The Best Female General Physician Near Me In The USA 2021

My friend Liz said, “I need to find a female general physician near me right now”.

She was suffering from severe allergies widespread all over her body with red painful rashes.

I quickly picked up my phone and searched for a female general physician around as Liz asked and hundreds of ideas hover in my brain.

I found the doctor and took my friend to the clinic. She had an allergy to some kind of medicine. I can’t remember its name right now, but anyway Liz’s skin started healing, and she looks fine.

After getting back home I started to search for those questions, after searching I picked up my phone and searched for a female general physician near me

female general physician near me

Who is the general physician?

-A general physician (GP) is a  doctor who treats common medical conditions and performs routine exams.

-They refer you to other medical services or doctors if you need urgent treatment.

-They are also called family doctors, internists, or primary care physicians. 

-They deal with a primary treatment that doesn’t require surgery.

-They deal with all conditions related to the respiratory, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, hematological, and neurological systems.

-They can deal with patients of different age groups and are not specialized in any particular area of medicine.

-It is not gender-specific as male and female general physicians enjoy equal benefits. 


What do general physicians treat with?

I realized that you can consult a general physician if you don’t need any surgical intervention (can sew a small wound, open a small abscess or remove a wart) and suffer from any of the following issues

1-Respiratory signs.

2-Sudden loss of weight without explanation as it indicates overactive thyroid, diabetes, or liver disease.

3-Unexplained chest, abdomen, pelvic pain, or minor injuries.

4-Short breaths which may indicate asthma or bronchitis.

5-Bad cold or cough which shows symptoms like runny nose and itchy throat.

6-Indigestion, stomach flu, or intestinal infection.

7-malaria, cholera, or any waterborne disease.

8-High and persistent fever.

9-Anemia, allergy.

10-Diarrhea, nausea, constipation.

11- Any abnormal symptoms after certain medication 

A general physician can check your case and use lab tests to diagnose illness and prescribe medication as a treatment and connect you with a specialist if needed.


The top physician review sites to search:






8-Google My Business.




When is the general physician the first choice?

The general physician becomes the first choice in case of any health problem ranging from the common cold to major heart issues as most common health problems don’t need specialist intervention.


The top7 doctors a female needs:

During a woman’s different stages of life and the different challenges she faces daily which surely affect her body shape and health and hormonal balance, she should take care of her health and wellness. So, she needs to consult many doctors as follows.


1-General physician:

He is a family doctor who provides primary care in case of any abnormal health issue. He knows your medical history and can provide the perfect advice to you or prefer a specialist doctor if your case needs it. Women usually prefer a female general physician to consult.

female general physician near me


You should consult a dentist for a dental cleaning and general oral check-up at least twice a year to preserve your charming smile.

New studies show a connection between oral health and overall body health.

female general physician near me


He is the specialist who will be the woman’s healthcare companion from puberty till the rest of her life. He is the first option in treating any problems in the female reproductive system and any issues related to premenstrual, menstrual, or menopausal phases. He is the specialist in treating women’s hormonal changes.



He is a bone specialist.

After the menopausal stage women usually suffer from a decrease in bone density which may end with osteoporosis. Consulting an orthopedist in this stage is a need to preserve your bone health.



He is a pregnancy and childbirth specialist who monitors both fetal growth and progress during pregnancy and assists baby delivery.



He is a specialist who treats eye problems ranging from regular eye examination which is recommended at least once a year to advanced eye and lens surgeries.



He is a skin and hair specialist who can deal with all skin issues from acne to wrinkles.

He is the true skincare specialist you can trust to prefer suitable cosmetics to your skin, hair, and nail.


What is the difference between a specialist doctor and a general physician?

1-The first choice:

The general Physician is the first line in the medical army to treat any patient. You can find them at hospitals as ER (provide first aid in emergency cases) also as a medical check-up to provide medical tests.

If the patient’s case requires more specific treatment, The GP will refer him to a specialist doctor.


2-Education period:

The general physician must pass 6 years of medical education while a specialist doctor continues from general medical education to a more specific field for 3 years. The more specific the medical specialty is, the longer the education will be.


3-Scope of work:

The general physician treats the disease that emerges suddenly and provides early diagnosis and preventive care.

The specialist doctor focuses on a single area of examination and provides advanced care and treatment.



Treatment by a specialist doctor costs more as he performs more comprehensive health screening and more advanced medical equipment which all costs more.



The general physician usually refers the patient to oral therapy or by injection.

The specialist doctor usually refers to more complex types of therapy which require more steps and sometimes more equipment.


The difference between male and female general physicians:

Some researchers make an experiment to find out the differences between male and female general physicians in the same hospital  under fixed effects and this experiment figured out that 

A-Female general physician practices medicine in a different way from a male physician as her way is more closely and sticking to clinical guidelines.

B-The patients reported better experience when their physician was a female.

C-Female physicians had lower 30-day mortality rates compared to male physicians.

D-Female hospitalists had lower mortality than male hospitalists.

E-If male physicians had the same outcomes as female physicians, we’d have 32.000 fewer deaths in the Medicare population.


Preventive care:

The general physician plays an important role in providing preventive care as he has experience in public health as well as clinical care. Preventive medicine physicians’ goal is to prevent health issues before there is a need to treat them.

female general physician near me

Why female general physician near me:

Because of all previous data, I found out that it is important to know how to find the nearest general physician and preserve at least an annual check-up with her to keep my body healthy and learn how to prevent disease infection.



I should preserve all details about the best female general physician near me in my notebook for emergency cases or even for a random check-up after I realized the importance of their role in our healthcare and saving lives. They are the first line of a medical army in the USA.

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