most important cosmetics to have if your hair is black as this amazing color needs special care to look healthy, shiny, and strong.

Important tips for healthy black hair

Because neglecting hair care, and not paying attention to it, affects its color and makes its dark and shiny black color turn into a pale and dull color, and the appearance of hair is unhealthy, so hair care experts have identified a set of important tips that must be followed and made a daily lifestyle so that the hair grows black, healthy, and shiny.

As we list the tips, we will tell you about black-owned hair products.

1 - Choosing hair care products 

Haircare can only be done properly through the use of good hair care products. It is not enough to use a shampoo or hair cream without focusing on its quality. It is important to choose high-quality hair care products, to achieve the desired benefit from them.  

For hair, and when choosing hair care products, products that contain natural materials and oils for hair should be chosen, and products that contain mineral oils and Vaseline should be avoided, as these materials close the pores of hair follicles, which hinders hair growth, and prevents proper moisturizing of hair.  

That you should focus on those products that contain shea butter, and natural protein for hair.

The appropriate shampoo must be used for the type of hair. A distinction must be made between shampoos for dry hair, brittle hair, oily hair, and other types of hair, and shampoo must be used constantly, as a dirty scalp cannot help the growth of healthy hair.

You can use any of the below shampoos of black-owned hair products such as:

-Be Gentle, Be kind shampoo of Briogeo

It contains bananas and coconut.

Super nourishing shampoo Maintains the black color of the hair and ensures deep clean without damaging the hair.

It is a wonderful addition to your set of black-owned hair products.


-Purifying Amethyst Shampoo of Meraki Organics

This wonderful shampoo of black-owned hair products gently exfoliates the scalp, also moisturizes the hair because it is prepared with a very effective formula that nourishes and cleanses the hair.

-Alodia Nourish and Hydrate shampoo 

It contains sweet almond sand, avocado, and peppermint oils. This shampoo is very fragrant, helps regenerate damaged hair, and is a powerful moisturizer.


2 - Hair conditioner: 

Your hair is indispensable for the use of conditioner. The importance of conditioner is no less than the importance of shampoo and other hair care products. The conditioner works to moisturize the hair, and wet hair is healthy growth hair, and the conditioner gives your black hair a wonderful and attractive shine and leaves the conditioner.  For about 15 minutes, after massaging the hair well, a conditioner rich in natural protein such as wheat protein, soy protein, and silk protein should be used, so that it is a therapeutic supplement for hair besides the shampoo.

Now we will tell you about the most effective conditioners of black-owned hair products such as:

-Everyday Shea Conditioner of Alaffia

It contains shea butter, Shea leaf, and lavender oil, so it gives great results to those who have normal to dry hair. 

You must try this conditioner of black-owned hair products.


-We Want Easy Texture Tamer Leave-In Conditioner & Smoothing Lotion of  The Doux

It's very famous on Instagram. It protects against heat, moisturizes, and fights frizz. It leaves your hair so shiny. 


-Honey Hemp Conditioner of Oyin Handmade

It is a homemade formula based on honey that makes the unique conditioner completely natural and so effective products you must have in your black-owned hair products set.


3 - Moisturizing the hair: 

After using the conditioner, the importance of moisturizing the hair comes again. The hair, like the skin, needs daily moisturizing, and one of the best types of moisturizers is natural oils. It Is a good moisturizer, which helps the growth of black hair wonderfully and healthily, and you can ask your doctor about  The right moisturizer for your hair.


-Jamaican Black Castor Oil Extra Dark of  Taliah Waajid

Jamaican Black Castor Oil is an amazing oil that ensures moisturizing and also the strength of the hair makes your hair longer and stronger. 


-Five Hair Oil of Jim and Henry

It contains essential oils like olive and Castor that moisturize, nourish the hair, and make it shiny and healthy. 


-Shine Spray of Kim Kimble

This Spray contains jojoba oil that adds elegant shine to dull and dry hair. 


4 - Protecting the ends of the hair:

 If we measure the rate of hair length, we will find that the hair grows and increases in length every 6 weeks, so the ends of the hair must be preserved and protected because healthy hair ends mean good hair growth, so the ends of the hair must be trimmed every period to maintain these parties  From breakage when using shampoo, conditioner, and hair moisturizer, focus on getting these materials to the ends of the hair so that the ends of the hair are healthy and strong.



 Excessive intake of water is reflected in the appearance, color, and growth of hair to a degree that may impress you, as water maintains hair hydration, and reduces hair loss with regular drinking of large quantities of water daily, and it is recommended to eat 7 to 9 cups of water daily.


6 - The right water for washing hair:

When taking a shower, pay close attention to the quality of the water with which you wash your hair, as washing hair with high salinity water causes dryness of hair, and pallor of its color, and washing hair with hot water leads to pallor and hair loss a lot, so it must be done  Washing the hair with lukewarm water, and the water must be fresh.


7- Avoid straightening creams:

 If you are keen to grow your hair black and healthy, you should avoid resorting to hair straighteners and others, because these materials contain many chemicals that destroy the hair and weaken its growth


In the end, we give you Priceless tips for keeping your beautiful black hair healthy, shiny, and strong and guide you to a very effective set of black-owned hair products.


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Written By: Dr. Sahar Eisa 

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