The Best 6 Home Remedies For Degenerative Disc Disease

Home remedies for degenerative disc disease are very important as degenerative disc disease is very common in male and female as it occurs with aging so we must know home remedies for degenerative disc disease as treating at the home is very important to prevent progression of the disc but first, we must know about degenerative disc disease:





5:Home remedies for degenerative disc disease

Home remedies for degenerative disc disease

What is degenerative disc disease?

Definition of degenerative disc disease:

It is a condition that happens with aging that occurs when one or more of the discs between the vertebrates of the spinal column deteriorate or break down leading to pain, degenerative disc disease is not a disease but a natural occurrence that happens with aging.



Causes of degenerative disc disease:

-Age-related wear and tear of the spinal disc.

-Injury may be accelerated by injury and lifestyle factors.

-Repeated bad posture or bad habits.

-Genetic predisposition to joint pain.

-Musculoskeletal disorder.

-May occur early from major trauma such as a car accident.


Symptoms of degenerative disc disease:

There may be :

1:Weakness of the arm and leg muscles.

2:Numbness of the arm or leg.

3:Pain affects the lower back, may extend to buttocks or legs, may extend from the neck to arms, worsen after twisting or bending, and may decrease after walking and exercise. 


Treatment of degenerative disc disease:

Treatment of degenerative disc disease include:

1:Occupational therapy

2:Physical therapy

3:Both occupational and physical therapy

4:Special exercise

5:Losing weight


7:Home remedies for degenerative disc disease that we will talk about.



Home remedies for degenerative disc disease include:

1:Physical activities

2:Good posture


4:Hot therapy


1:Physical activities as home remedies for degenerative disc disease:

The physiotherapist must teach the patient exercise that he must do at home such as:

-Strengthening exercises to the back muscles, abdominal muscles, core muscles, and neck muscles will increase muscle endurance.


-Passive treatment helps your body to be relaxed.


-Active exercise that the physiotherapist will teach to the patient and will be individualized not for every patient and become different from one patient to another according to health, age, and the history of the patient.


-A physiotherapist will teach you how to reduce pain and your body mechanics to avoid positions that cause pain and to correct your position.


Home remedies for degenerative disc disease

2:Good posture:

Good posture is very important as home remedies for degenerative disc disease as it helps to maintain body mechanics and prevent progression of the disc degeneration so the patient must avoid bad habits in sitting, walking, standing, and bending his back. 


When a patient wants to lift something from the ground he must squat and lift things making the leg muscles work not his back.

Pain worse with sitting, pain worse with lifting or bending, or twisting the back. Feeling better while walking.

Sitting correctly in an ergonomic chair that helps low back support for the natural curve in the lumbar region of the spinal column can prevent the progression of discs. Physiotherapists can hang a small mirror near them to allow patients to check their posture and remind them to straighten up.


Some food is very important as home remedies for degenerative disc disease such as:


1:Plant-Based Proteins

The proteins you get from certain plants are great for your spine health. These proteins are different from the others found in meat.

Plant protein is better than animal protein because animal protein can cause inflammation but if the patient wants animal protein he can choose chicken and fish better than beef and pork.



Vegetables are good for you in general so make sure you get a lot of them each day to improve your overall health and are  great for fighting degenerative  disc disease vegetables such as :   

Kale, broccoli, and spinach work well against inflammation. Each of these vegetables also contains nutrients that will help strengthen your spine. As your spine can use all the nutritional help it can get the spine more strength and health.



Salmon is a great source of lean protein as well as another helpful nutrient as omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids build bone and tissue. They also reduce inflammation, salmon is good and tasty when prepared the right way. There are a lot of fantastic salmon dishes that patients can try.


4:Dairy Products

Calcium is very important for maintaining and improving bone health. We can find calcium in some foods like cheese, milk, and yogurt all in many forms. Calcium can be found in other foods too, Among them are those leafy greens.



Fruit is very important as vegetables but we must remember that fruit is sugar so eating too much can destroy your health more than it benefits you.


7: Avocado

Avocados are great for your spine as they reduce pain. They are rich in healthy fats that your body needs as well as fiber and potassium so it is very important for disc degeneration.


8:Herbs and Spices

Many herbs and spices are very important for promoting spinal health healing, some of these herbs fight inflammation as well.

These include cinnamon, rosemary, basil, and ginger.

 Also, patients can drink herbal teas that help strengthen their immune system and reduce inflammation.


4:Hot therapy  as home remedies for degenerative disc disease:

Hot therapy is very important as home remedies for degenerative disc disease as heat reduces pain.

Hot therapy like hot bags is important to get more blood supply to the target area and increase blood flow to remove waste products and help to heal.


5:Cold therapy as home remedies for degenerative disease:

A cold application like ice massage or spray called difluoromethane that colds the tissue that slows circulation and helps reduce inflammation, muscle spasm, and pain.

Home remedies for degenerative disc disease


6:Relaxation technique as home remedies for degenerative disc disease:


The relaxation technique is essential for disc degeneration as it decreases pain and increases blood flow to the tissue. It includes imagination and visualization that reduce pain and the patient can do yoga exercise that helps him to be fit and more relaxed.


7:Medication Home 


he patient must take his medication at his specific  time his medication must include: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that include:



Also must use lidocaine patches or methanol rubs to decrease pain.

The patient can use spray that decreases pain, increases blood supply, and decreases inflammation.



Finally, we know about degenerative disc disease definition, causes, symptoms, treatment, and home remedies for degenerative disc disease.

And also we know especially about home remedies for degenerative disk disease such as physical therapy, nutrition, hot therapy, cold therapy, medication, good posture, and relaxation technique.

Written by: Dr. Samar Essa


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