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Knowing your hair textures helps you to choose the perfect products, Mizani products for damaged hair have a wide range of natural products that tend to repair damaged hair.

In this article, we will go through various Mizani products for damaged hair and learn more about them. 


Scalp Care Pretreatment

Among the Mizani products for damaged hair, you can find the Scalp Care Pretreatment which is used as a scalp exfoliator made to work with all hair textures and curl types.

A pre-shampoo treatment made with a unique combination of active and soothing ingredients including eucalyptus oil, avocado oil, and aloe vera.

Its usage is very simple and easy, by applying the scalp exfoliator directly to the problem areas, leave it on for not more than three minutes, then rinse well.

This unique scalp cleanser makes your scalp healthy by removing dead skin cells, excess oils, and bacteria for a pollutant-free, clear scalp, and fresh hair.

This advanced formula containing avocado oil provides soothing relief to most scalp issues while prepping the hair for shampoo and conditioner. 

This scalp care pre-shampoo treatment relieves the dry, itchy scalp from discomfort and irritation through its effective exfoliating, smoothing, and cooling effect on the scalp leaving hair shiny and refreshed.

25 Miracle Milk Leave-in Conditioner

Another one of the best-selling products of Mizani products for damaged hair is the 25 Miracle milk leave-in conditioner, this product is suitable for all hair textures.

It provides a protective nourishing shield against heat damage and it primes wave curls and coils for a perfect frizz-free finish. 

The unbeatable blend of transformative ingredients like coconut oil and fennel seed oil gives 25 benefits in a single spritz. 

The lightweight conditioner penetrates deep down to the follicle and then preps, protects, and moisturizes the scalp for superior detangling and hydration of the hair.

This super formula undoes the damage & treats dryness to result in frizz-free, soft hair.

Apply 25 miracle milk leave-in conditioner when needed to clean, and damp hair to hydrate, style and easily detangle hair, it works perfectly for all hair textures.

Moisture Fusion Intense Moisturizing Mask

Moving to Moisture Fusion Intense Moisturizing Mask from Mizani products for damaged hair.

The unique moisturizing hair mask works with all textures and curl types. The main ingredients are cupuacu butter, argan oil, and honey.

This mask treatment revives dull coils and curls while defining style and fighting frizz for a bouncy style. Here it rebuilds vibrancy. 

To use this mask treatment, apply this mask to small sections of your hair while wet. Cover with a plastic cap for 15 to 20 minutes, rinse well then use a towel to dry.

Perfectly to be used with moisture-rich shampoo from Mizani products for damaged hair range for more defined, manageable hair that feels moisturized, soft, and looks transformed.

Strength Fusion Strengthening and Repairing Shampoo

Then we go to Strength Fusion Strengthening and Repairing Shampoo which is also an important product in Mizani products for damaged hair.

This shampoo treats dry strands, it works between chemical processes to restore hair.

Apply the repairing shampoo to damp hair, lather then rinses well. Repeat when needed. Apply the fusion strengthening shampoo post-chemical service immediately. 

Use the shampoo as directed.

This repairing shampoo works magic to strengthen dry, damaged hair, defining split ends and hair breakage. The ingredients are Spirulina and vitamin E extract, this formula fortifies hair, nourishes and softens it simultaneously.


Wonder Crown

One of Mizani products for damaged hair is wonder crown.

This foaming pre-cleanser removes product build-up from the scalp, gives a non-stripping effect, and also preps your hair for styling, the direct scalp applicator makes this formula easy to apply to protective styles.

This foaming pre-cleanser really works like a wonder in removing build-up, dirt, and oil, and cleanses then you can see the difference in balancing your scalp and prepping your hair for styling.

To use it on dry hair, use the directional nozzle, and apply it on your scalp in one-fourth inch partings. Message on your scalp then add water to activate the foam.

Emulsify for a minute or two, and let set for 1 more minute.

Finally, rinse well then follow with your favorite Mizani shampoo and conditioner from Mizani products for damaged hair.

Wonder crown is an amazing product to be used quickly and it’s very effective in cleansing your scalp, ideal for locs, cornrows, braids, and protective styles.

Apply directly on the scalp, and massage in until it lathers. Then rinse well, towel dry, and style the way you love.

Style Shifter Society Heat Screen

If you are seeking heat-protectant products from Mizani products for damaged hair you might choose Style Shifter Society Heat Screen.

It protects your coils, waves, or curls from any type of thermal styling and gets sleek, styled, frizz-controlled results with a glossy shine.

The main ingredient is rose water extract, this light, and weightless spray helps to make a shield against heat damage from the continuous use of blow-dryers, hooded dryers, diffusers, and flat irons with high temperatures.

This leave-in heat-protecting spray is weightless or lightweight and it protects against heat damage and adds a shine.

To use first cleanse, then conditioned with your preferred Mizani regimen.

Divide your hair into sections even in size, Spray evenly on your wet hair, starting at the ends and moving forward to the scalp. Blow-dry, diffuse, flat-iron, or place under a hooded dryer as usual.


 This heat screen is one of the few heat protectants in a mist form that is super lightweight and suitable for all texture types. It can also prep and style on its own. 


Press Agent Thermal Smoothing Raincoat Styling Cream

It's one of the best Mizani products for damaged hair.

The blow-dry layer-able cream moisturizes and provides heat protection. Customize and style perfectly your blowout and silk press with this product by mixing Raincoat Styling cream & serum. 

This cream is formulated for easy layering with no flakes or curdling, it hydrates hair and includes a UV filter.

A heat protectant is essential to protecting your hair from heat damage, which makes the hair permanently straight by heat or loss of moisture or elasticity in natural texture. 

With the blow dry cream, the amount used on wet hair depends on hair density and the needed hydration to strands. 

Wash hair with Press Agent Thermal Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner. Mix two parts Press Agent Raincoat Styling Serum in hands and emulsify. 

Apply to wet hair starting from the ends to the roots. Reapply as necessary based on the density of your hair. Adjust amounts based on texture type and straightening needs.


Mizani products for damaged hair contain unique components can depend on to repair your damaged hair, just choose what is convenient for you and you can see the fantastic results after a few uses.

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