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Home remedies for vaginal itching are wanted for relieving a symptom which most women complain about and cause more discomfort and disturbance.

Home remedies for vaginal itching

Advantages of home remedies for vaginal itching:

This type of treatment is considered easy, with low cost, available, and somewhat effective in comparison with medical treatments but not enough in some cases for resolving the complaint.


Causes of vaginal itching:

Before seeking the treatment we need to know the causes of itching in private parts

1- Fungal infections are mostly by the type of fungi called Candida Albicans that arise from many things.

2- Vaginosis caused by bacteria.

3- Vaginitis due to the use of irritants, detergent, soap... Etc.

4- Dryness of vagina in postmenopausal women resulted from estrogen deficiency.

5- Overuse of antibiotics leads to killing probiotics which create a vaginal healthy environment and prevent fungal and yeast infection.

6 - Other causes like diabetes, allergy, sexually transmitted diseases...etc.

Home remedies for vaginal itching

Examples of Home remedies for vaginal itching:

1- Yogurt is the first choice home remedy and honey, yogurt is applied topically as a paste and eaten because it increases probiotic growth and makes a healthy environment that prevents overgrowth of fungi.

2- Sodium bicarbonate Some studies say that it has an antifungal effect to prevent itching.

Applied topically, make a paste with water or in a bath and sit in it for a period.

3- Coconut oil in Home remedies for vaginal itching 

Used as a lubricant for dry vagina and also soothe itching in addition to its antifungal effect, it is considered safe and accepted by application locally provided that it is pure and comes from a trusted source.

4- Tea tree oil as a home remedy for vaginal itching also eliminates microorganisms bacteria and fungi, the causes of vaginal itching and inflammation but it has some side effects. It may irritate the sensitive areas and mucosa so discontinuation should be done when discomfort occurs.

5 - Apple cider vinegar in home remedies for vaginal itching has an antimicrobial effect used diluted with water but it may irritate the vagina and mucosa also.

6 - Garlic by eating and vitamin c intake enhances immunity and therefore fights microbes and relieves itching.

7 - Diluted hydrogen peroxide with water 1: 1 also has an antimicrobial effect.


Advantages and disadvantages of Home remedies for vaginal itching:


It is a cheap method, available, accepted by many patients, and gives an improvement in a few days whether used only or with other treatments.


Is represented in local irritation in some women, discomfort to others, not enough, or suitable for relieving itching caused by difficult diseases like sexually transmitted diseases.

The wanted effect may not be gained quickly so the complaint of itching and discomfort last more.

The effect of Home remedies for vaginal itching differs from one to another in result due to the variation in the cause, severity, how long it is applied and the type of the underlying disease.

Despite all the above, Home remedies for vaginal itching may be used besides other medical treatments and we mustn't depend upon it only in many cases and take care of any irritation that may be happening.

Home remedies for vaginal itching


You must meanly avoid any irritant, detergent, any substances that cause allergy-like unsuitable underwear, cotton is the most suitable matter which underwear is made of.

When you use it and any side effect appears or the itching gets worse, call a doctor or visit the specialist and stop taking or applying it.

You must avoid very tight clothes because they may cause vaginal and vulvar itching which leads to more discomfort.

You must recognize the mean causes of complaint before beginning Home remedies for vaginal itching and keep personal hygiene well, wear cotton clothes, avoid any irritants, and all affected factors.

Soothing substances are useful in this case to calm the skin and help the management.

Always take into consideration risk /benefit to decide to continue to apply or not.



Home remedies for vaginal itching are available, low cost, sometimes effective, accepted by many females as they treat or relieve the most common symptoms and complaints that females complain about, used alone or beside another treatment.

It has many side-effects like most drugs for example irritation, inflammation, allergy, and low effects.

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