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MUSC women's health is a brief of the medical university of south Carolina. Its purpose Is to preserve a healthy life For thousands of women. Which provides excellence in patient care, teaching, research through the best team of doctors, specialists, and researchers. 

It was founded in 1824, has six colleges to educate and train more than 3000 students to become health professionals. It is reported that MUSC women's health is one of the best 35 hospitals in gynecology according to the U.S and World report 2020_21 national ranking. MUSC Women's Health Obstetrics and Gynecology provides are board-certified by ABOD.

MUSC Women’s Health

Medical MUSC women's health services:



-Maternal-Fetal Medicine 



1- Gynecology Services 

The women's health care team helps all women beginning at adolescence through senior life. The most common services in the gynecology department are screening for complex care and fertility needs. 

The medical service team uses the newest technology in diagnosis and examination as ultrasound scan and 3-D ultrasonography to evaluate soft tissues and the anatomy, they help patients and support them till patients become in better health. 


Gynecologic common programs:

-Cancer screening. 

-Minimally invasive gynecologic surgery. 

-Menopausal and post-menopausal. 

-Family planning. 

-Abnormal hormones issues. 

-Discovery of high-risk breasts early. 

MUSC Women’s Health

2-Pregnancy Services:

MUSC women's health is interested in doing the best for mothers and babies during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum to Have a Healthy Pregnancy. MUSC women's health team can deal with simple and the most complex obstetrical conditions. There are 29 rooms For mothers and babies for delivery, 5 antepartum, and 7 rooms where mothers and babies can be together.


The MUSC women's health team Is trained to teach mothers about breastfeeding and now because of the
Covid-19 pandemic, the team can educate mothers online about childbirth and breastfeeding. 

MUSC Women’s Health


Common services of pregnant are:

-Natural childbirth

-Vaginal birth after cesarean. 

-Perinatal education classes. 

-Genetic counseling: The medical team Is trained well in human genetics to help families to know if There Are genetic problems or not by using the newest technology to manage the problems and help families to make decisions. 

They depend on family history, abnormal screening results, and exposure to medicines. 


-Making groups of pregnant women, each group includes 8 to 10 pregnant women in the same month to reassure them about their health and babies through blood analysis and ultrasounds. These groups are made For low-risk pregnancies. women are learning in centering groups about nutrition, pains, and aches which are related to Pregnancy. 

MUSC women's health is one of the best places which provides centering groups.

MUSC Women’s Health

3-Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM):

The Maternal-Fetal Medicine team Is trained well to help families to ensure a healthy life For their babies. MFM team Is working together with the gynecological team to provide care For women and their babies. 

It is very difficult for any family to know about abnormalities or problems related to pregnancy but unfortunately, 2-3% of pregnancies are complicated with problems. 

So the Maternal-Fetal Medicine team Is designed to discover and notice abnormalities of unborn and newborn infants and help in treating these abnormalities.


MUSC women's health has a prenatal wellness center where the staff Is trained in preconception health, prenatal diagnosis, and medical complications of pregnancy. 

MUSC Women’s Health

The center provides some services as:
-Diagnostic testing and screening. 

-Caring about diabetes and twin clinics. 

-Counseling of preconception, High risk, and genetic risks of pregnancies. 

The importance of prenatal diagnosis:

It is important to know abnormalities and Pregnancy problems early to help specialists with parents make the correct decision and There Is enough time For specialists to treat these problems and educate parents on how to deal with these problems if they are transported from prenatal to postnatal life. 

The common conditions are treated:

-Chest abnormalities. 

-Cardiac abnormalities. 

-Genetic abnormalities. 

-Fetal tumor. 

-Club foot. 

-Cleft lip and/or palate. 

-Renal and urological disorders. 

-Neurologic disorders. 

After delivery, the Fetal care center team helps parents to communicate and deal with their newborn. The team also provides support For families who lost a fetus. 

MUSC Fetal Care Center Is considered the leader in care For mothers and their babies related to complications in Pregnancy. 


MUSC women's health is considered one of the 40 top hospitals in Urogynecology and pelvic Medicine. 

Although men and women are affected, women are more likely to be affected with urogynecology and pelvic disorders. 

Pelvic problems are a complex combination of medical disorders, such as rectal and vaginal prolapse, urinary tract infection, interstitial cystitis, and other syndromes.  These disorders should be discovered and evaluated early, So There Is a department specialized to deal with these disorders and treat with surgery or without and provide a better life For the patients. 


The department of OB/GYN Is cooperating with the Urogynecology team in the treatment of these disorders.



Common conditions are treated:

-Urinary incontinence can occur After birth or with aging. 

-Overactive bladder. 

-Frequent urinary tract infection. 

-Pelvic organ prolapse. 

MUSC women's health can be located in six locations:

-Mount pleasant 

-Daniel island 

-Downtown charleston


-North charleston 



MUSC women's health is the top in management and improvement of the health life of women and its team Is professional in dealing with cases and providing the best outcomes. 

By: Dr. Islam Mahmoud Saleh 

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