Shenandoah Women’s Health Center And The Spa At Shenandoah

 Shenandoah women’s health center and spa at Shenandoah is the community you need to be concluded in. It is that place where women can seek health and beauty services provided by the best staff.

The place provides many health and spa services corresponding to the needs of each woman and with regards to her life stage. Whether you seek medical health care or beauty service, the staff at Shenandoah women’s health community at Shenandoah will happily provide it professionally with a personal touch.


What are the services provided at Shenandoah Health Center and spa?

The special thing about this place is that the health services for women are provided as other spa services. This is amazing and covers all women's needs.

Medical services at Shenandoah women’s health center:

The staff at Shenandoah women’s health center are specialized in all-female health care services, so as an adolescent girl, a young woman, or an old woman you will find what you are looking for.


1- Gynecology services

As recommended by the American College of obstetrician and gynecologists, there should be an annual gynecology visit for each woman to check on her health regularly and to early maintain any health issue for rapid intervention.

At Shenandoah women’s health center, your annual visits will include:

General physical examination, pelvic examination, examination for STDs, breast examination.

And some other lab and radiological testing to exclude anemia, osteoporosis, cancer, and diabetes.

The physicians at Shenandoah women’s health will listen carefully to all clients and ensure women coming to annual visits are not at risk of depression.

Other gynecological services at Shenandoah women’s health center are targeting young women and adolescents. That is an important step that all parents should consider once their young girls reach 18. Those young women are starting to be sexually active and struggle with many health issues such as menstruation, safe sex, and STDs. 

Regular visits to gynecologists are very important for proper health education and treatment of minor diseases. The Shenandoah women’s health center is putting these adolescent’s health first and the staff is completely professional and caring providing the best service to them.


One of the most challenging life stages is menopause. Though it is completely normal for each woman to experience post-menopausal symptoms, many women need to seek medical help to get over hot flashes, vaginal dryness, sleeplessness, and emotional stress related to menopause.

At Shenandoah women's health center, the gynecologists are well trained to help women go through these changes safely and healthy. By regular physical examination and testing, you will be provided with the best health care services.


Other gynecological services provided at Shenandoah women health center include:

-Birth control and permanent contraception

-Control of menstrual bleeding

-Treatment of infertility

-Treatment of urinary incontinence

2- Obstetric and midwifery

When it comes to pregnancy and labor, Shenandoah women’s health center is highly professional and provides the best choices.


Prenatal care

At Shenandoah women’s health center you can follow one of two options:

The first: Is to have regular prenatal visits with one of the GYN/OBS

Physicians in the center. In this case, your visits will be scheduled and you will be examined and informed by your and your baby’s health state. The physician will be responsible for your prenatal education and follow-up to the end of your pregnancy and even after your delivery.

The second: Is to try centric prenatal care visits. In these visits, you will be included with other pregnant women with similar due dates to meet 10 times throughout your pregnancy.

The group will be guided and run by a certified nurse-midwife and will be responsible for your follow-up and examination. The advantage of this type of prenatal care is that you will have the chance to share your experience with other women going through the same situation.



At Shenandoah women’s health center, the health and safety of you and your baby is a priority. As long as it is suitable for you as decided by physicians, you can deliver your baby in the way you like. You can choose by:

-Normal vaginal delivery ( with or without pain)

-C section

-C section after vaginal delivery

With a highly trained and experienced staff of Shenandoah women’s health center, you can deliver your baby safely with the best postnatal care.


The spa at Shenandoah

The unique service provided by Shenandoah women’s health center is completed by the presence of highly professional spa services at Shenandoah.

That is beautiful, to keep each woman healthy and pretty.

What are the spa services provided at Shenandoah women’s health center?

 A variety of services are provided at the place but the most leading is skincare services.

At the spa of Shenandoah you can get the healthy glowy skin we all dream of. The center provides suitable sessions and products to control many skin problems such as pigmentation, acne, exfoliation, fine lines, and aging.

The spa in Shenandoah women’s health center is highly equipped and supplied with the latest techniques and products of skincare, the staff will guide you through many options of peeling, micro-needling, and skin rejuvenation injectables according to your skin problem.

Another service found at the spa of Shenandoah is losing weight with medical professionals.

In regular visits, the professionals will guide you to plans for losing weight and follow up tour progress to a healthy lifestyle as safe as possible.


Other services you will find at the spa of Shenandoah include:

Botox cosmetics


Laser hair removal

Sclerotherapy to get rid of varicose veins

Derma fillers

All these services are provided at Shenandoah women’s health center and spa by well-trained and highly experienced professionals. 


Contact details

You can request an appointment through the link.

Or visit the center at 240 Lucy Dr, Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Phone number:  540-418-3831

Fax:  540-438-0797

Hours of operation

Monday: 8 AM-5 PM

Tuesday: 8 AM-5 PM

Wednesday: 8 AM-5 PM

Thursday: 8 AM-5 PM

Friday: 8 AM-5 PM

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

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At Shenandoah women’s health center and spa, the health and beauty of each woman at any stage of her life is a priority. in one place that combines science and compassion, you will be in good hands by this well trained devoted staff.

Written by: Dr Zahraa fawzy

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