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Herbs for yeast infections are the most common treatment for this infection as it is a very common fungal infection caused by a fungus called "Candida Albicans" that lives almost everywhere in your body like mouth, skin, and if you are a woman it would be in your vagina area.

And it is usually controlled by your immune system,  But in certain cases as low immunity and prolonged use of antibiotics. It can multiply and cause symptoms.

Symptoms of yeast infections are different acc to the affected part.

A-Yeast infection in the mouth "oral candidiasis"

Candida is normally live in the mouth but it can be harmful in case of low mouth hygiene, heavy smoking, high blood glucose level, and inhaled corticosteroids for a certain condition like asthma.


- White lesions on your tongue and inner cheeks

- Pain during eating or swallowing

- Redness and soreness

- Oral inflammation

Herbs for yeast infections in the mouth "oral candidiasis"

Herbs for yeast infection

1-Cinnamon Supplement

Cinnamaldehyde oil that is the main constituent of cinnamon bark has a strong anti-fungal effect especially against Candida Albicans and cinnamon can help to reduce oral inflammation by regulating the body's inflammatory response as suppressing cytokines.

Make sure to add cinnamon to your candida diet especially if you are a diabetic person.

Herbs for yeast infection

2- Clove and Clove Oil

For years people have used clove in the treatment of oral problems and till now it's used as an antiseptic and strong antifungal.

Clove oil (eugenol) is a very strong antifungal that is proven to be as effective as Nystatin (chemical drug

to use:

- Add clove to your candida diet.

- You can make a clove mouth wash by adding one teaspoon of clove to an ounce of boiling water for 5 min.

- Strain the solution and use the liquid as a mouth rinse.


B-Yeast infections of the skin "cutaneous candidiasis"

Many microorganisms live in the skin.

Some are harmless and others are harmful, called opportunistic microorganisms.

Yeast " Candida Albicans " is one of those opportunistic microorganisms.

Since it seizes weakened immune system as a result of diabetes or any other medical condition, moisture, and warm weather cause harm.


- Rash and redness skin.

- Burning and inflammation.

- Blisters and Pustules.

Herbs for yeast infections "cutaneous candidiasis"

Herbs for yeast infection

1- Oregano Essential oil

In alternative medicine, Oregano oil is widely used as it contains thymol which is a powerful anti-fungal and has a great role in reducing inflammation.

to use:

Add 3-5 drops of oregano oil per ounce of carrier oil, Then apply it to the skin smoothly.


- Don't use oregano oil to treat vaginal yeast infections.

- Oregano oil may cause an allergic reaction so it's better to apply it in a small area as a hypersensitivity test first.

Herbs for yeast infection2- Apple Cider Vinegar

If you suffer from yeast infections as a result of high blood glucose level, apple cider vinegar would be the best choice for treatment.

Since in addition to having a great effect against Candida Albicans, it has shown great promise in reducing blood glucose levels.

to use:

- Add Apple cider vinegar to your candida diet.


- Mix a cup of apple cider vinegar per ounce of water or Carrier oil as coconut oil, Then apply it to the skin in massage.


- Don't use apple cider vinegar if it's undiluted as it has strong acidic properties and may cause burns.

- If you take medication for diabetics, ask your doctor before the use of apple cider vinegar.

C-Vaginal yeast infections " vaginal candidiasis"

The vagina contains Candida Albicans normally. 

There is a balance between candida and certain bacteria " lactobacillus ".

When this balance is broken or when candida invades the deeper tissue of the vagina, it causes signs of vaginal candidiasis.

Women with high estrogen level as pregnant women are highly affected by candida.

Candidiasis usually lasts for three days but in serious cases, it lasts for two weeks.

In moderate cases, herbs for yeast infections would be very helpful.


- Itching and burning sensation.

- Swallowing around the vagina.

- Watery or cheesy white discharge.

- Pain during urination.

Herbs for yeast infections " vaginal candidiasis"

Herbs for yeast infection1- Greek Yogurt

Yogurt containing alive bacteria called lactobacillus.

It contributes to return the balance between yeast and bacteria.

Since bacteria produce Hydrogen peroxide which kills yeast.

to use:

- Eating yogurt.


- Applying it around your vagina.

Herbs for yeast infection

2 - Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a powerful antiseptic and anti-fungal so People use it for long years to help treat skin infections and heal wounds.

Some women use tea tree oil suppository to treat vaginal yeast infections especially in treating drug-resistant yeast.


- Never apply Tea tree oil directly to your vaginal area as it may cause burns.

- If you are pregnant always ask your doctor before trying any home remedies.


We can say that the most common reasons for yeast infections are :

- Poor hygiene.

- Low immunity.

- Uncontrolled diabetics.

- Tight clothes.

- Prolonged use of antibiotics.

Helpful tips

- The best way to treat yeast infections is prevention.

- Adding citrus fruits and broccoli to your diet as it contains large amounts of vitamin c which is an immune system booster.

- Brush your teeth and tongue every day.

- Take off your wet clothes quickly as swimming clothes.

- Wear loose-fit clothes.

- Don't use the vaginal douche every day as it changes the vaginal Ph and it may cause disease.

- You can always use herbs for yeast infections as an easy and fast treatment but if it takes over 2 weeks, consult your doctor.


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