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Home remedies for vaginal itching are various and common as vaginal itching is a very common phenomenon among females.

Before searching for home remedies for vaginal itching you should first know the causes.

Also, you should know that the normal healthy vagina always secretes transparent or slightly white discharges that are odorless or have a slight scent that never will appear or spread through your clothes with good sanitation.

You may also see other discharge colors which also are considered normal like slight red directly before period time or slight brown during pregnancy. 

If you are suffering from a different vaginal discharge with an odor you can try home remedies for vaginal itching that will be mentioned. 

Causes of vaginal itching :

The vaginal itching may be due to:

  • Infection in the vagina itself is like bacterial vaginosis or fungal infection.

  • Irritation in the surrounding skin like contact dermatitis or eczema.

Home remedies for vaginal itching

 Daily care routine for bikini area:

The best home remedies for vaginal itching are a daily care routine and proper sanitation so you should:

  • Wear 100%cotton panties as cotton can absorb any moisture and secretions.

  • Gently dry the skin in the genital area after showering or bathing. 

  • Avoid tight panties

  • Avoid using vaginal wash without doctor advice as it may be harmful and alter the pH of the area and worsen the condition.

  • Avoid using soap, perfumes, or any other chemicals as their Ph are different from that of the vagina causing an imbalance in normal vaginal flora. 

  • It's sufficient to clean the area with warm water.

  • While cleaning the area clean from front to back(from the vagina to anus to prevent bringing more bacteria to the area from the anus)

  • Avoid using daily panty liner as it increases the risk of yeast infection.

  • Notice if any itching occurs with certain sanitary napkins to change the brand.

  • Don't take any antibiotics without a doctor's advice as taking antibiotics may kill normal beneficial flora in the vagina. 

  • Visit your doctor when you reach menopause to prescribe the necessary supplement to you as lowering estrogen levels after menopause higher the risk of vaginal infection and dryness. 

  • Avoid intercourse through the anus which may transmit the bacteria in the colon to the vagina, also the oral sex that will transport oral flora to the vagina.

  • Clean the area directly after intercourse to help the semen come out as its acidity differs from that of the vagina. 

  • Ask your partner to clean the area before intercourse to minimize the chances of contact dermatitis or transmission of harmful bacteria.

  • If you are using lubricant during intercourse please choose a water-balanced one or ask a doctor to prescribe one. 

home remedies for vaginal itching

Common home remedies for vaginal itching:

  1. Greek yogurt mixed with honey:

Many researchers found that mixing yogurt with honey is more effective in treating fungal infection than any other therapeutic medicine as the yogurt is considered a probiotic that can return a normal balance of bacterial flora and this is the most common method from home remedies for vaginal itching. 

2. Baking soda:

The vaginal Ph is slightly acidic as this acidity prevents the growth of harmful bacteria.

When there is an itching in the vaginal area this means that the Ph becomes more acidic.

So baking soda is also one of the most common home remedies for vaginal itching as its alkaline action treats this increased acidity and returns it to normal.

4. Apple cider vinegar:

ACV is known to be one of the home remedies for vaginal itching as it has a soothing action that relieves irritation.

5. Coconut oil:

People say that it is effective in treating vaginal itching but there is no research confirming this. 

6. vaginal wash:

No need to use vaginal washes as the vagina cleans itself with the secretions that bring out any dead cells and clamps, so using over-the-counter vaginal washes without doctor instructions may increase the susceptibility of vaginal infection and we should exclude these washes from home remedies for vaginal itching.

7. Vaginal steaming:

Vaginal remedy with steaming means putting some kinds of herbs like tea tree oil in hot water and standing over it to allow the steam to enter into the vagina.

But there is no research talking about this and this also may be harmful as hot steam may irritate the delicate tissues, also this method should be excluded from home remedies for vaginal itching. 

8. Using cold compress:

Using a cold pad may relieve irritation in the area and is considered to be one of the safest home remedies for vaginal itching. 

9. Aloe vera:

Has a soothing effect on the skin so if the itching is due to skin irritation applying aloe vera cream will be beneficial.

10. Hair removing method:

You have to notice if this itching follows hair removal, you should alter the method.

If you are shaving, turn to wax or laser hair removal. 

11: Hydrogen peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide has an antiseptic effect so it can be added to water and used to relieve the itching sensation.

12. Boric acid:

Boric acid is very useful for women who have a recurrent infection as it can return the proper Ph of the vagina and relieve the itching sensation.

13. Good diet contains probiotic bacteria:

Eating a healthy diet also is one of the most important home remedies for vaginal itching as your diet is reflected on all your body, so when you eat healthy food that contains probiotic bacteria will maintain the bacterial balance in the vagina.

Also, your food affects the odor of vaginal secretions. Although garlic is known to be a natural antibiotic and antifungal, eating it shows no effect in treating vaginal infection.

Some women try to use it topically by holding it with an external strain experiencing relief, but it's a very risky experiment as garlic may burn delicate tissues.

14. Wild oregano oil:

Wild oregano oil has an antifungal property so using a pad that contains wild oregano oil diluted with other oils like olive oil can improve yeast infection.

Home remedies for vaginal itching

You should visit  your doctor:

Home remedies for vaginal itching are very good and help in many cases but the doctor is indispensable in some cases like:

  • There is severe irritation that obstructs your life.

  • Bad odor

  • Redness 

  • Blisters 

If you have a partner he also may need to receive the same treatment as the infection may be transmitted to him or he may be the cause of infection as men also develop a yeast infection in genitalia. 

Finally, if you are pregnant and suffer any sort of vaginal infection, you should treat it as soon as possible as these infections may lead to premature labor and will infect the baby in the case of natural labor. 


Home remedies for vaginal itching are very effective. The daily care routine for the bikini area is the most important of them. We have mentioned the most trusted home remedies for vaginal itching so please don't try any method that you aren't sure of. 

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