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MUSC women's health provides you with every health care service that you may need through the different stages of your life, a special health care program is designed carefully to meet all your needs. Let's know more about this program.

MUSC women's health

What is the MUSC women's Health program?  

MUSC Women's Health has a program that every woman deserves from teen years till senior life. In this program, they provide advanced comprehensive services from basic gynecology to complicated healthcare and treatments. In MUSC women's health care is the primary concern of more than 40 health care specialists who provide care in different locations.


MUSC is one of the top 35 hospitals for gynecology due to world report 2020/21 national ranking based on different categories and data ( numbers of high-risk patients, survival patients, and healthcare staffing ).

MUSC women's health services:


MUSC women's health provides very special services for every woman which makes it one of the top 50 hospitals recognized nationally.

Their team also provides you with a high level of privacy and accuracy. They also  provide you services from basic routine investigations to complex care and fertility needs.


In MUSC women's health, there is the newest diagnostic technology, for example, 3D mammograms; they also have behavioral health specialists who offer support and counseling when needed.


Now you may ask about the gynecology features that they provide here are some of them:


-Ultrasound imaging 

-Fibroid imaging 

-Saline infusion sonogram 

-Infertility support in which we help women to overcome recurrent pregnancy loss 

-Diagnosis and treatment of pediatrics gynecology issues 

-Breast health care like prevention tips, screening, imaging, and more

-Birth Control and family planning options 

-Surgical and nonsurgical gynecology treatments

-MUSC Hollings Cancer Center ( for cancer screening programs ) 

-Pelvic and bladder management and evaluations


Common gynecology services: 


1-Contraception including IUD and Implanon:

-There are a lot of varieties of birth control methods available, a highly qualified specialist in MUSC women's health will help you to choose the most suitable method for you.


-There are long reversible methods like IUD ( intrauterine device ) which is a T-shaped plastic device wrapped in copper and it also may contain hormones. The IUD is inserted into your uterus by your physician and gives you long-term contraception. 


-Implanon is a small thin plastic rod inserted under the skin of the upper arm and then it starts to release hormones slowly into your body to prevent ovulation.


2-Cancer screening:

Cancer screening helps in recognize cancer even before any symptoms appear which makes the treatment more effective.


3-Evaluation of abnormal vaginal bleeding:

Abnormal bleeding can happen at any age, your physician will help you in this case.


4-Menopausal and post-menopausal health:

A team of specialists will help you to manage the postmenopausal symptoms which include headache, weight gain, hot flush, joint and muscle ache, sexual desire problems, and other undesirable symptoms.



Because your healthy pregnancy and delivery are the primary concerns there in MUSC women's health, they have a highly qualified team of physicians and midwives to ensure that you receive the service which you deserve during your pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum.

Let's see what services they have there in the maternity department?

-Advanced fetal care center 


-29 Mothers/baby postpartum rooms 


-80 Licensed bed intensive care unit which is considered nationally as the largest one 


-A stork elevator that takes the mother directly from the entrance to the fourth-floor maternity department 


6-Maternal-fetal care:

MUSC women's health cares about you and your baby so they have a very specialized team of experts and physicians to ensure the best results for mum and baby.


Therefore, they provide many services that start before childbirth which ensure a healthy start for your baby.


There you will find Prenatal Wellness Center is where you will find highly qualified specialists who are well trained to provide you very unique care for many different conditions (pregnancy complications, genetics, and prenatal diagnosis ).

MUSC Women's Health


Importance of prenatal diagnosis:

The team of specialists in MUSC women's health will start their mission with you and your partner before you become pregnant to evaluate your health condition and recognize any health problems that may affect your child and develop a plan to control these risks.


The care team is very aware to recognize and treat any complications that may happen during your pregnancy and delivery of your baby.


There you will also have advanced diagnostic monitoring and evaluation which includes : 

-Fetal ultrasound imaging including 3D and 4D ultrasound 

-Echocardiography for your fetus with 2D, color, and pulse -Doppler

-Fetal MRIs

-Antenatal testing 

-Umbilical blood sampling 


While most fetuses develop normally there are 2-3% who are born with defects. 

Prenatal ultrasound imaging helps our specialists to evaluate the anatomy and growth of your fetus  ( using special fetal imaging techniques).

This information allows them to identify and evaluate any birth defect early 

Some defects can be treated during the newborn period via surgery.


Genetic counseling:

The qualified team helps families manage pregnancies at high risk of genetic abnormalities.


When should you ask for genetic counseling? 


-If you are 35 years old at the time of delivery


-If you have a family history of Down syndrome, spina bifida, or other genetic disorders 


-If you experience multiple miscarriages


-If you exposed to any medications, drugs, or radiation during your pregnancy


-Racial genetic abnormalities risk 


-If you have previous fetal abnormalities


You may ask for genetic counseling either if you are pregnant or you are planning to become pregnant.


MUSC Women's Health



Pelvic health problems, urinary incontinence, and reconstructive surgery are things that a lot of women may have, MUSC women's health have many treatment options for these situations including surgical and nonsurgical therapy.


Pelvic floor disorders are very common in women this complex condition includes urinary incontinence and fecal incontinence too, rectal and vaginal problems, recurrent urinary tract infections, and many other complicated problems which cause very painful pelvic syndromes and need very special care and treatment.

Therefore MUSC provides a special care program for this condition which includes:


-Urinary incontinence ( happen when you can't control your urination and the most common cause is childbirth ) evaluation and treatment


-Overactive bladder treatment ( involuntary squeezing of the bladder)


-Diagnosis and treatment of recurrent urinary tract infections 


-Pelvic organ prolapse ( organ slipping from its position) 



MUSC women's health hospital is the best place to check up on every woman's health, with a highly qualified team you will find all the health care and support that you may need throughout your life. 

Written by: Sh. Makki


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