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Curly hair girls have a special character as their hair and that is required to choose the best drugstore conditioner for curly hair. Before buying your conditioner you need to know what your hair needs and What are the signs of healthy curly hair.

If you want healthy curly hair you have to read the following to detect if you have it or you need treatment by using the best drugstore conditioners for curly hair.


Best drugstore conditioner for curly hair

Healthy curly hair should be:

1- Strong hair with no damage and breakage.

2- Soft when you touch and there isn’t any rough or dryness.

3-Sheds normally but not more than 50 to 100 hairs per day.

4-It has volume and movement.

After knowing the signs of healthy curly hair, let me talk to you about   

The importance of using a suitable conditioner for curly hair.

Importance of using the best drugstore conditioner for curly hair:

1- Helps to prevent dryness of hair because curly hair is quite naturally dry so, the conditioner nourishes your hair with hydration and locks the moisture inside it.

2- The conditioner can make your hair untangled and easy to undo the knots when you comb your hair.

3- It makes your hair soft; hence it can easily be styled and managed.

4- Keep your curls frizz-free when you coat the length of hair from root to tips by using a conditioner. Now you realize how the conditioner is important to your curly hair.

What will happen if you use a bad conditioner that isn’t certainly the best drugstore conditioner for curly hair?

1-Your hair will be affected dramatically when you use a bad conditioner to Become more dry and frizzy.  

2-It may not be beneficial for your curly hair because it couldn’t interact enough with the hair and leave without restoring it.

3- Chemicals that you find in bad conditioners can cause sensitive effects such as sulfates. 

For all those harmful impacts of using bad conditioners, you have to be careful when you want to buy a conditioner and ensure it is the best drugstore conditioner for curly hair. I’m sure now you are asking how do I know this conditioner is suitable for me and feel convenient when I go to get it up.

Let me tell you some advice that would answer your question.


Best drugstore conditioner for curly hair

How to select the best drugstore conditioner for curly hair:

1- You have to know your curls and what they need very well also if you have other problems for instance: dandruff or dry scalp after that choose a suitable conditioner.

2- Curly hair needs a conditioner that can moisturize, minimize frizz and detangle the hair easily.

3- Read the ingredients and make sure the conditioner is free from any chemicals that can cause allergies.

best drugstore conditioner for curly hair

The best drugstore conditioner for curly hair:

1- Moroccan Oil Curl Enhancing Conditioner:

It is considered the best drugstore conditioner for curly hair because of its ingredients. It contains Abyssinian oil, Argan oil, a vegetable protein with the addition of a special Moroccan scent from sweet flora and spicy amber aroma.


1-It moisturizes curls to give them health and vitality.

2- Boosts strength and protection.

3-Free from chemicals such as Sulphate, Phosphate, and Paraben.


1- Protection from frizz isn’t long-lasting.

2- Has a strong scent.

2- Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish Leave-In Treatment:

The brand of this product is known for its specific ingredient which are Coconut, macadamia oils, vitamins B3 and B6. This will make your hair healthier and beautiful so without a doubt the best drugstore conditioner for curly hair.


1- Easily manageable the shape style of curls.

2- Makes smooth hair and anti-frizz for 24hr.

3- Free- Sulphate and paraben.


The product scent is strong for some people.

3- Novex My Curls Super Curly Leave-in conditioner:

The conditioner was formulated for curly hair. It contains a blend of oils; olive, ojon, moringa, monoi, coconut, argan, and shea butter which can improve and protect the curls.


1-Nourish and protect.

2- Tame-frizz the curls.

3- Easy detangle and style.

4-Silicone, Sulfate, and Paraben-free.


1- Its strong smell may not be acceptable for some people.

2- It makes your hair greasy.

Best drugstore conditioner for curly hair

4- SheaMoisture Coconut and Hibiscus curl & Shine Conditioner:

This conditioner can restore your curly hair and keep it hydrated, soft, and detangle By coconut oil, shea butter, and hibiscus. Because they have fatty acids and vitamin C which are beneficial for your hair.


1- Frizz-free.

2- Tangle-free.

3- It doesn't leave your hair greasy.

4-Protects from dryness.


1- Doesn’t affect thick hair.

2- It needs to squeeze strongly to get it out from the bottle.

5- Camille Rose Curl Love Moisture Milk:

This is another product considered the best drugstore conditioner for curly hair because it was made by a curly hair woman who knows what particular curly hair needs. The conditioner contains ingredients that protect your curls from snagging as well as make them soften and detangle; it includes macadamia seed oil, rice milk, vitamines, elm park, and rose extracts.


1- It contains healthy ingredients.

2- Suitable for sensitive scalps and skin.

3- Use it on dry and wet hair.


1- May not have enough moisture with 4c  hair. 

6- Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength Conditioner for Curly hair:

This is the best drugstore conditioner for curly hair especially for the Weak type enhances your curls and gives them strength, shine, moisturizes, and maintains the shape of the natural curl by castor oil which has it within.


1- Free from chemicals such as sulfate and paraben.

2- Prevent the split.

3- Moisturizes and strengthens.


1- The fragrance of ginger and cumin may not be acceptable for some people. 


 Hair is the crown of a woman so that requires her specific care especially when it is curly hair. Love yourself, enjoy your life, take care of your hair and buy the best drugstore conditioner for curly hair. Always remember you are pretty and deserve the best.

 Written by: Dr. Naglaa AbdAllah

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