Shea Butter For Hair Growth, Enjoy Having Healthy Natural Hair

Shea butter is fatty extracted supplement material from the African nut shea tree, it is ivory in color in its raw state, or can be treated or dyed with palm oil and extremely widely used in cosmetics according to its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties, and most important in hair care products especially shea butter for hair growth product like lotions, creams, moisturizers.


Shea Butter For Hair Growth

Is shea butter healthy for hair growth?

Shea butter contains a lot of natural vitamins, and essential fatty acids which provide hair with the nutrition needed, and reduce hair dryness, prevent brittle hair ending, also fatty acids help in reduce hair becoming wavy, and help in hair protection from heat damage by hair iron and hairdryer.

Shea Butter For Hair Growth

How do you use shea butter for hair growth?

As we notice above, shea butter contains fatty acids that help in repairing damaged hair by providing it moisturization needed and form an isolated layer to protect hair from any useless reagent specifically treated and colored hair so it helps hair scalp be healthy and grow new follicles.


It also can be mixed with other oils by certain proportions like coconut oil and lifted on the hair scalp from 30 to 60 minutes and then washed can grow hair very fast and healthy hair.


Does shea butter cause hair growth?

Absolute yes, as we know shea butter as light oils easily absorbed from hair scalp into follicles pores so we use shea butter for hair growth because shea butter gives scalp good nutrition to hair grow fast.

Also, it contains vitamin E and A to give hair moisture and a perfect look.

Can I mix shea butter and olive oil for hair growth

Can you leave shea butter on your hair overnight?

Yes you can leave it overnight, we mentioned above that shea butter extracted from natural african shea nut tree it can be used as raw material or after treated, at all there is no harm in leaving it on your hair overnight shea butter is very useful for your hair growth too.


Shea butter and shampoo for hair growth:

Do you know that shea butter also enters into manufacturing shampoo and lotions because of its moisturizing and antioxidants effect as they increase hair moisture and give it shiny look beside clear hair from dandruff, and also treat hair from many diseases as alopecia, psoriasis because of its anti-inflammatory properties?

Shea butter and shampoo for hair growth

Shea butter in hair shampoo for hair  growth benefits:


Shea butter shampoo has numerous benefits in hair shampoo for hair growth.

*As a powerful antioxidant:

Shea butter contains vitamin E, which protects body cells from free radicals and protein cells of the hair as it contains catechins which are natural antioxidants and also prevent hair damage and loss.

*As softener and anti-irritant:

Shea butter shampoo used to protect dry and irritant hair, according to its easy absorption into the scalp provides hair with moisturization and according to its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps hair and scalp from future irritation.

*As anti-aging agent:

Shea butter shampoo has anti-aging properties as it stimulates the scalp of hair to produce collagen which is very useful for hair growth and gives it a healthy look.

*Shea butter shampoo for hair protection:

As shea butter is easily absorbed into hair follicles and hair scalp it forms a protective layer on hair which protects hair from heat styling without lifting hair greasy or dry.

*Shea butter shampoo as sunblock:

Shea butter shampoo contains natural SPF which protects hair from ultraviolet rays specifically colored hair.

*Shea butter shampoo as a natural softener:

When using shea butter shampoo regularly helps in treating dry hair and prevents brittle and damaged hair.

*Shea butter shampoo as nutrition meant agent:

Shea butter shampoo has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing agents that clear the scalp from dandruff and open pores of the hair to absorb the best elements, minerals, and vitamins that help growing hair.

Can I mix shea butter and olive oil for hair growth

Can I mix shea butter and olive oil for hair growth?

Mixing shea butter and any carrier oils like olive oil and coconut oil is very useful, especially mixing olive oil and shea butter is the most loving mix for soft and silky hair by providing hair moisture and nutrition.

I can tell you the benefits of this mix to hair as olive oil contains fatty acids that prevent damaged hair and vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant that protects the aging of hair and gives it a healthy look.

How to use this mix?

You can apply it on hair from scalp to edge and massage it well before styling your hair or before bedtime.



Our dew treats for you today are utilizing Shea butter as the most important natural material that is used for skin and hair for moisturizing and nutrition.

Also, used in cosmetics and treated some skin and hair diseases. 



Written by:Nada yousry.






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