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Nairobi shampoo and conditioner belong to Nairobi company products for the treatment of many types of hair, for healthy hair. So let's know more about Nairobi company and its products.

About Nairobi company

Nairobi professional company owners are William and Kimberly Chapman, they laid the first stone of the company more than 20 years ago, Chapman products are the products by which the company is operated.

The products are the latest on-trend, provide widespread educational procedures, and make a very ambitious impact in the industry.

The company searches for products that are reliable and satisfying and the hair professionals in the company know how important the client is, so they manufactured products with very gorgeous results because they use the highest quality natural components and the latest technology.

That helps any type of hair to be more healthy and beautiful.

Every new product is experimented with by a hairstylist and not on animals.

So Nairobi shampoo and conditioner and other company products are the best on the market for you. 

Nairobi-Shampoo-And-ConditionerTypes of hair

It's important to know the type of your hair to choose the most suitable Nairobi shampoo and conditioner and other products for your hair.

Determination of hair type is mostly based on the hair's curl pattern by knowing the shape of your hair follicle so it helps to know the amount of curl in your hair which specifies whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly, or coily.

Straight hair is the first type

It hasn't any natural curl, each strand can be thick or thin, fine or coarse, it tends to be oily so you don't need to add extra oil to your hair.

Using Nairobi shampoo and conditioner especially detoxifying shampoo and dandra solv moisturizing conditioner will help your straight hair be healthy and free from any extra oils.

Wavy hair is the second type

Which includes 3 types

1- The hair has a tousled texture, it is fairly straight from the roots to the eye level, and hair is loose and wavy to the ends.

2- The hair is wavy, s-shaped, and curly hair from the mid-point to the ends.

3- The hair is more s-shaped than the other types, hair is thick and the wave starts along the hair strand.

Curly hair is the third type

These may be s-shaped curls that form loose circles, also may spring from the roots with large volume, or the curls may be right, rigid, and spring.

You can use Exquisite Hydrating Detangling Shampoo with your beautiful curly hair to keep it healthy and soft.


Nairobi hair products

The products include Nairobi shampoo and conditioner, firstly let's talk about it:

Nairobi hair shampoo

There are many types of Nairobi hair shampoo according to your hair type if there are some problems with your hair like dandruff or dryness.

Detoxifying Shampoo

Which contains wheat germ oil, ginseng, yellow root, rosemary pantheon, styling gel, and some medication like iron. 

These ingredients will help in the stimulation of very healthy hair firstly by removing oils, dirt, and any residual styling products.

So that helps in opening hair follicles with no streaking at ph 6 which will improve your scalp and increase the volume of your hair.

Exquisite Hydrating Detangling Shampoo

Nairo-plex proteins and keratin are the most important ingredients of that shampoo so that your hair will be soft and smooth and repair split ends. use it once weekly.

Nairobi conditioning shampoo

This type is used for grey and white hair and contains a protein that enriches the color of your grey hair.

Nairobi normalizing shampoo

If you wanna clean your hair deeply from any residual alkali or other residues, you could use this shampoo that restores the natural Ph of your hair, you can use it once weekly.

Nairobi Pamper Soft shampoo

Its natural formula makes it a special shampoo as it contains aloe vera, vi.B5, pantheon, and other moisturizers, the shampoo leaves your hair so soft and silky at 6.5 Ph.

Pamperlizer neutralizing shampoo

It neutralizes your hair's alkalinity with ingredients like Vit B5, pantheon lysine HCL, and UV filters that help your hair to be moisturized and remove any residual alkali and oils at 5.75 Ph.

Where to buy Nairobi products

You can visit the company site and buy Nairobi shampoo and conditioner and other products directly from it. Also from the Amazon site.

The company has an Instagram page (Nairobi Hair). And Ensley beauty supply site.

Nairobi conditioner

- Nairobi plex treatment conditioner

With biotin, cysteine, pantheon, keratin, and wheat proteins in the shampoo formula, you will protect your hair from split ends and dryness.

All hair types can use that conditioner because it makes your hair healthier and restores its elasticity by providing moisturization at 4.5 Ph.

- Nairobi dandra solv Moisturizing Conditioner

It is a therapeutic conditioner that helps in building up your hair so it will be moisturized and healthy. 

- Nairobi pamper plex conditioner

It is a deep hydrating conditioner, its formula contains silk amino acids, wheat protein, and vitamin B5 which increase hair volume, elasticity, and moisturization so it repairs dry and damaged hair. At Ph 4.5. 

In addition to Nairobi shampoo and conditioner, the company products include many types of hair lotions, gel styling, botanical oils, relaxer system for your hair, and leave-in hair cream.


Nairobi shampoo and conditioner reviews

- Excellent product. My hair was quite dry, so I asked my hairdresser what she recommended, and not wanting to lose business, recommended another brand of shampoo, which harmed my hair even more.

During my next appointment, my hairdresser accidentally left them (Nairobi shampoo and conditioner) out on the counter. I went home, read the reviews, and shopped. They are amazing.

- This is one of the best-smelling shampoos and moisturizing. It's wonderful for natural and relaxed hair. The price is acceptable too.

- This is a great shampoo. It left my hair feeling moisturized and not dry after washing it. I would buy it again.

- Nairobi shampoo and conditioner leave my hair soft and beautiful.


As you read before, how Nairobi products give your hair what it needs, by it's natural components. So don't hesitate to buy the products to make your hair healthy and new!

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