Progressive Pet Insurance Reviews | 2021's Detailed Reviews

Progressive Pet insurance reviews are considered mostly by pet parents when it comes to choosing a plan of insurance for their pets by Progressive pet health insurance.

progressive pet insurance reviews

Progressive pet insurance is one of the first companies that offers a separate pet insurance policy, yet not the best in this field. Despite that, Progressive pet insurance still has some advantages over other insurance companies. 

Progressive has an overall rate of 3.9 to 4.5 from 5 upon satisfaction of the offered services.

According to coverage, annual limits, deductibles, reimbursement, and claims of each plan, Progressive pet insurance reviews can easily be gathered.

Progressive pet insurance plans.

Progressive pet insurance from PetsBest offers you 3 different insurance plans; Accident-only, BestBenefit Accident, and BestWellness and EssentialWellness plan for routine care.

These policies are regulated by PetsBest not Progressive and if you want more information you will find it on PetsBest's website, not on Progressive's website.

The Accident-only plan and pros and cons:

progressive pet insurance reviews

A Progressive Accident-only insurance policy offers you coverage for accidental injuries only like broken bones and bites wounds.


1- The cheapest and the most affordable plan.

2- Fixed monthly fee.


Only covers accidental injuries away from illnesses.

The Best Benefit Accident plan and pros and cons:

Unlike Accident-only, the Best Benefit Accident plan covers all injuries and illnesses no matter what they are and how severe they can be.


1- Covers both accidents and illness.

2- It covers emergency care, vet visits and diagnostic tests, and more.

3- The most used and popular plan gives the pet parents the right to choose their reimbursement and deductible. A plan of 70 %, 80%, or 90% deduction on your vet bills for illnesses and injuries.


1- The monthly fee is elevated according to your pet's breed, age, reimbursement, and location.

2- It doesn't cover any of the routine and preventative care.

BestWellness and EssentialWellness and pros and cons:

This plan is a BestBenefit plan combined with other two options to choose from; BestWellness and EssentialWellness that give you coverage for routine and preventative care.

They differ in the yearly payment for the targeted service.


1- Covers routine care and preventative care.

2- The fees don't depend on your pet's age, breed or location.

3- Fixed and up to a certain limit payment per year.


1- You pay for whatever service you want separately.

2- Not all routine and preventative care services are included.

Progressive pet insurance reviews; overall point of view.


progressive pet insurance reviews

Progressive pet insurance by PetsBest and being the first to have a website functional for online enrollment is one of the reasons that lift progressive pet insurance reviews.

Progressive pet insurance reviews sum up the insurance plans and give you the results of the customer's experience.

Pros of Progressive pet insurance:

1- Progressive covers a lot of aspects regarding your pet's health and welfare.

2- Progressive offers a wide and flexible range of payments to choose from according to your budget.

3- You get to choose your reimbursement and deductibles.

4- The annual limits in BestWellness and EssentialWellness is a point counted for this policy.

5- No need to pay for your vet as Progressive will pay with the BestBenefit plan.

6- Discounts for online enrollment, multi-pet owners, military persons, and annual payment are offered. Nada 


1- Though you might feel that progressive pet insurance covers what you need in your pet's policy, Progressive pet insurance does not cover afterlife procedures including burial and cremation.

2- There are no annual limits in the BestBenefit plan.

3- The fact that these policies are from PetsBest and their information is not on Progressive's website is kinda missed and not shown or referred to on Progressive's website.

Progressive pet insurance reviews on waiting periods, pre-existing conditions, coverage limits, and claims.

Progressive pet insurance reviews showed a big difference between Progressive and other competitors in the upper mentioned points.


progressive pet insurance reviews

Waiting periods:

Before you can get to use your policy comes a waiting period.

Progressive offers a good and relatively short waiting period. 

After your online enrollment, you can benefit from your policy within 3 days for injuries and up to 14 days for illnesses.

Like other companies:

1- No waiting period is there in BestWellness and you can use it at once.

2- There is a 6 month waiting period for ligament injuries before you can use your policy to treat them. Also if a ligament injury appears after signing up for your policy, you still are in the waiting period and you have to wait 6 months before you get to use your policy.

Pre-existing conditions:

No insurance company covers pre-existing conditions.

A condition that appears in the waiting periods is also considered a pre-existing condition.

Annual coverage limits:

Progressive pet insurance reviews showed that there's no annual insurance coverage that limits flexibility. For example, you could take a $5000 limit or unlimited. An in-between point must be considered from Progressive.

BestBenefit Accident with an annual limit of 10000 dollars makes it unaffordable and out of choice.


While you are applying for Progressive pet insurance, you will find all of your claims are for PetsBest.

PetsBest mobile application offers you a fast way that only takes a minute to fill your registration. And if you don't want the online purchasing, you can ask for the PDF one which will be sent to you to print, fill and send it back to the company.

The best feature in the mobile application about claims and reimbursements is the Vet Direct Pay by which your reimbursement of vet treatment is immediately done.

In another way, no need to pay for your vet and then apply for reimbursement as traditionally known and done by other insurers. 


Progressive pet insurance reviews showed that Progressive pet insurance is recommended for many reasons even if the policies are regulated by PetsBest, it still has an A+ ranking in its customer service and feedback. So, if you're searching for a fixed monthly payment no matter what your pet's age is, go on and check Progressive pet insurance.

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