Best 10 Remedies For Naturally Get Rid Of Yeast Infection 

Do you ever suffer from a yeast infection? Do you know that you can naturally get rid of yeast infection at home if you have a yeast infection for the first time but if it recurs more than one you must see your doctor?


Definition Of Yeast Infection:

Infection infects women and affects a large number of women. It can make them feel painful urination, irritation of vagina and vulva, redness of vulva, uncomfortable, and cause itching. It also causes vaginal discharge which is thick and its color is white. It usually has no smell.

Women are susceptible to yeast infection during all stages of their life but its treatment is very easy, available, and takes a short time.

It is also called (Vaginal candidiasis) as it is caused by Candida Albicans. 


Factors That Makes Women Susceptible to vaginal Yeast Infection:

Several reasons lead to yeast infection:


Vaginal infections can transmit during sexual intercourse.

weak immune system 

Immune system problems make women susceptible to vaginal yeast infection.

Women with AIDS disease or immunocompromised are the most susceptible to vaginal yeast infection.

■ Diabetes 

Diabetic patients can also get a vaginal yeast infection if sugar level increases in the mucus membranes.

■ Hormones

Hormones are the most common reasons for getting infected with vaginal yeast infection due to changes within women's lifestyle and changes during the menstrual cycle or pregnancy or putting baby.

■ Antibiotic

Antibiotics are dangerous factors as it leads to killing useful bacteria that survive in the vagina of women.

Vaginal Spray And Douches 

They lead to changes in the PH of the vagina and result in a growing vagina.


How To Naturally Get Rid Of Yeast Infection successfully?

There are several ways to treat yeast infection at home:

1- Essential oil of oregano

Scientists found that the essential oil of oregano plays an important role in treating vaginal  yeast infection because it limits the growth of Candida albicans.


▪︎ You mustn't take it orally. 

▪︎ It must be diluted in a carrier oil such as almond, sweet and olive.

▪︎ Don't apply it to your vagina.

How to use it?

Mix essential oil and carrier oil then apply this mix to your skin as massage.


Naturally Get Rid Of Yeast Infection

2- Yogurt

Bacteria that are found in yogurt as Lactobacillus acidophilus is effective in naturally get rid of yeast infection successfully. It keeps balance in the vagina.


Yogurt mustn't involve added sugar as it increases fungus that is responsible for occurring vaginal yeast infection( Candida albicans).

3- Coconut oil 

Fatty oil which we can get from Coconut. It possesses antifungal characters so it is used as Naturally get Rid of yeast infection. 

You can apply it to your vagina as it doesn't irritate.


Naturally Get Rid Of Yeast Infection

4- Lemongrass 

Lemongrass oil has a good role to naturally get rid of yeast infection because it involves active constituents which are antiinflammatory agents so it can decrease burning and itching which yeast causes.

You can inhale it as vapor.


Don't use it internally.

5- Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple cider vinegar is the best remedy that is used naturally Get rid of yeast infection as it restores acidity of the vagina in addition to including it in the treatment of many diseases. It kills harmful microorganisms like yeast.

You can add it to a warmbath and use it as a douche and also you can supply your diet with it.


Naturally Get Rid Of Yeast Infection

6- Tea Tree Oil 

Tea tree oil has various benefits as it can eliminate viruses, bacteria, and fungi such as yeast so it can be used to naturally get rid of yeast infection.

You should dilute tea tree oil with a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba.

It mustn't touch your skin undiluted.

You mustn't swallow it.

If tea tree oil irritates your skin, quickly stop using it.

You can get it from supermarkets or online.

Naturally Get Rid Of Yeast Infection

7- Garlic

Garlic can help you naturally get Rid of yeast infection but some researchers proved that garlic doesn't affect vaginal yeast infection when you take it orally.

Some women put garlic on their vaginas during the night but that leads to irritation and burning. Until now scientists haven't explored how garlic works?


Don't insert it into your vagina.

8- Vitamin C

Vitamin C works as an immune enhancer so a body with a strong immune system isn't susceptible to vaginal yeast infection.

You can get vitamin C from lemon and oranges.

9- Boric Acid 

Women think that boric acid is a good antiseptic for naturally get rid of yeast infection.

You can buy it from the grocery store.


● Be careful because it is toxic when you use large amounts and lead to failure of the circulatory system and kidney function in addition to it can lead to death.

● You mustn't take it orally.

● You mustn't apply it to broken skin.

● It is forbidden for pregnant women. 

● Boric acid leads to irritation if you have sensitive skin.


Pieces of Advice For Naturally Get Rid Of Yeast Infection:

Prevention of yeast infection is very important to limit the risk of being susceptible to it.

■ You should wear cotton underwear, not nylon, and allow the vagina to breathe.

■ You mustn't use soap or detergent inside your vagina.

■ After bathroom, you should use wipes from front to back 

■ You shouldn't spend a long time in a hot water bath.

■ You should limit the amount of sugar in your diet.

■ You should eat healthy food.

■ You should keep your body clean.

■ You should avoid wearing tights or wet clothes.

■ You shouldn't wear underwear during sleep to let your vagina breathe.

■ You should avoid using spray on your vagina and deodorant tampons as they involve chemicals that irritate.

■ You mustn't drink alcohol.

■ You should supply your diet with rice, grains, wheat, and vegetables.

■ You should eat yogurt daily.

■ You must visit your doctor if the yeast infection repeats.



Vaginal yeast infection is painful and makes women suffer. 

There are many factors that increase risk of yeast infection such as hormones, antibiotics, diabetes, six and weak immune system.

There are available home remedies such as yogurt, vitamin C, boric acid, garlic, tea tree oil, coconut oil and lemongrass.

By: Dr. Naira Mousa Moawad




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